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10 Best Pizza Hut Specialty Pizzas Ranked

When it comes to pizza it is tough to compete with the original chain. Pizza Hut simply stands heads above all of the other pizza restaurants that exist here in the USA.

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Sure, there are lots of excellent independent restaurants all over the country, but if you want a company you can rely on then Pizza Hut is your choice. 

The only issue with Pizza Hut is that their huge range of options can often make it confusing to know which pizza to choose.

To help you, we’ve ranked the 10 best pizzas that Pizza Hut have on offer. So let’s get started. 

10. Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza

Now a margarita pizza isn’t for everyone, but it would have been criminal to leave this yummy cheesy delight off of the list.

You might not always fancy a plain cheese pizza, but sometimes there is nothing more comforting than taking a slice just to watch the stretch of the cheese.

This pizza, made up of Alfredo sauce, Parmesan, Romano, and Pizza Hut’s signature cheese, is an absolute delight and definitely one of the best options on the menu!

9. BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

Next up, we have the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza. This pizza did start out as a special but it was so popular that the company had to give it a place on their staple menu.

If there’s one thing that you can’t deny about Pizza Hut, it is that they’re innovative.

This hybrid of your classic bacon cheeseburger paired with BBQ sauce and a pizza base is insane, and definitely a good choice if you fancy a change!

8. Chicken Supreme Pizza

There is no denying that when it comes to pizza, chicken is a top tier topping.

So next on the list we have the Chicken Supreme Pizza, or the Chicken-Bacon Parmesan Supreme as it is sometimes called.

This pizza is covered in pieces of chicken, bacon, mushrooms, and caramelized onions to tickle both your meat and veggie loving sides.

So if you fancy a creamy pizza for a change then this is the one for you!

7. Veggie Lover’s Pizza

If you don’t eat meat then the Veggie Lover’s Pizza is perfect for you! The usual go-to veggie option is a margarita pizza which can quickly become boring.

But the Veggie Lover’s Pizza is full of excitement and fun.

This pizza is packed with different vegetables, including black olives, mushrooms, green peppers, onions and tomatoes, to fill it with flavor and make it a truly yummy treat.

So if you are a vegetarian, this is the perfect choice!

6. Hawaiian Luau Pizza

There is much debate about whether pineapple is a good pizza topping, but there’s no doubt that it is a popular choice at Pizza Hut.

A regular Hawaiian pizza is yummy, but the Hawaiian Luau at Pizza Hut is a step above.

This is because the restaurant has added smoked bacon and extra cheese to this dish to switch up the flavor and ensure that you savor every single bite.

Making the Hawaiian Luau pizza an excellent choice if you want to get your pineapple hit!

5. BBQ Lover’s Pizza

Another wonderful choice for those pizza lovers who prefer BBQ sauce to the classic marinara sauce is the BBQ Lover’s Pizza.

BBQ sauce on pizza is a choice, but if you are someone who likes to ride against the waves then this is one for you.

A classic pizza base topped with BBQ sauce, chicken, bacon, and sweetcorn gives this pizza a taste unlike any other.

It isn’t for everyone, but that’s what makes this pizza so wonderful. So if you want to stand out from the crowd, this could be the one for you! 

4. Super Supreme Pizza

Just missing out on a top 3 spot we have the Super Supreme Pizza.

This pizza definitely lives up to its name, even though it isn’t the supreme on this list, as it comes with a whopping 9 toppings.

Including ham, pepperoni, beef, Italian sausage, pork and a variety of vegetables, ensuring there is something for everyone in this dish.

The Super Supreme Pizza achieves a truly scrumptious taste, but we find it a little too filling, hence it not being in the top 3. But if you like a lot of toppings on your pizza, check this out!

3. Pepperoni Pizza

In third place, we have the absolute classic which is Pepperoni Pizza.

It would have been criminal not to include this dish on the list because pepperoni pizza is one of those flavors that has been around forever.

It might not be everyone’s favorite, but the majority of people do like Pepperoni Pizza because you can always rely on it.

So if you like to stick to what you know, then the Pepperoni Pizza at Pizza Hut is a safe (and yummy) bet!

2. Mozzarella Stuffed Crust Pizza

Okay, don’t shout, because we know this option isn’t technically a pizza, it’s a base. But we would happily eat this pizza base all by itself.

You can say what you like about Pizza Hut, but there’s no denying that their stuffed crust is the best on the market, and even better you can pair this base with whatever toppings you like!

1. Meat Lover’s Pizza

In the top place, we have the Meat Lover’s Pizza.

There really is no denying that the meat pizzas at Pizza Hut are simply the best, and this one is packed with different toppings of the meat variety.

This classic pizza base is topped with marinara sauce, 2 different types of cheese, ham, pepperoni, bacon, and hot sausage.

So if you like just meat on your pizza, the Meat Lover’s option is the one for you!

In short, deciding which pizza to buy at Pizza Hut can be difficult. The company has so many options that it can leave you puzzled.

But we’ve done the hard work for you and ranked the top options that Pizza Hut have on sale. So if you’re stuck for choice, check out our guide above. 

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Written by Brian Nagele

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