The Truth Behind Rumors of Burger King Closing

Burger King, an American multi-chain burger fast food restaurant, started in 1953 in Florida by Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns. Originally called Insta-Burger King, the company began experiencing financial hardship that led to a buy-out of the fast-food joint in 1959. 

Burger King's employee wearing protective mask

In 1954 two Miami-based joint owners named David Edgerton and James McLamore created a flame broiler system that put Burger King on the map. 

Five years later, Kramer and Burns sold Insta-Burger King to Egerton and McLamore. After they purchased the restaurant, they started the “Burger King” rebrand. 

Burger King has a history of rough beginnings and financial difficulty. Still, Burger King’s recent financial hardship has invoked rumors about the fast-food chain possibly closing. 

So, is Burger King Actually Closing? 

No, Burger King will not be closing any time soon. However, the rumors are not entirely unfounded. Why?

Because Burger King closed a decent amount of its restaurants across the country due to issues with finances.

Burger King saw much controversy throughout the 2010s. For example, in 2014, Burger King announced that the company planned on buying out the coffee chain Tim Hortons. Burger King claimed that the Tim Hortons buy-out would keep the coffee chain afloat since Tim Hortons started to go under as a business. 

The deal sparked controversy and accusations against Burger King, especially over practicing tax inversions. Since Tim Hortons, a Canadian company has headquarters in a country with lower tax rates while generating revenue elsewhere.

In 2019, Burger King announced its’ closure of about 250 locations that did not generate enough income. The closures took effect a year later in 2020. 

Additionally, and most recently, Burger King virtually ceased all operations in Russia in response to the Ukrainian conflict. 

Where Did These Rumors Come From?

The rumors started amidst controversy in 2014.

Many critics accused Burger King of tax evasion, a heavy accusation in business that generated bad publicity for the fast-food joint. Naturally, Burger King lost business due to the controversy, and some questioned the burger restaurant’s future survival. 

For example, by the end of 2013, Burger King was the second-largest fast-food burger chain in the United States behind McDonald’s. By the end of 2014, Burger King ranked four behind Mcdonald’s, Starbucks, and Subway. 

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The rumors flared up again after actual Burger King stores closed across the country in 2020 as well as abroad in Russia in 2022.

Over 200 neighborhoods across the United States saw Burger Kings close in their neighborhoods, which made the rumors take off in 2019 and 2020. To make rumors worse, the company announced the closures happened due to a lack of sales. 

Will It Close in the Future?

No, Burger King will not close any time soon. In fact, Burger King launched several effective campaigns that led to an increase in the burger franchise’s revenue after the controversies and financial downfall. 

For example, Burger King added the Impossible Whopper to their menu in 2019. Burger King is one of the first companies to release a vegan and vegetarian option on its menu.

The Impossible Whopper consists of an Impossible patty, a plant-based burger pioneered by Impossible Foods. 

Even now, competitors like Mcdonald’s have yet to offer such a burger alternative. The Impossible Whopper option increased Burger King’s sales, especially as vegan and vegetarian diets become more and more mainstream.

Additionally, in 2021, Burger King started to test a customer loyalty program in Miami, New York City, New Jersey, and Long Island on the east coast and Los Angeles on the west coast.

The customer loyalty program is called “Royal Perks.” This digital and reward system provides customers with incentives for business. 

Other Restaurant Closings

Other restaurant chain closings encourage rumors to spread about all companies as well.

Truthfully, many other companies closed recently due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

For example, at the height of the pandemic, burger joints like Steak N Shake severely suffered. By the middle of 2020, 70 Steak N Shake locations closed. The chain has actively been looking to sell franchises, however. Still, more and more Steak N Shakes across the company are closing their doors. 

Another company that suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic is Fuddruckers. To pay off debts, the company announced that it was for sale by the end of 2020. The following September, the business claimed to sell assets after shutting down all of its locations. 

In 2021, the famous In and Out Burger saw many closures on the west coast. Even beloved burger companies like Wendy’s suffered because of the pandemic. In some locations, Wendy’s Baconator is no longer available on the menu. 

The short answer to is Burger King closing? No, the burger fast-food company will not close, especially not any time soon. Long-time Burger King fans will continue to enjoy their steak fries and the company’s famous Whopper.

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Remember, vegans and vegetarians may even enjoy the Impossible Whopper. Many other fast-food restaurants do not offer such options!

Check out our favorite Burger King menu items since this chain is going no where!


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  1. ??I was sorry to see the Burger King in Chantilly close. I have always enjoyed Burger King’s burgers over McDonald’s – and. Liked the King’s fries as well. I know the store was getting a bit shabby, but the employees were always so nice. I will miss my regular Sunday “Breakfast Run”! I wish it would reopen

  2. They are not getting as many customers because the customer service at most locations is obsolete! I MISS the old Burger King. I used to work for them as a young teen. The way staff’s now, heck I’d be fired on the spot! Here is my last review of the one located
    7923 White Bluff Rd Savannah, GA Restaurant

    If could give a million NEGATIVE stars I would! A disgrace to the name Burger King. Corporate needs to step in!!! They are NEVER busy, now I understand why…First I tried to go in, locked…so this day I said to myself, let’s just see how long I wait in drive thru to order……30 minutes …and I was the ONLY car! Gets WORSE.. when ordering 1/2 the menu was ‘out’…iced coffee…but they had hot coffee??? And they had the vanilla syrup??? So put ice in it and make it iced coffee!!! Pure bullcrap!….O and it gets WORSE…YES I WAS FLOORED….Got my order of what they did have….my hashbrowns were in a wad!!!! Like they were smashed on the floor and put in the bag, totally disgusting! I asked for no egg….they put an egg…see the photos!!!!! I literally thru everything away! I MISS Burger King! Please help corporate!

  3. I always loved Burger King, It was my first ever burger!
    But the customer service sucks!!! All over except for the Burger Kings in Miami.

    I would like to support BK but I can’t afford the time it takes to get your order.

  4. Now with Burger King closing up shops and a while back as a business decision they decided to snap up Tim Hortons,will this closure affect Tim Hortons too?or like Kmart and OfficeMax,no, because the two companies operate independently, and if burger king would move Tim Hortons into its Burger King sites?otherwise,this would be a good option for White Castle,taco bell and other restaurants to step in and get more customers to eat with them.

  5. Although they blame the pandemic, their recent problems coincide with the release of the Impossible not a Burger. Many western states customers support beef producers by selecting other chains and the vegan customers they hoped to gain realized it is not truly vegan.

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