8 Items on the KFC Secret Menu

It always feels good to know about things that are not common knowledge, including a restaurant’s secret menu. The KFC secret menu has some fun surprises on it!

KFC is a fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken

As you may know, a secret menu includes products and recipes that restaurants have on their menu but do not advertise openly to the public.

That is a marketing ploy on its own, as restaurants like to tap into the curious nature of consumers and provide them with an exclusive experience where they can mix and max their favorite foods.

One of my favorite secret menus is that of KFC. While the multi-national food chain is most famous for its mouthwatering crispy chicken devoured by millions, not many are aware of some of its most delectable offerings in the secret menu.

Though I rarely share my thoughts publicly on secret menus, everyone deserves to order the delectable KFC secret menu items to sink their teeth in.


Poutine is a classic snack in Canada recreated by many restaurants worldwide.

It consists of some delicious french fries that have been deep-fried to perfection till golden brown.

The crispy nature of the fries is balanced out with some gravy poured on them, topped generously with cheese curds.

If you love the KFC fries (and their gravy in general), the Poutine is a lovely, fuller rendition of them. The salty fries feel grander to consume with the gravy and cheese curds on top. 

If you do not feel like having anything too heavy but still want to feel full by the time you finish eating, the Poutine is an excellent option to consider.

Build-Your-Own Bowl

The Build Your Own Bowl is a secret menu option that allows you to mix in a bunch of different ingredients of your choice in a bowl.

Layer it with french fries and cover with cheese, gravy or mashed potatoes, and fried chicken. The possibilities are endless!

You are free to get creative and add virtually anything you want and customize the bowl as per your liking.

I consider this to be a unique modification to the well-known chicken bowl. The only downside? The BYOB is not readily available at every outlet – but you can always ask to customize!

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Double Down

When I first heard of this item on the secret menu, I did not know what to expect. Were there two layers of cheese? Two fried chicken patties? It was a complete mystery.

I had heard that it was quite a scandalous secret menu item. With my curiosity at its peak, I ultimately decided to order the Double Down at KFC.

With buns and bread out of the picture, the Double Down comprises two deep-fried chicken patties with bacon, cheese, and sauces for you to enjoy without the added carbohydrates of a bun.

If you want to treat your taste buds with the savory flavor of fried chicken, this one is a must-try!

The Hot Pocket Bowl

The name of this KFC secret menu item pretty much explains what the dish itself entails.

Whether or not you like hot pockets, you will love the Hot Pocket Bowl because of how fun and light it is to eat.

This bowl consists of chicken in gravy with a substantial amount of cheese melted on top, and not to forget the corn, this menu item fills you with fun and fireworks in your mouth with every bite.

Although you have the option of a Build Your Own Bowl, I always opt to order the Hot Pocket Bowl because it is simple yet satisfyingly filling for me.

Triple Down

As if the Double Down was not enough, KFC took it one step further with their Triple Down.

If you do not mind the extra fat and cholesterol and have a huge appetite, this is the KFC sandwich on which you cannot miss out.

As they say, nothing healthy is tasty, and nothing tasty is healthy. The Triple Down is the personification of this very statement.

This secret menu item takes three deep-fried chicken fillets in place of bread.

With an extra piece of fried chicken, extra cheese and bacon, and an assortment of sauces in between, a single order of the Triple Down is enough to last you the whole day.

Add Mashed Potatoes

The mashed potatoes at KFC are truly comforting, unlike anything.

Instead of ordering mashed potatoes as a side item, you can add them as a topping to any KFC item. Add them to your sandwich!

While this is more of a menu hack than a secret item, it’s a great way to add some flavor, texture, and bulk to your favorite items.

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For example, you can get a side order of mashed potatoes added on a Triple Down or perhaps add them to your chicken sandwich. KFC allows you to add Mashed Potatoes to any main that you order. 

They are soft and fluffy in texture and feel light to eat. Moreover, you can use the gravy as a delicious dip for whatever fried chicken you have ordered.

Zinger Stacker

The fiery and delicious Zinger Stacker is here to spice up your taste buds.

Although it will surely give you a double layer of fun, it is not for the weak-hearted or those who do not like a lot of spice or chicken.

The Zinger Stacker comes with two classic crunch fillets doused in KFC’s spicy mayo and Vietnamese sauce.

Moreover, it is bundled together with my favorites- jalapeños and cheese.

The unique thing about the Zinger Stacker is that it is made from a cornmeal bun rather than the typical flour buns. 

Pizza Double Burger

This KFC secret item only has limited availability, but some fans have been able to find it!

The Pizza Double Burger features two crispy KFC chicken patties, with pizza sauce, pepperoni, and melted cheese.

Pizza at KFC? This is definitely a new flavor, so if you can find it, give it a try!

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