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10 Must-try Raising Cane’s Menu Items

In 1998, Raising Cane’s began delivering some of the tastiest chicken fingers and sides in the good ole’ U.S.A. Over the past few years, franchises have spread like wildfire throughout the country from Raising Cane’s original South Louisiana-based location.

Close up shot of the delicious deep fried chicken finger

Now the brand, known for its “One Love” slogan and simplified menu, opens for business in more than 25 states.

And they have introduced two rollicking food trucks that traverse the country and introduce their brand to new cities and clients.

Many chain restaurants seem to follow every new dining whim and constantly change their menus. Raising Cane’s is different.

They work off the belief that focusing on one really good product – in this case, juicy, white-meat chicken fingers – is all it takes to keep people coming back for more.

Their success seems to bear that out.

Below find my favorite menu items at Raising Cane’s. Believe me, once you’ve tried the chicken fingers, you’ll come back for more.

Caniac Combo

I’ll be honest. I have only ordered the Caniac Combo once, and that’s because I was super hungry after spending all day working out in the backyard.

The Caniac Combo is a monster meal. It comes loaded with six breaded chicken fingers, crinkle-cut fries, Texas toast, coleslaw and an extra-large drink of your choice. 

Frankly, the Caniac Combo is big enough to share or split into two meals.

Oh, and don’t forget to order at least one, and probably two, extra sauces.

Otherwise, you’ll run out of the sweet and savory dip long before the chicken is gone. 

Chicken Sandwich

Take three of Raising Cane’s famous chicken fingers, place them on a lettuce bed between two buns and slather it with sauce.

Voila! You’ve just bitten into the company’s delicious chicken sandwich. I think this is the perfect lunchtime treat for those on the go. 

You get all the deliciousness of the Raising Cane’s marinade that tenderizes and locks in the flavor of the chicken.

Plus, you bite into the crunchiness of the lettuce, the juiciness of the chicken, and the softness of the bread simultaneously.

Remember to pick up some extra napkins for this one. It’s yummy – and gooey!

Crinkle-Cut Fries

I’m never sure if it’s the grade-A potatoes they use or the crinkles themselves but Raising Cane’s crinkle-cut fries are simply delicious.

They’re extra-long, cooked in a canola oil-based frying mixture until golden brown, and retain a moistness in the middle.

Cooks wait until they’re ordered to make them, so there aren’t hundreds of old fries lying under a heat lamp. (The company says they don’t own a single heat lamp). 

What you end up with is a handful of tasty fries that soak up Cane’s sauce, ketchup, or other dips you enjoy.

Or, eat them plain and let the natural flavor delight your taste buds.

Kids Combo

If your youngsters are less than 7, let them try the Kids Combo.

They get two chicken fingers (a healthier protein than burgers), a smattering of crinkle-cut fries, one Cane’s sauce, and a 12-ounce soda, lemonade, milk, or apple juice. 

Like many fast-food places, Raising Cane’s includes a toy or activity for the ride home.

I like that the kids combo bag includes a few “Simple Acts of Caneness” ideas.

This might be helping pick up trash in front of your house or remembering to fill the dog bowl with water. Good ideas go right along with the good food. 


I can just tell from the tangy taste of Raising Cane’s lemonade that this is no mass-produced product. It’s too succulent.

Line workers cut each lemon on the premises, squeeze as much juice out as possible, add pure cane (Cane’s?) sugar, and run it through filtered water before serving. 

The dispenser is constantly churning the lemonade so the ingredients don’t sit for any length of time.

And each March, they add green food coloring to honor “St. Paddy’s Day.” Considering this is a southern fried chicken finger restaurant, a visit isn’t complete without trying this tasty concoction.

3 Chicken Finger Combo

If it’s lunchtime or you’re a light eater, Raising Cane’s 3 chicken finger combo should be just the meal for you.

As the name suggests, you receive three of the company’s mouth-watering chicken fingers plus crinkle-cut fries, a side of coleslaw, a piece of Texas toast, and a 22-ounce drink of choice.

Center-cut chicken breast tenderloins form the chicken fingers.

They are hand-dipped, breaded, and fried as soon as you order so you receive them hot and juicy.

I order this combo meal for lunch. That way, I’m neither too stuffed nor require a nap in the afternoon.

Box Combo

Raising Cane’s says the Box Combo is their most frequently-ordered meal, and I am living proof they are right.

I order the box combo for my wife, son, daughter, and me at least twice a month. (Yes, we’re hooked. And the franchise closest to our house just opened). 

It comes with four of the singularly best-tasting chicken fingers money can buy, a generous helping of lightly-salted crinkle-cut fries, a side of pickled coleslaw (my wife always gives me hers) and a piece of soft Texas toast.

I always get an extra Cane’s sauce to go with each order because two fingers per sauce cup are the exact right amount.

Chicken Fingers

As mentioned, Raising Cane’s built their empire on the philosophy that to be a great restaurant they should focus on one – and only one – main item.

They chose chicken fingers and, in doing so, have developed one of the best recipes in the industry. 

They take premium breast tenderloin, lightly season it with a proprietary marinade, bread it, and let it soak in a canola oil-based frying solution just long enough to lock in the flavor.

They train their staff to do this one at a time, as the orders come in. 

I was amazed the first time I tried them. I wondered how they could keep the breading so light and the chicken so moist. Now, I don’t care how they do it. I’m just glad they do it.

Sweet Tea

Again, I’m not exactly sure what recipe Raising Cane’s uses for its sweet tea. I only know it’s delicious.

Don’t expect them to tell you, either, other than to say they use filtered water and pure cane sugar.

Raising Cane’s version of the “house wine of the South” is made by adding a predetermined amount of cane sugar into the tea while it steeps in boiling water. 

They let it be for a few minutes, then add some cold water and chill it in a refrigerator just the right amount of time for the whole blend to solidify. 

Texas Toast

When I had my first Box Combo, I wondered why they put a piece of Texas toast in there.

I mean, I already had enough to eat with the chicken fingers, coleslaw, and crinkle-cut fries. I soon learned that it wasn’t an add-on or afterthought. 

It’s the perfect vehicle to sop up any remaining Cane’s sauce, and the crumbs stick right to it.

How great is that? Plus, they use sesame seed pull-apart bread, which retains moisture better than the pre-sliced kind.

And they use a butter and garlic mix that melts in your mouth. 

If you can’t tell by now, I’m completely sold on Raising Cane’s restaurants. They have created a sensational fast-food empire by focusing on chicken fingers and only chicken fingers for the past 25 years and counting. 

But they have also made sure to create some tasty sides to go along with their juicy recipe of chicken tenderloin, marinade, and light breading. Even their drinks bring out the Southern charm and flavor.

So, if you’re in the mood for some delicious take-out chicken and are lucky enough to live anywhere near a Raising Cane’s outlet, do yourself a favor and stop in today. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be a repeat customer very soon indeed.

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Written by Brian Nagele

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