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KFC Spices Up the Menu with New Wrap Flavors

KFC starts 2024 on a high note, introducing exciting new flavors to its beloved wrap lineup. The fast-food giant now offers the Honey BBQ Chicken Wrap and the Spicy Mac & Cheese Chicken Wrap, adding a twist to its classic wrap selection. These additions are not just about new tastes; they’re a strategic move to cater to diverse customer preferences and stay ahead in the competitive fast-food market.

The Honey BBQ Chicken Wrap features an Extra Crispy Tender drenched in Honey BBQ sauce, complemented by mayo and pickles, creating a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess. On the other hand, the Spicy Mac & Cheese Chicken Wrap is for those who love a bit of heat. It includes spicy mayo, combining creamy mac & cheese with a fiery kick, wrapped around a juicy chicken tender.

KFC’s strategy doesn’t stop at flavor innovation. They’re also offering these wraps at an attractive price point. Customers can grab two wraps for just $5, making it an affordable option for a quick and satisfying meal. Additionally, there’s a combo deal that includes two wraps, fries, and a drink for $8.49, offering a complete meal experience.

These new wraps are available from January, and KFC has launched a limited-time offer to promote them. Customers can get a free chicken wrap through the KFC app with any purchase over $1, adding more value to their visit.

KFC’s latest menu expansion reflects the brand’s commitment to keeping its menu fresh and appealing. By introducing new flavors and maintaining affordable prices, KFC aims to attract a broader customer base and keep loyal customers coming back for more. The launch of these new wraps is a testament to KFC’s ongoing efforts to innovate and adapt to changing consumer tastes, ensuring that it remains a key player in the fast-food industry.

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