Paris Baguette Introduces New Valentine’s Menu

Valentine’s Day, a time to shower your loved ones with affection, just got a whole lot sweeter with Paris Baguette’s enchanting limited-edition Valentine’s menu. The renowned bakery-café chain is set to captivate hearts nationwide with a delightful array of treats, promising a celebration of love like no other.

This season, Paris Baguette is turning the ordinary into the extraordinary with a meticulously crafted Valentine’s Day-themed menu. From heart-shaped cakes to whimsically adorned donuts, the collection is a testament to the artistry and passion of Paris Baguette’s expert bakers.

Imagine biting into the “Be Mine Strawberry Soft Cream Cake,” a signature creation with luscious strawberry soft cream in a heart shape, crowned with fresh berries and a charming be mine chocolate, or savoring the romance in the layers of the “I Love You Chocolate Cake,” a three-tiered masterpiece filled with chocolate buttercream, coated in chocolate ganache, and adorned with a red fondant rose.

The visual appeal of these treats is as enchanting as their taste. The “Valentine’s Red Velvet Cake” is a visual spectacle, featuring a red velvet cake filled with strawberries and strawberry soft cream, topped with fresh berries and a captivating be mine chocolate. Meanwhile, the “Valentine’s Chocolate Ganache Cake Slice” is a feast for the eyes and palate, with chocolate sponge cake filled with ganache, chocolate crisp pearls, and adorned with a red velvet macaron.

For those who prefer a handheld delight, Paris Baguette offers the “Valentine’s Mochi Donut” frosted with strawberry icing and sprinkled with Valentine’s-themed sprinkles. Alternatively, the “Valentine’s King Cream Donut” is a royal treat, filled with strawberry custard and frosted with strawberry icing, topped with Valentine’s sprinkles.

These delectable treats are not just a feast for the senses but also a fleeting pleasure. Available at Paris Baguette locations nationwide from January 31 through February 14, this exclusive Valentine’s Day collection is a limited-time affair. Don’t miss the chance to add a touch of Parisian romance to your celebrations.

Paris Baguette Rewards members are in for an extra treat this February. Between January 31 and February 11, members can enjoy 2X points on all Valentine’s Day products. Additionally, on February 17, celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day with a buy one pastry, get one free offer, and on February 29 (Leap Day), savor a medium hot or iced coffee for just $0.29 with any purchase.

Paris Baguette’s Valentine’s menu is a symphony of sweetness, a melody of flavors designed to make your celebrations memorable. Whether you’re surprising your significant other or indulging in a Valentine’s Day extravaganza with friends, Paris Baguette has curated a collection that transforms love into a delectable experience. Hurry, as this special menu is only around for a limited time. Grab the chance to create sweet memories that will stay with you long after the last bite!

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