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8 Gluten Free Options from Burger King

One of my favorite indulgences is fast food. I try to limit the amount of greasy, fried deliciousness I indulge in, but sometimes, a quick trip through the Burger King drive-thru is a great way to end the day. Even those with a gluten intolerance can indulge with these Burger King gluten free options!

Burger King restaurant interior near the highway in Poland

There’s just something about grabbing a meal at the take-out window and chowing down as I relax in my car that makes it a welcome change from a standard sit-down meal. 

Plus, it means I don’t have to cook, which is always a win.

The main downside to fast food is that there tends to be a lot – and I mean a lot – of bread. All the burgers and sandwiches are delicious, but the buns tend to add a ton of added empty calories that fill me up before I’ve eaten all the good stuff.

That’s why I love exploring gluten-free options at my favorite fast-food restaurants. In particular, Burger King has some great choices for those of us who are gluten-free by necessity or by choice.

It’s great because you can still indulge in their classic Whopper or an ice cream sundae without having to worry about any discomfort the gluten might cause.

If you have a serious gluten allergy, be sure to ask your local Burger King about the possibility of cross contamination.

So, what are my favorite gluten-free items on the Burger King menu? Let’s discuss. 

*Disclaimer: Always confirm food allergen information with your local restaurant before consuming.

Chicken Garden Salad

More often than not, when I make a stop at Burger King, I want typical fast food – a cheeseburger, maybe some fries, and a shake.

On occasion, though, I like to lighten my meal up a bit and go for a salad. The Chicken Garden Salad is the perfect solution when I need something filling minus the bread.

This salad has it all with tasty chicken, crisp greens, radicchio, and sweet tomatoes. Even better, it’s topped with delicious cheddar cheese.

To entirely avoid gluten in this salad, ask the cashier to swap the fried chicken for grilled and leave off the croutons.  

This is one of the best healthy options at BK!

Side Garden Salad

When I order at Burger King, one of my favorite side options is the Side Garden Salad.

It’s the perfect complement to a flame-grilled cheeseburger or as a quick, light snack.

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This salad ticks all the right boxes for a healthy treat with crisp greens, juicy tomatoes, and a savory three-cheese medley.

If you want to maximize the healthy aspect, you can opt to skip adding dressing to your salad.

Also, make sure to ask the employees to leave the croutons off when they’re preparing it for you.

Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry Shakes

Whenever I want a sweet treat at Burger King, I usually go straight for the soft-serve ice cream.

The only downside to their ice cream is that it only comes in vanilla. So what do I do when I want a yummy, gluten-free dessert that isn’t vanilla?

It’s simple. I grab one of BK’s delicious milkshakes.

Burger King offers its customers milkshakes in three delicious flavors – chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Of course, chocolate will forever be my favorite.

Still, sometimes I’m in the mood for the fruity burst of flavor in the strawberry shake. And, of course, on occasion, I’ll go for vanilla simply because it can be fun to drink your soft serve through a straw.

Apple Sauce

I know applesauce is usually reserved for the little kids at Burger King, but once in a while, I love to grab one as a nutritious side to my lettuce-wrapped Whopper (which you can read about below).

I consider it my way of letting my inner child out to enjoy some tasty food.

The applesauce at Burger King makes a great quick bite on its own, too.

The handy cup is the perfect size for snacking, and the fact that it’s gluten-free and sugar-free makes it even better.

For something that’s a healthy alternative to fries or that’ll hold you over to your next meal without giving you an overly-full feeling, the applesauce is a great choice. 

Soft Serve Cup

If you’re not a fan of ice cream cones but still want to indulge in a simple sweet dessert, all you need to do is swap out the cone for a Soft Serve Cup.

It’s also the perfect option if you’re grabbing your ice cream at the drive-thru because you won’t have to worry about balancing a cone on your way home.

This sweet vanilla cup is a fun, gluten-free option if you want something quick and easy.

Now and then, when I’m not up for a full serving of ice cream, I’ll grab an extra spoon and share it with a friend. 

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Chocolate Fudge Sundae

When I’m in the mood for a more substantial dessert, I adore the Chocolate Fudge Sundae from Burger King.

It’s just the right size for a quick afternoon treat or as a way to wrap up my favorite gluten-free BK meal. 

I think my favorite part of the sundae is the fudge. It’s rich, creamy, and super chocolatey.

The best part is that it’s made right when you order it, so you don’t have to worry about that telltale “freezer taste” you get when an ice cream treat has been sitting in the freezer for too long. 

Whopper With Lettuce Instead of Buns

If you’re like me and can’t get enough of the flame-grilled flavor Burger King is known for, then you’ll be happy to know the Whopper has a gluten-free option.

Although it’s not listed on the menu, you can order yourself a classic Whopper without the buns.

But, how do you hold it together, you ask? With lettuce, of course!

Don’t worry about breaking out the knife and fork just yet. Two large lettuce leaves are all you need to eat one of Burger King’s most iconic items mess-free.

All you have to do is make a special request when you place your order, and you’ll be all set. This is the perfect option for anyone looking for both dairy and gluten-free options. 

In some countries, Burger King offers a gluten free bun, but it hasn’t made its way to US locations just yet.

Cheeseburger With Lettuce Instead of Buns

Like the classic Whopper, you can also get one of Burger King’s tastiest sandwiches made gluten-free.

The BK Cheeseburger is a timeless option that remains one of my favorites to this day. It’s a slightly smaller alternative to the Whopper With Cheese that packs just as much flavor.

Fortunately, if you’re on a gluten-free diet, you can get this epic sandwich made just for you.

All you have to do is make the same request you’d make for the Whopper – two crisp pieces of lettuce that turn this delicious burger into a handy, grain-free wrap.

Burger King is a classic purveyor of fast food that offers a ton of gluten-free options. So if you’re cutting out gluten for health reasons or because you simply don’t want it in your diet, you won’t have any trouble finding something to satisfy your hunger when you stop in at BK.

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Whether you’re looking for something sweet like a soft-served cone, or something more substantial like a Whopper with lettuce instead of buns, “The King” has you covered!

Are there any gluten-free options we missed? Let us know in the comments because we’d love to give something new a try!

Did you know that Burger King has a secret menu? Check it out for new menu items to order!


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  1. Why would you not have a gluten free bun like Chick-fil-A does. It comes sealed and you make your own sandwich with their gluten free options.

  2. My whopper was good. I have to be gluten free. I was hoping for that lettuce wrap. Be they didn’t have it. Shredded was fine. Great burger. I switched from micky d’s. I love the milkshakes are gluten free thank you so much!

  3. Haven’t been to a BK for years and read this recommendation, so off I went yo BK. Ordered a Whopper, no bun, lettuce wrap please. We don’t do lettuce wraps here . . . . Disappointed to say the least

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