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Popeyes $10 Bigger Box Explained

If you’re a Popeyes lover, you’re probably already aware of the well-liked Big Box promotion that has previously been presented. But Popeyes recently upped the ante with the introduction of its $10 Bigger Box. This two-person sharing lunch includes your choice of four Popeyes’ Bonafide Chicken pieces or six Handcrafted Tenders, two biscuits, your choice of any two sides, and two apple pies for dessert.

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The $10 Bigger Box from Popeyes is unquestionably something you should take into consideration if you’re searching for a satisfying and reasonably priced lunch that you can share with a friend or loved one.

This short-lived offer is essentially a larger version of the $5 Bonafide Big Box, which has previously proved popular with Popeyes devotees.

The $10 Bigger Box is a terrific choice for anyone who wants to eat well without going over budget because it comes with additional chicken, sides, and dessert.

So if you’re hungry and in the mood for some delicious fried chicken, stop by your neighborhood Popeyes and try the $10 Bigger Box.

What is Popeyes 10 Dollar Bigger Box?

Popeyes’ $10 Bigger Box Deal might be exactly what you’re searching for if you want a meal that would serve two people.

Popeyes boxes of chicken, burgers, cole salad and fries

You may choose between four pieces of fried chicken or six fried chicken tenders with this limited-time offer, along with two sides, two biscuits, and two cinnamon apple pies.

The $5 Bonafide Big Box that Popeyes has previously offered has been expanded into the $10 Bigger Box Deal.

The new bargain, however, offers more food and is intended to be shared by two individuals.

For individuals who wish to sample a number of Popeyes’ classic dishes without going over budget, The Bigger Box Deal is ideal.

The following sides are available: green beans, coleslaw, Cajun fries, Cajun rice, or mashed potatoes with gravy.

And you can substitute any other dessert on the menu if you don’t like cinnamon apple pies.

Contents of the Box

A fantastic option to share a tasty lunch with your friends or family is Popeyes’ $10 Bigger Box.

Front view of a box of Popeyes in white background

This box contains a range of delectable foods and is intended to feed two people. What you can anticipate finding in the box is as follows:


Six Handcrafted Tenders or four of Popeyes’ renowned Bonafide Chicken are your options.

Anyone who enjoys fried chicken will find the chicken to be the ideal choice because it is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

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Any two sides are included in the $10 Bigger Box. In addition to mashed potatoes with gravy, other alternatives include red beans and rice, coleslaw, Cajun fries, mac & cheese, and green beans.

The sides are a terrific way to add diversity to your plate and balance out the dinner.


Without one of Popeyes’ renowned biscuits, no meal is complete. Two wonderful, buttery, flaky biscuits are included in the $10 Bigger Box.

You can eat them by themselves or combine them with the chicken to make a sandwich.


The $10 Bigger Box comes with two apple pies to round out your lunch. These pies have a flaky crust and luscious, cinnamon-spiced apples inside.

After a savory meal, they are the ideal way to sate your sweet tooth.

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