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12 McDonald’s France Menu Items You Should Try

For those planning a trip to Europe, you may want to forget everything you think you know about McDonald’s from the states. This fast-food chain is the largest operation in the world, with familiar branding and menu items popping up in countless countries. 

McDonald's is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants

However, you may be surprised to learn that the menus of these restaurants can change based on which country you visit. McDonald’s is a global enterprise that also seeks to complement the local tastes of patrons.

For this reason, McDonald’s France menu items include unique offerings as well as subtle twists on the established classics. This distinct menu provides plenty of meals to enjoy while you explore the sights and landmarks across the country.

I have included 12 items from the menu that you may only find in French or European restaurants. Some are available only for a limited time. So get ready for delectable desserts, tasty veggies, and crispy delights below. Just don’t forget napkins.


You may be as surprised as I was to discover that many McDonald’s locations across France offer a serene and sophisticated café atmosphere to rival even the local Parisian spots. 

At these locations, you can gaze at the bakery displays and choose between French pastries like buttery croissants, chocolate pastries, and sesame croissants to go with your morning coffee or afternoon tea.

Whether this is a snack or a quick meal, you will not want to miss this option at your McCafé.

I can’t resist picking up a croissant when I stop in a French McDonald’s for the flaky and buttery goodness that they always deliver.


For another distinctly French addition to McDonald’s France menu, try one of the five types of homemade macarons they offer.

This delicate treat reminds me of growing up with a love of French culture and dreaming of tasting an authentic French macaron.

At many McCafés throughout France, you can indulge in authenticity while enjoying the convenience of fast service.

You can try a crisp macaron for yourself with gentle flavors of vanilla, chocolate, salted butter caramel, raspberry, or pistachio.

Since I find it hard to choose between the delicious flavors, you may find me with a handful of each!

Homestyle Honey Mustard Veggie Sandwich

Before I tasted this vegetarian sandwich from McDonald’s, I didn’t know that a veggie burger could offer such a savory experience as this Homestyle Honey Mustard Veggie Sandwich. 

The crunchy lettuce, onions, and creamy cheese make this sandwich much more than a mundane fast food experience.

The addition of these details shows you the real meaning of homestyle in just one bite.

I am always sold when I hear that honey mustard is involved, but this sweet and tangy sandwich goes even beyond my expectations with generous dollops of rich sauce on each Brioche bun.

My favorite part about this sandwich, however, is the thick Valess patty which provides a filling and flavorful vegetarian option.  

Caesar Salads

The Caesar Salad options at McDonald’s are anything but boring with the variety of toppings and many opportunities to customize your dish.

Every salad comes to you fresh with crisp lettuce, juicy tomato slices, decadent cheese shavings, and the signature Caesar dressing

I always find this salad equally refreshing and satisfying, with plenty of nutrients and tasty ingredients to keep me going throughout my adventures in Paris.

This salad can accommodate any diet with the choice to add crispy chicken, grilled chicken, or a vegetarian patty for even more goodness to enjoy.


If you are craving a donut while you are near a McCafé in France, you are in luck.

At one of these bakeries, you can find that fresh, sugary donut you have been craving.

I love all the options at McDonald’s bakeries here, and because of this, the selection of donuts never disappoints.

You can enjoy the regular favorites like old-fashioned donuts or frosted mini donuts in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors. 

The standout donut at a French McCafé is a delicious chocolate-covered donut topped with KitKat crumbles.

These desserts go perfectly with a latte, milkshake, or even french fries!


For a limited time, McDonald’s locations in France offer breaded shrimp as a delicious side or snack.

These fried shrimp are a fresh addition that you can treat as an appetizer, entree, or anything in between.

I was initially surprised by this addition to the menu, but once I took a bite of the crispy shrimp, I was convinced!

I greatly appreciate McDonald’s commitment to serving sustainably-fished shrimp that is cooked to perfection.

You may have to hurry and catch this item before it’s gone. But, the crunchy bites of fresh shrimp in the creamy dip will make you glad you did.

Homestyle Spicy BBQ Veggie Sandwich

The Homestyle Veggie sandwich from McDonald’s combines all of the comfort-food staples into each tasty bite.

mcdonald's spicy bbq veggie sandwich
Source: McDonald’s France

Beginning with the pillowy brioche bun and generous sandwich toppings including lettuce, onion, and cheese, this sandwich doesn’t spare any goodness.

The deep smoky flavors of McDonald’s BBQ sauce pair excellently with a touch of heat to round out the flavors of this sandwich.

Of course, my favorite feature of this sandwich is the crispy vegetarian patty. The Valess cutlet adds impressive fullness to this sandwich while remaining healthy, tasty, and crisp.

You won’t miss the meat on this sandwich since every ingredient provides plenty to savor.

Chicken Paprika

The simplicity of this new Chicken Paprika sandwich from McDonald’s offers bold flavors along with a satisfying crunch.

mcdonald's chicken paprika
Source: McDonald’s France

I love the way this sandwich showcases a few ingredients to let those flavors fully shine.

In this case, the signature paprika sauce gives each bite a creamy, smoky, and slightly spicy taste. So if you like those flavors, be sure to give this one a try.

The juicy breaded chicken is nestled between a classic bun and sits on top of lightly melted cheese.

Indeed, this new twist on the crispy chicken sandwich packs a powerful punch for your next lunch.

Veggie Paprika

Another uniquely European item featured on the McDonald’s menu is this delicious Veggie Paprika sandwich. 

mcdonalds veggie paprika
Source: McDonald’s France

Although I am not on a strictly plant-based diet, I find much to appreciate in this 100% vegetarian entree.

The Valess patty is made from milk, seaweed, and fiber to substitute for chicken. The mixture is filled with yummy seasoning and topped with crunchy breading to create a filling dish. 

Served on a flour bun with melted cheese, this sandwich is the perfect vehicle to allow the new paprika sauce to properly shine.

I can never get enough of this healthy and tasty lunch option whenever I am in France!


For another 100% vegetarian version of a McDonald’s favorite, try the McVeggie sandwich.

When biting into this revamped classic, I almost can’t tell the difference between chicken and the vegetarian cutlet.

Sometimes I order a meal from the veggie line simply because I like how good it tastes!

To complement the crispy Valess patty made from plants and dairy, this sandwich offers a heap of Iceberg lettuce, a sesame seed bun, and the classic sandwich sauce with a hint of sweetness.

You will find this meal to be sufficiently filling for lunch or dinner, not to mention the great taste.

Gluten Free Buns

McDonald’s offers four enticing burger options inside a gluten-free bun to accommodate those who are sensitive to gluten. 

Lovers of cheeseburgers will swoon over these loaded burgers. The beef is topped with onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard, bacon, or cheese, all in a gluten-free bun. 

I can’t imagine a more filling meal than one of McDonald’s burgers, so to indulge without the threat of a gluten tummy-ache is the ultimate pleasure.

I usually can’t resist the Double Cheeseburger with bacon, but this health-conscious option also encompasses Double Cheeseburgers, Single Cheeseburgers, and Hamburgers.

Check out what’s gluten free at American McDonald’s too.

Swiss McFlurry

This exclusively European treat from McDonald’s might just convince you to take that trip to France that you have been dreaming of.

I find it hard to resist the rich Swiss Ragusa chocolate in this roughly blended shake. With every scoop, you will get bites of creamy chocolate and a bite of crunchy hazelnut.

Before too long, the Swiss McFlurry may also become your favorite cold treat.

During the hot summers in France, this dessert offers the perfect sweet and refreshing ending to a McDonald’s meal. I already want to go back for more!

With these 12 items, I have explored the successful effort of McDonald’s to honor the preferences and tastes of the local community.

We have seen personality and creativity shine through in distinct items such as Macarons, Veggie Sandwiches, and Swiss McFlurries, which are exclusively sold in France.

If you visit France soon, I hope you have already crafted a delicious McDonald’s order simply from browsing this list. You might have to visit again to try it all!

Let me know below which of these McDonald’s France menu items entices you the most. I have found I can never resist the croissants!

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