25 Drinks on Dutch Bros Secret Menu

From their humble beginnings as a coffee pushcart along the railroad tracks of Grants Pass, Oregon to a wildly popular national café chain, Dutch Bros has become a beacon of caffeinated creativity where everyone is welcome. While the regular menu is great, the Dutch Bros secret menu is a treasure trove of fun drinks.

dutch bros coffee at sunset

Owners and ex-dairy farmers Dane and Travis Boersma gave up their rural, agricultural lifestyle to pursue their passion for coffee and social interaction. Dutch Bros serves a wealth of coffee drinks rooted in culinary innovation and customer creations.

Far from your average espresso bar, Dutch Bros welcomes special orders and input from customers, often creating permanent menu items out of special request drinks.

Dutch Bros is open to any combination of coffee and flavor, and they have a wealth of secret menu items inspired by customers, seasonality, and their own beloved “broistas.”

Here, I’ll go over the best Dutch Bros secret menu items to order for a tasty pick-me-up, including some of my personal favorites on the secret menu.

Try these secret drinks at Dutch Bros the next time you visit for a special treat!

French Toast Breve

French toast is a special treat for any breakfast lover with loads of cinnamon sugar and a creamy bread bath.

The French Toast Breve from Dutch Bros secret menu brings you the same cinnamon goodness and sugar rush with each luxurious sip.

The term “breve” simply refers to an espresso shot mixed with a foamy creamer.

The French Toast Breve is an espresso shot with cinnamon, melted white chocolate, and a foamy portion of milk or cream.

It’s a comforting, leisurely brunch drink that packs enough sugar to keep you going all morning. You can always order it iced for those hot summer days.

Bob Marley

With a name like Bob Marley, you can expect a groovy Jamaican-inspired drink that cools you down and floods your tastebuds with tropical flavors.

The Dutch Bros secret menu drink, Bob Marley is a decadent tropical milkshake that combines coconut-flavored simple syrup with chocolate sauce, ice cream, and frozen bananas.

I recommend adding an espresso shot to add some caffeine to your sugar intake.

The frozen bananas add a thick, creamy consistency and natural sugars that combine perfectly with the nuttiness of the coconut and the richness of the mocha.

A taste of Bob Marley will certainly put you into a tropical state of mind. 


Banana and chocolate is a classic combination that we all love.

Whether you’re adding chocolate chips to banana bread or frying up some chocolate and banana pancakes, the two sweet flavors complement each other perfectly.

Dutch Bros pays homage to this delectable pairing in a frosted mocha drink on the Dutch Bros secret menu.

The Ba-Nay-Nay consists of a dark chocolate mocha blended with frozen bananas and milk or ice cream. The sweetness of the banana pairs perfectly with a more bitter dark chocolate.

You can always skip the ice cream and add an extra frozen banana to reduce the calorie count. You can also top it with whipped cream and chocolate sauce or order it as an iced mocha. 

The Grasshopper Mocha

The Grasshopper originated as a mint chocolate after-dinner drink, combining crème de menthe and crème de cacao for a veritable liquid dessert.

The Grasshopper Mocha swaps alcohol for coffee, combining an espresso shot with crème de menthe and dark chocolate sauce. It’s reminiscent of a thin mint cookie.

Anyone who has ever eaten a thin mint knows that they taste better right out of the freezer, and the same goes for the Grasshopper Mocha.

I recommend ordering it as a frosted drink or over ice to further enhance the natural cooling effect of that fresh minty taste.

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Caramel Nog

Nothing says winter like a hot mug of eggnog.

While eggnog may be a controversial holiday party drink that you either love or hate, Dutch Bros secret menu has transformed it into a wonderful coffee drink that’s sure to garner unanimous praise. 

The Caramel Nog latte is a seasonal drink, only available around the holidays.

It combines an espresso shot with a hefty squeeze of caramel sauce before adding a heated cup of eggnog to the mix.

The broista will finish it off with a heavy dusting of cinnamon, and voila! You have a Christmas party in a cup. 

Dutch Bros eggnog is always virgin, but if you wanted you can add your own rum for a spiked eggnog.

Golden Eagle Breve

This menu item has moved from the Dutch Bros secret menu to the main attraction over the years.

It’s one of the Dutch Bros’ most popular drinks made with a strong shot of espresso, half and half, vanilla syrup, and caramel drizzle then topped with whipped cream and more caramel sauce.

You can get this drink hot, iced, or frozen.

It’s a vanilla latte with a caramel twist and a true crowd-pleaser. You can always add an extra espresso shot to offset the sweetness.

However, with the high sugar content, you’ll likely be bouncing off the walls! 

The Fleck

The Fleck is a rich, decadent Breve that combines an espresso shot, half and half, white chocolate, hazelnut, and coconut syrups.

A fleck is essentially a particle or speck on something, and The Fleck’s various flavor particles create one delicious coffee drink.

The sweetness of the white chocolate melds perfectly with the nuttiness of the hazelnut and coconut which all get a flavor boost from the bitterness of a bold espresso shot.

After sampling this heavenly marriage of flavors, The Fleck will soon be your favorite Dutch Bros secret menu mid-afternoon treat.

White Coffee Cookie

The White Coffee Cookie is like dipping a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie into a milky latte.

The white coffee cookie is a white espresso breve with white chocolate sauce and chocolate macadamia nut syrup. 

If you aren’t familiar with white espresso, it comes from coffee beans that are roasted at low temperatures and only halfway through, creating a white color.

Essentially, it’s an ultra-light roast coffee, with higher caffeine content and a nuttier, sweeter flavor profile. 

Thus, the nuttiness of the white espresso, the buttery macadamia flavor, and the sweetness of white chocolate make this drink a well-balanced liquid cookie with an extra caffeine kick.

Christmas Morning Chai

Move over eggnog, this warm and cozy Christmas morning cup packs as much flavor as it does caffeine!

The Christmas Morning Chai is both a coffee and a tea drink, combining a shot of espresso, half and half breve, white chocolate syrup, and another shot of a chai tea latte.

Chai tea is a black tea combined with strongly flavored spices like cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, and ginger.

It tastes best with milk, and Dutch Bros uses an organic chai latte brand plus an extra dose of milk with the breve half and half.

The mix of spicy chai, strong bitter espresso, and white chocolate is truly a Christmas miracle that will warm you up all season long.

Birthday Cake Frost

This caffeine-free dessert shake is certainly a reason to celebrate being alive, even if it isn’t your birthday.

Plus, it has enough sugar to compensate for a lack of coffee. Dutch Bros is a one-stop-shop for coffee and ice cream, so you can bring the kids and the coffee haters without any backlash.

The Birthday Cake Frost blends vanilla ice cream with almond Roca, white chocolate syrup, and chocolate syrup with a topping of whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles.

The addition of almond Roca and the rainbow sprinkles give you a satisfying crunchiness with every decadent and creamy slurp of this festive shake from this Dutch Bros secret menu item.

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Islander Breve

When you’re stuck inside an office building and need a break from the fast-paced daily grind, the Islander Breve will transport you to a sandy Hawaiian beach.

Comprised of an espresso shot, half and half, and a blend of chocolate macadamia nut, vanilla, and coconut syrups, the Islander Breve offers a much-needed tropical vacation for your taste buds.

While the sounds of waves crashing and mists of ocean spray may not reach you in the concrete jungle, you can still summon Hawaiian leisure with every sip of the luxurious Islander Breve.

You could also add a shot of espresso to snap you back to reality, just in case. 

Kicker Cold Brew

This is a Dutch Bros mainstay drink that’s a combination of the classic Kicker and Dutch Bros strong cold brew.

Either way, the Cold Brew Kicker is now a permanent fixture on the Dutch Bros menu thanks to its underground popularity.

The Kicker Cold Brew is Dutch Bros signature cold brew with Irish cream syrup and half and half. 

Cold-brew has a higher concentration of caffeine than regular drip coffee and a much stronger flavor, so most cold brews taste best with a milky additive.

The Kicker gives you both milk and Irish cream to equalize the acidity of the coffee while enhancing the flavor.

German Chocolate

Despite its name, the German chocolate cake is American-born and stands out for its sinfully delicious frosting that combines shredded coconut, pecans, and caramelized sugar.

Consequently, the German Chocolate drink at Dutch Bros tries to mimic the German chocolate cake in liquid form.

The German Chocolate is a frost flavor that consists of chocolate sauce, coconut syrup, and caramel sauce.

You can order the German Chocolate as a caffeine-free frost with vanilla ice cream and a splash of half and half. The German Chocolate is also a great flavor combination for a hot coffee drink – a German Chocolate mocha if you will.  

Majestic Forest

If the name conjures up the image of fairies traipsing through an evergreen forest wonderland, the drink itself will manifest such thoughts into a lithe and airy feeling with each sip.

The Majestic Forest is a great summer drink to refresh you with the flavors of forest berries. 

You add the Majestic Forest flavoring combo to lemonade, soda water, tea, energy drink, or frost as a trifecta of blackberry, blue raspberry, and Kiwi flavor infusions.

The dark aquamarine color is as enchanting as its name, and the taste couldn’t be more refreshing. 

Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon may be a pop-rock band, but Dutch Bros co-opted the name to rock your tastebuds with a citrus explosion.

The bright, almost metallic orange tones are a fitting visual for the jolt of tangy deliciousness this flavor blend bestows. The Kings of Leon is a flavor for Dutch Bros’ line of energy drinks called Rebels.

The Kings of Leon Rebels is a combination of orange, lime, and kiwi flavors blended with ice and a powerful energy drink that has a powerful dosage of caffeine.

Great for customers averse to coffee flavors, but still looking for a morning or midday pick me up, The Kings of Leon is as energizing as it is refreshing. 

Laser Cat Rebel

Another energy drink creation, the Laser Cat Rebel is a unique blend of raspberry and coconut syrups that evoke a tropical mountain paradise.

Whether this was a broista or customer creation, we’ll never know, but you’ll be thankful for its existence when you try it.

The creamy, nutty coconut flavor works well with the bright zing of the raspberry. If you want to forego the caffeine, you can also ask for the Laser Cat as an Italian soda or lemonade.

You could even blend it with green or black iced tea. These flavors would be a great pairing to a fresh-baked Dutch Bros treat like a lemon poppyseed muffin top.

Raspberry Vanilla Chai

Vanilla and Chai are a common duo. The spicy flavors of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and peppercorns pair well with the decadent sweetness of vanilla bean.

Who knew that adding raspberry to the mix would work? Spoiler alert – it’s great!

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I recommend ordering the vanilla chai latte with a pump of raspberry syrup as an iced drink or even a frost to create this Dutch Bros secret menu drink.

It may look like the strawberry milk you drank as a kid, but its complex balance of flavors is anything but elementary.

White Zombie Breve

The White Zombie Breve is a rich espresso drink, combining a shot of espresso with half and half, white chocolate, and vanilla syrup.

Despite its name, white chocolate is closer to vanilla than chocolate as it has cocoa butter but no real cocoa solids. Plus, white chocolate often contains vanilla.

The White Zombie Breve thus has a super vanilla flavor that goes perfectly with a bold, rich shot of espresso. 

Trifecta Freeze

If you’re a chocoholic, this is the drink for you.

The Trifecta Freeze is a trio of white chocolate, dark chocolate, and caramel blended with ice cream and milk as a frosty milkshake with loads of dark chocolate and caramel sauces drizzled on top of a whipped cream swirl and coating the sides of the cup.

It’s a wonderful summer treat to cool you down while also inducing a relaxing sugar coma.

If it’s winter, you can order this chocolate caramel trifecta as a hot drink, combined with half and half and an espresso shot as a breve. 

Molten Lava

There’s nothing fancier and more decadent than a molten lava cake – a rich chocolate cake that oozes hot chocolate filling as your fork plunges through that precarious first layer.

You don’t have to eat at a fine-dining bistro to get that luxurious chocolate explosion. Head over to the nearest Dutch Bros and order the Molten Lava breve.

You’ll get your decadent chocolate lava cake and coffee in one perfect package with the Molten Lava Breve.

You can even get it without the espresso shot, turning it into a Mexican hot chocolate. 

Ninja Turtle

Named for its green hue and powerful punch, the Ninja Turtle is a breve with espresso, half and half, crème de menthe, and white chocolate sauce.

The crème de menthe is a strong enough flavor to contend with a bold coffee taste, making the Ninja Turtle an easy drink for adding extra espresso shots. 

The white chocolate adds much-needed sweetness to the mix.

This drink tastes great iced, hot, or frozen, and is certainly capable of extracting a Ninja Turtle style exclamation of “kowabunga” a few sips in. 

Nutty Irishman 

Nitro cold brew is the latest coffee craze, combining nitrogen with cold-brewed coffee to emulate a beer-like frothiness with a smooth finish.

It almost looks like a pint of Irish Guinness! How fitting then, is its use in the Nutty Irishman on Dutch Bros secret menu – a frothy Nitro Cold Brew drink that uses a whole can of Dutch Bros nitro brew with Irish cream, hazelnut syrup, and heavy cream.

It’s a delicious blend of flavors that is as frothy as beer and as decadent as an Irish coffee, but with the opposite effect that both alcoholic beverages usually induce.

Shark Attack Rebel

Another variation on Dutch Bros Rebel energy drink, the Shark Attack Rebel has added flavors. I like to order this drink for Shark Week, just to be festive!

This Dutch Bros secret menu drink takes the classic Rebel energy drink and adds blue raspberry, coconut, lime, and pomegranate.

The result is a super flavorful and tropical tasting Rebel energy drink. If you want it to be creamier, order it with a Dutch Bros soft top for marshmallow-y topping.

Cotton Candy Frost

If you love a super sweet drink, you need to try the Cotton Candy Frost.

Dutch Bros frosts are milkshakes, and this one is made with blue raspberry syrup and white chocolate syrup.

The result tastes just like cotton candy in milkshake form! Satisfy your sweet tooth with a Cotton Candy Frost.

Electric Berry Green Tea

For a refreshing summer beverage from Dutch Bros, you have to try their Electric Berry Green Tea.

Another colorful drink on Dutch Bros secret menu, the Electric Berry Green Tea is an iced green tea with blue raspberry and lime syrups.

It’s made with Rebel energy drink, so you’ll get a jolt of energy from this one.

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