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Top 12 Items on McDonald’s Dessert Menu

When you hear the “Da Da Da Da Daaa, I’m loving it,” you think of the Big Mac or those chicken Mcnuggets. While they have all the publicity one can bear, it goes without saying that a large sweet tea isn’t the only thing that’s sweet at Mcdonald’s. 

McDonald's Ice Cream Cone

McDonald’s isn’t just an excellent place to visit for the Quarter Pounder but for deserts as well. Today I will be ranking the best McDonald’s Desserts.

The list will surprise you as there are more than just ice cream cones and milkshakes on their menu.

I am here to tell you that there is a dessert for everyone at McDonald’s, from milkshakes to apple pie, this list is going to make you crave something sweet off of their menu.

This article is your one free ticket to feed into the urge or your sweet craving.

Without further ado, here is a list of all the best Mcdonald’s desserts.

Hot Fudge Sundae

The hot fudge sundae at Mcdonald’s comes with hot fudge and vanilla ice cream. 

If you request it, you can get it topped with whipped cream. It’s creamy, delicious, and not too sugary either, which is what I like about it. 

You should be able to tell by now, but I love ice cream and anything chocolate, so this might explain why this one makes it on the list out of all the desserts. The hot fudge sundae is also only $1.79, so life gets no better than that when you need a sweet fix. 

The Hot Fudge Sundae at Mcdonald’s is one of the best desserts you can get from there.

Baked Apple Pie

The baked apple pie at Mcdonald’s is the best apple pie you are going to get at any fast food restaurant.

The baked apple pie is usually hot when you get it, making it all the better.

The crust is flaky and light, while the inside consists of sweet, sugary, cinnamon apples that will make it worth your money for sure. 

This one gets my stamp of approval as well as many others because this pie has been one of their classics for a long time now, which means they must be doing something right with it to keep people coming back for more.

Hot Caramel Sundae

I know I said the hot fudge sundae is my favorite dessert.

But sometimes, you just might want something different. That’s how delicious McDonald’s hot caramel sundae is.

Just imagine vanilla ice cream combined with hot caramel sauce topped with whipped cream. That sounds pretty good to me. It’s even better when you get it from Mcdonald’s

The Hot Caramel Sundae at McDonald’s is their number two best tasting dessert, second only to the hot fudge sundae, which is not going anywhere any time soon in my book.

It is the first place I ever tried a caramel sundae as a child and by far my favorite because I don’t have to make it myself.

M&M McFlurry

The M&M McFlurry isn’t just filled with vanilla ice cream, but also has actual M&Ms mixed in that make this one of the most addicting desserts on their menu. 

This is one of those desserts you have to try for yourself, even if it is just once, because I don’t think anyone can resist this treat for long.

If you love M&M’s, you’ll love it crushed into vanilla ice cream

McDonald’s will make sure you have a taste of M&M’s in every bite. It comes in small and large. So, even if you have limits, it’s worth trying without undoing your progress.

Strawberry Shake

The strawberry shake is another one of those classics at McDonald’s.

When you think of a traditional strawberry milkshake, this is probably going to be the first thing that pops into your head. The only difference is that it has whipped cream on top, blended in with strawberry syrup this time. 

If you are looking for something more different than vanilla but still want to stay in the ice cream family, then go for their strawberry shake instead.

Nothing makes me happier than drinking a milkshake on a Saturday. The strawberry shake comes in three sizes to fit every appetite. What size is your appetite today?

The chocolate chip cookie at McDonald’s is not only one of the best desserts there but also one of my favorite cookies anywhere.

It’s not too sweet, which is excellent if you don’t like your dessert being too overwhelming when you eat it.

The inside is soft and chewy, while the chocolate chips give it just enough flavor to make your taste buds happy after eating one. 

If I could, I would probably have a couple dozen in my home at all times for an afternoon snack or even for breakfast because I’m not going to lie, sometimes a cookie can really hit the spot in the morning more than cereal ever will.

Strawberry Sundae

The strawberry sundae is yet another one of their classics which you can always expect to see on the menu when you go.

The strawberry sundae is one of my personal favorites because it’s not just vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup. It’s a sweet taste of heaven when you add on the whipped cream. 

If you are a regular who wants something different than just chocolate or caramel, then I recommend trying the strawberry sundae instead. Don’t forget to request the whipped cream on top.

Once you start, you just can’t stop. And this time, I’m not referring to Pringles.

Chocolate Shake

The chocolate shake is a classic, and for a good reason.

The shakes at McDonald’s are tasty, but they are also thick, which can be hard to find in some places.

The key is definitely the ice cream because it’s not too sweet, but rather it has just enough chocolate syrup flavor to satisfy anyone’s craving. 

The creamy goodness is worth saving the calories for. I honestly don’t know how people manage without having something like this to drink when they are sad or upset because it really does make you feel better no matter what. It’s a sweet level of comfort food.

Vanilla Cone

The vanilla cone is the perfect ending to any meal at McDonald’s.

This is one of my favorite desserts on their menu because it has just enough ice cream to make you feel like you’re having a real dessert but isn’t too much that you feel guilty afterwards. 

It’s very small meaning you won’t overeat but tasty enough to make you feel like you fed your sweet craving. It’s also cold, making it a great way to cool off in the summer.

When you can get this for only $0.99, there’s no reason why anyone should shun their sweet cravings.

Vanilla Shake

The vanilla shake is one of the best classic ice cream drinks at Mcdonald’s.

It’s the perfect mixture of vanilla, whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream.

If you want to support your local McDonald’s on a budget, then the vanilla shake is definitely your drink of choice. You don’t have to get a quarter pounder and fries to get a milkshake. 

Just come back tomorrow and get the quarter pounder. It’s creamy enough without being too overwhelming. I recommend trying it out because there is no better experience than drinking a vanilla milkshake after a long, hard day of work. 

Oreo McFlurry

The Oreo Mcflurry is a fan favorite Mcdonald’s dessert because who doesn’t love Oreos, right?

I love Oreos and I love the sweet ice cream at Mcdonald’s. The Oreo Mcflurry gives you the best of both worlds with vanilla ice cream and crushed Oreos to take it up a notch. 

It comes in regular and snack-size portions, perfect for children and adults who are tracking their calories.

Both sizes are great, in my opinion, as I never feel the snack size is too small.  Nor do I ever feel that the regular is way too big that I can’t eat it all either.

Check out all of the McDonald’s McFlurry flavors you can try!

Wrapping Up

Mcdonald’s is a great place to go for desserts because they offer something for every taste and appetite size.

Their desserts are tasty and can be added to a meal or eaten alone as a well-earned dessert. No matter which one you try, you won’t be disappointed.

That’s the end of my list. I hope you find it helpful when deciding what to get next time. Remember to support your local McDonald’s and try one of their top desserts on your next visit.

Let us know in the comments if you knew about all of the desserts mentioned in this article. 

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