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Does Burger King Still Give Out Crowns? Find Out Here

Unveiling the Crowned Truth: Does Burger King Still Give Out Crowns?

One of the most well-liked fast food restaurants in the world, Burger King is well-known for its flame-grilled burgers, crispy fries, and iconic Whopper sandwich. But a lot of people also connect Burger King with its enduringly popular paper crowns, which have been a trademark of the company for years.

burger King restaurant with Liberty statue

Is Burger King still handing out paper crowns to its patrons? is a query that many people have.

Burger King still provides paper crowns to customers who request them, according to a Reddit discussion.

According to the thread, consumers simply need to request a crown from a box that is kept behind the counter.

This information might not apply to every Burger King restaurant, it’s crucial to remember, as franchise owners may have different policies.

According to a different source, Burger King may have unveiled a new way to earn crowns via their website or mobile app.

According to the source, customers who order through the BK app or can earn crowns and points for their purchases, and they can do the same for delivery orders.

Receiving a paper crown, a tangible object that many people connect with the Burger King experience, could not be the same as using this method.

Current Burger King Crown Policy

Fast food restaurant Burger King has been in business for many years.

Burger King Restaurant Opening Day

The paper crowns that Burger King distributed to guests, especially kids, was one of the restaurant’s distinctive features.

Burger King used to hand away crowns, but there has been some misunderstanding recently. The Burger King crown policy is available here.

In-Store Dining

Burger King customers who eat in can still get a paper crown.

Customer eating at a Burger King Restaurant

They only need to request one at the counter, and the staff will be pleased to give it to them.

Burger King’s crowns are mostly intended for children, however anyone can order one if they wish.

Drive-Thru Orders

Burger King customers who order through the drive-through may or may not get a paper crown.

Burger King restaurant At Siam Paragon

The staff and the setting will determine this. Crowns may still be distributed at some sites while not at others.

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Customers should not be startled if they do not receive a crown even though they can always request one when placing their order.

It’s important to note that Burger King has a loyalty program called Royal Perks in which customers can accumulate “crowns” for each dollar spent.

These crowns, however, are not real paper crowns that clients can put on. They are actually points that may be exchanged for benefits like free food.

In conclusion, Burger King still awards paper crowns to diners at its establishments. However, each store may have a different drive-thru order policy.

Although customers can always request a crown, they shouldn’t be shocked if they don’t get one.

Exceptions to the Crown Policy

Despite the fact that Burger King is well known for its recognizable crowns, there are some exceptions to their rule.

Burger King Logo On Crown

First off, Burger King has temporarily stopped handing out crowns in some locations because of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

By reducing the risk of transmission through shared products, this is done to maintain the security of both their clients and staff.

Therefore, before presuming that your neighborhood Burger King store still offers crowns, it is advised to call first.

Additionally, Burger King only honors certain orders under their crown policy. In addition to ordering through the BK App or, customers can now make in-restaurant purchases in some U.S. cities to earn crowns.

However, shipping orders placed via the BK App or do not qualify for crown rewards.

It’s also important to note that Burger King has stopped selling the once-popular crown-shaped chicken nuggets.

These nuggets arrived in a unique package that had the shape of a castle and were shaped like crowns.

Burger King still offers a selection of delectable menu dishes that are likely to state any appetite, even though they might not be accessible anymore.

Finally, despite the fact that Burger King is still renowned for its recognizable crowns, there are certain exceptions to their rule.

Before assuming that your neighborhood restaurant still offers crowns, it’s a good idea to ask, especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic is still running strong.

Despite this, Burger King still has a huge selection of delectable menu items that may satisfy any craving.

History of Burger King Crowns

The recognizable paper hats in the shape of a crown that Burger King is famous for have been a part of the fast food chain’s history for more than 60 years.

Burger King Restaurant in Singapore

In 1955, just two years after the first Burger King restaurant in Miami, Florida, opened for business, the crown made its debut.

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The Burger King emblem appeared on the front of the first crown, which was made of paper. It instantly won over clients, particularly kids, as it was created to be a joyful and amusing complement to the fast food experience.

The crown has seen numerous modifications and redesigns over time, but it has remained an essential part of the Burger King brand.

Burger King unveiled a brand-new crown in the 1970s that was made of plastic and had a more complex design.

The new crown was more durable than the paper one and could be used repeatedly. The fact that the plastic crown came in a variety of colors increased its appeal to children.

Burger King debuted a brand-new line of crowns in the 1990s dubbed “Kid’s Club Crowns,” which featured celebrities from well-known children’s television programs and motion pictures.

These crowns were a tremendous popularity with children and contributed to Burger King’s reputation as a place that welcomes families.

Even though they are no longer made of paper or plastic, Burger King still gives out crowns to customers.

Instead, customers can use the Burger King app or website to place orders or take part in promotions to win digital crowns.

The Burger King crown is still a recognizable feature of the fast food chain’s history and corporate identification, even though the classic paper and plastic crowns may be a thing of the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

woman with a cardboard crown at Burger King

Does Burger King still give out crowns?

Yes, Burger King still gives out crowns, but it may depend on the location. Some locations may not give out crowns due to various reasons such as supply shortages or a lack of interest from customers. However, many locations still give out crowns to customers, especially to children who order a kids’ meal.

Are the Burger King paper crowns free?

Yes, the paper crowns are free. Customers who order a kids’ meal or visit a Burger King restaurant may request a crown from the staff, and it will be given to them at no extra cost.

Can I purchase a Burger King crown online?

Yes, Burger King offers a variety of merchandise, including crowns, on their website. Customers can purchase a crown or other Burger King items from the online store, but keep in mind that there may be shipping fees and delivery times to consider.

Can I create my own Burger King crown?

Yes, customers can create their own Burger King crown by using materials such as construction paper, markers, and glue. This can be a fun activity for children or adults who want to get creative and make their own Burger King-style crown.

Burger King is a global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants


In conclusion, Burger King still awards crowns, albeit the kind of crown awarded and how it is awarded may differ depending on the region.

Paper crowns might be sold in some places, while limited-edition crowns made of other materials might be sold in other places.

Crowns have also been utilized by Burger King in marketing initiatives, such as the redesigned BK Crown for their birthday celebration, which might only be offered for a brief period of time.

Customers can check if there are any current promos or special offers by visiting the Burger King website or calling their neighborhood location.

Additionally, Burger King has unveiled the “Royal Perks” loyalty program, which enables customers to accumulate “Crowns” for their purchases.

These Crowns can be exchanged for benefits like free meals and beverages. But at the moment, this program is only accessible at participating sites in the US.

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