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6 Outback Steakhouse Signature Steaks, Ranked 

Find the best steak to order on your next trip to Outback.

Despite its name and laid-back, summertime barbecue philosophy, Outback Steakhouse is not Australian.

Outback Steakhouse" exterior facade brand and logo

Outback Steakhouse originated in Tampa, Florida, in 1988 when a group of local friends and restauranteurs wanted to serve high-quality steaks and seafood in a fun, casual atmosphere that simulates a backyard cookout instead of a stuffy fine dining establishment.

The delicious food, entertaining atmosphere, and friendly service garnered widespread acclaim, and today, Outback Steakhouse has over 1000 locations around the globe. They even made it to Australia!

While commercials and radio marketing always use an Australian accented announcer, Outback Steakhouse offers classic American steaks and accompaniments, plus a few of their own wildly popular inventions like the world-famous “Bloomin’ onion.”

Outback has a wide variety of delectable appetizers, salads, and steak dinners on their menu that don’t skimp on quality despite their accessible pricing.

I’ve come up with a list of my favorite steaks for you to try during your next trip to this friendly and affordable Australian-themed steakhouse.

Read on to explore my list of the best steaks at Outback to whet your appetite. 

The Ribeye

The Ribeye is the flavor king cut of steak at Outback Steakhouse and a fan favorite for steak lovers everywhere.

The marbling of a ribeye gives it its rich flavor, combining lean protein with even fat distribution.

The boneless ribeye is a robust 12-ounce serving and a popular item to split. 

Outback Steakhouse gives you the choice of having your ribeye char-grilled or seared over an open flame from an oak wood-fired grill.

The hearty marbling makes this one of the more flavorful steaks that doesn’t need any fancy sauces or heavy seasonings to taste amazing. I recommend pairing it with Outback’s loaded baked potato.

Center-Cut Sirloin

Look no further than the Center-Cut Sirloin if you’re looking for a smaller portion of meat that will make up for its size with a decadent, succulent texture and flavor.

This perfect thick-cut sirloin is 6 ounces of heavenly beef that will satisfy you without feeling like you’re bursting to the brim.

Plus, the Center-Cut comes with two sides and an order of their famous bread for a very low price.

If you want a more significant portion, Outback is happy to oblige for an additional cost.

You can increase it from 6 to 8 ounces or opt for the massive 11-ounce center cut.

Victoria Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon is the most luxurious and coveted cut of steak that certainly lives up to its fancy name.

Just as it is the priciest cut of meat at any butcher shop or fine dining chophouse, the Victoria Filet Mignon is one of the more expensive menu items at Outback. It’s a special occasion kind of steak.

This thick cut of the tenderest and juiciest sirloin on the menu is the height of decadence and comes in either six or 8-ounce servings.

I enjoyed my 8-ounce cut with a side of seasoned and grilled asparagus and thick-cut steak fries.

It was as flavorful and rich as any fine dining steakhouse and for half the price!

Bone-in Ribeye

The only cut of steak more flavorful than Outback’s ribeye is its bone-in ribeye.

Culinary experts and grandmothers alike know to reserve bones as essential flavor additives for soups and broths.

Consequently,  I recommend the bone-in ribeye as the bone adds yet another layer to an already flavorful cut of steak.

Outback sears this massive cut of beef over an oak wood-fired grill for a simple yet succulent steak that needs little embellishment.

The bone-in ribeye is a staggering 18 ounces, while the boneless is 12 ounces.

These steaks are big enough to split. If you order them for one, they make the most decadent leftovers.

Melbourne Porterhouse

If you can’t decide between a strip or a tenderloin, you can have both with a massive Melbourne Porterhouse.

Since Porterhouse steaks include two cuts of steak plus a T-bone, it will be a large meal.

Consequently, the Porterhouse is the go-to order for a steakhouse date night.

Outback’s Melbourne Porterhouse is a vast 22 ounces and comes with two sides and a serving of Outback’s delicious bread.

All that’s left for your perfect steak date night is an excellent bottle of red wine. I recommend pairing this steak with a fully loaded baked potato and mixed vegetables. 

New York Strip

The New York Strip is a perfect balance of flavorful marbling and a thick, tender bite.

Outback’s classic New York Strip uses a unique seasoning blend before throwing it on the grill and slicing it up for a traditional plating.

It’s a buttery and indulgent cut of steak that you can use your fork to cut through.

Their seasoning blend just adds to the flavor, creating a wonderful crust and permeating the marbled layers of muscle and fat.

Plus, at a hearty 12-ounce serving, you will leave more than satisfied and might even have some to enjoy the next day!

Outback Steakhouse guarantees a tasty, high-quality steak for a fraction of the price of a fine-dining steakhouse. Its down-to-earth and fun-natured atmosphere is excellent for friendly get-togethers, family meals, and romantic date nights. 

They have plenty of seafood, poultry, appetizers, and desserts to choose from, but steaks are their strong suit. My list of the best steaks at Outback provides you with an excellent ordering guide to ensure you get the most mouthwatering steak on the menu.

Check out other steakhouses like Longhorn Steakhouse if there’s no Outback in your neighborhood!


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  1. Ate at outback in evansville indiana, ordered large ribeye. steak. Mostly fat had a saucer full of fat couldn’t eat, which was almost half of my meat. The grilled shrimp was great.

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