Five Guys Gluten Free Menu Items 

Finding gluten-free options at Five Guys can be difficult, but never fear! I have vetted the best of the Five Guys menu and found the best options for a gluten-free diet. So whether you are looking for classic french fries or a hamburger, gluten-free options are available at Five Guys.

The frontage of Five Guys restaurant on Cathedral Plaza

Gluten-free is a term that gets thrown around often these days. While it may confuse some, a gluten-free diet simply means that a person does not eat gluten, a molecule found in many grains.

Skipping gluten can help someone with celiac disease and other dietary conditions manage difficult symptoms.

You may be surprised about my recommendations for gluten-free options at Five Guys.

Five Guys can offer options with small modifications to help you find the best gluten-free twists on fast-food favorites, from classic hamburgers to creamy milkshakes and fries.

Some locations may not serve some of these gluten-free options, however.

If you have doubts about your local Five Guys restaurant, ask an employee about gluten-free options to see if they can accommodate your dietary needs.

Try these items at Five Guys if you don’t eat gluten! Be sure to ask the employees to ensure that your food is gluten free – they may need to use a special fryer or follow other protocols to ensure these items are safe.

*Disclaimer: Always confirm food allergen information with your local restaurant before consuming.

French Fries

Five Guys fries are freshly made and boardwalk-style. These fries are always cooked in the purest peanut oil.

I also love the fact that peanut oil is always cholesterol-free and has no other ingredients or additives.

Alongside being one of the best-seasoned fries in fast food, they are also cut fresh and cooked two times to create a crunchy outer layer and a smooth mashed potato-like inside.

With anywhere from 530 to 1310 calories in a serving, these French fries are guaranteed to be just as delicious as they sound.

Additionally, the Five Guys French fries have 131 carbs, 41 total fat, and 962 mg of sodium in each serving.

You can find the nutritional information for Five Guys French fries here.  

Hamburger (No Bun)

Gluten is present in grains, so having a hamburger without a bun is a perfect way to enjoy a classic and iconic burger without getting too much gluten or any gluten at all.

These hamburgers are all hand-formed and grilled to perfection.

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You can choose any burger topping you want (all of which are gluten-free options at Five Guys).

With about 840 calories, these hamburgers are sure to fill you up and satisfy your tastebuds with every bite. I always recommend a classic hamburger!

You can view nutritional information for a hamburger here.

Cheeseburger (No Bun)

Like most people, I am a huge fan of cheese, so a cheeseburger is a fantastic lunch or dinner meal.

However, the gluten in a bun can give those with dietary restrictions flare-ups or other side effects.

However, a cheeseburger patty with iconic toppings and melted cheese can make for the best meal!

Five Guys offers a cheeseburger with American-style cheese melted directly onto a cheeseburger patty – a perfect alternative to gluten-heavy burgers.

You can view nutritional information for a cheeseburger here.

Bacon Cheeseburger (No Bun) 

Like the other burgers listed here, the bacon cheeseburger is a great gluten-free meal at Five Guys.

I have a soft spot for smoked bacon and cheese, so it’s often my go-to option at Five Guys when I’m famished.

Omitting the bun from the ingredients lets me enjoy the meal without gluten-related worries. Furthermore, any toppings can be added to enrich the flavor.

This comes down to personal preferences, but honestly, the apple-wood smoked bacon delivers plenty of flavor in its own right!

You can view nutritional information for a bacon cheeseburger here.

Hot Dog (No Bun) 

For many, ordering a hot dog brings back childhood memories, but it’s also a convenient meal when you’re looking to grab a quick bite.

Removing the bun on a hot dog can leave you with an all-beef frank grilled to perfection.

You can enhance this meal with all the toppings you desire for only about 500 calories and none of the gluten.

You can learn more about the nutritional information for the Five Guys hot dogs here.

Cajun Style Fries

Like Five Guys’ typical French Fries, the Cajun-style fries are also made boardwalk-style and cooked in the purest peanut oil available.

This oil is cholesterol-free and cooked twice to ensure a crunchy outside layer and a smooth inside filling of mashed potato.

After being cooked, these fries are doused in a thick layer of cajun spices that give them a spicy kick that makes them both addictive and delicious.

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Five Guys cajun style fries have the same number of calories, carbs, total fat, and sodium as the classic style French fries offered by Five Guys.

You can view the nutritional information of Five Guys Cajun fries here.


A milkshake is a classic icon for American fast food service. Five Guys offers these eight mix-ins for their milkshake base, offering different flavors:

  • Bacon
  • Banana
  • Chocolate
  • Cherry
  • Coffee
  • Dark Vanilla Syrup
  • Malted Milk
  • Oreo Creme

The base for a Five Guys milkshake has 670 calories, and each mix-in adds anywhere from 15 to 70 calories. The only mix ins that aren’t gluten free are the Oreos and the malt – a malted milkshake contains gluten!

The base has a total fat amount of 32 grams. Although these numbers may seem a little high, they are worth the creamy and delicious flavors offered.

I recommend all of the milkshake flavors as a treat, but those who feel particularly adventurous may want to try the bacon flavor. The jury is still out on that one for me!

You can view all nutritional information on milkshake mix-ins here.

All Toppings 

Thankfully, you will not have to omit any of the toppings on your favorite foods to keep your foods gluten-free!

All of the toppings from Five Guys are gluten-free. The toppings offered at Five Guys are as follows:

  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Pickles
  • Onions
  • Grilled Onions
  • Grilled Mushrooms
  • Green Peppers
  • Jalapeno Peppers
  • Mayo
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard
  • Relish
  • Bar-B-Que Sauce
  • A1 Sauce
  • Hot Sauce

You can learn more about the nutritional information of all the toppings here.

Five Guys has been offering delicious food since 1986 in Arlington, Virginia. Since then, Five Guys has been providing a variety of classic food options for those with and without dietary restrictions.

Just because you follow a gluten-free diet does not mean you have to forgo the iconic taste of Five Guys hamburgers and seasoned fries.

Whether you are looking for a gluten-free option for a creamy milkshake or for salty fries that hit the spot, you can find them at Five Guys.

I recommend trying all of the delicious options from Five Guys to satiate your cravings for fast food goodness without worrying about any potential digestive or dietary restrictions.


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  1. I need to know if any of the gluten-free items contain maltodextrin (usually in the condiments) as I am highly allergic to it?

  2. If you’re going to list gluten-free options for shakes, please omit the malted milk. Malted milk is made from malted barley, which is a gluten containing ingredient.

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