7 Most Popular Red Robin Desserts

When we think of the popular burger chain Red Robin, our mind automatically goes to their bottomless steak fries. But one thing that you should not sleep on when at Red Robin is its dessert menu!

A Red Robin deploys an outdo curbside pickup station

Although we are often too full on our burgers and (bottomless) fries to even think about dessert, it is something worth saving room for during your visit!

Red Robin desserts come in an array of flavors and styles. They also offer seasonal options in their line-up.

All of them are incredible, but a select few stand out above the rest.

Are you interested in learning more about what they have to offer? Keep reading to find out about the most popular desserts at Red Robin!

Cinnamon Sugar Doh! Rings

Do you remember the big worldwide phenomenon that was the Cro-Nut?

The combination of a croissant and donut and all the goodness that comes with it was a huge source of excitement a few years back.

The Cinnamon Sugar Doh! Rings play on that popular trend, but Red Robin includes cinnamon sugar in their unique recipe for an even more flavorful experience. 

And of course, in typical Red Robin fashion, the restaurant isn’t just going to stop there. No, they also include two different dipping sauces for you to add to your rings.

Serving up both caramel and hot fudge with your rings, you can spend the duration of your dessert debating which dipping sauce is the better choice.

Spoiler alert – you can never pick one or the other. They are both fantastic!

Gooey Chocolate Brownie Cake

The timeless classic dessert option is a chocolate brownie cake, rich in flavor and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

When you add in a drizzle of hot fudge, you might think you are done for right then and there.

But Red Robin kicks it up a notch in their Gooey Chocolate Brownie Cake with the inclusion of a strawberry puree that is everything you didn’t know you needed.

This dessert menu item is so popular that it has been added to the online order menu.

The cooks at Red Robin take the liberty to pack it cold so that you can heat it when you’re ready to enjoy your dessert. It’s like having the restaurant experience right in your own home!

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Fudge-Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thank goodness this dessert option comes in a package of five. Otherwise, we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves.

red robin chocolate chip cookies

The Fudge-Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies at Red Robin are absolutely crave-able, and you will find yourself wanting to go there for these cookies alone. 

While you can purchase these individually, you just shouldn’t. Even taking these home to have later on will be a welcome treat.

The rich fudge held inside the soft cookie hits every taste bud as you enjoy it. Be prepared to share because all bets are off as soon as these get served to your table!

Freckled Lemonade Cake 

We’ve all ordered the famous Red Robin Freckled Lemonade a time or two in the past.

But when the restaurant rolled out a cake by the same name, we were all intrigued!

Thankfully, the recipe didn’t disappoint, and the light and airy cake is perfect for an after-dinner treat, especially during the summer!

With a lemon cake that comes layered with a fluffy lemon mousse and white chocolate and topped with lemon curd and strawberry puree, you will think you have died and gone to dessert heaven.

The Freckled Lemonade Cake isn’t heavy, so it won’t leave you feeling overly full after a big meal. However, it is a must-have when at Red Robin!

Oreo Cookie Magic Milkshake

I’m sure you are thinking – what is so magical about this Oreo Cookie Magic Milkshake?

And I’m here to tell you; I’m not sure! It is magic indeed, but you can’t pinpoint the exact ingredient that makes it so.

The premium vanilla ice cream, combined with everyone’s favorite cookie, blends perfectly. 

Is it the glass that it’s served in with such detail? Maybe the perfectly creamy texture of the vanilla ice cream? Nobody knows.

But what we do know is that you will love it! Make sure to add it to your order next time you stop into Red Robin.

Chocolate Milkshake 

While this milkshake doesn’t have “magic” in its title, it might as well because it’s just as divine as its cousin above.

A chocolate shake is a staple no matter where you go, but what makes it so unique at Red Robin is that they create the perfect level of chocolate behind the scenes.

How do they do that, you may ask? They use a creamy vanilla base and add just the perfect amount of chocolate syrup to achieve the rich and exceptional taste that we all love.

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The Chocolate Milkshake at Red Robin isn’t like all the others, and you should try it for yourself!

Vanilla Milkshake 

You may have caught on to the common denominator of the shakes listed above, and that is the inclusion of their signature creamy vanilla ice cream.

Knowing the amazingness that it contributes to the menu items above, can you imagine how it tastes solo?

The Red Robin Vanilla Milkshake is one of the most underrated menu items, but it shouldn’t be!

Next time you visit Red Robin, don’t hesitate to swap out your typical beverage of choice for a vanilla milkshake.

Not only will you fall in love with the taste, but it will bring about an entirely new experience to your Red Robin visit

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