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16 Must-try Jimmy John’s Sandwiches

When it comes to subs and hoagies, no one does it like Jimmy John’s. What started as a small sandwich business in Charleston, Illinois has now grown into one of the America’s most popular sandwich chains with over 2,000 locations. 

Jimmy John's Sandwiches restaurant

Even with the exponential growth of the company across the country, Jimmy John’s has never once sacrificed the quality of their sandwiches or the speed of their service. That’s what we love them. 

When you go to Jimmy John’s, or even if you’re ordering online, you’re faced with a ton of options. Honestly, the only hard part about ordering from Jimmy John’s is choosing which delicious sandwich you want. If this is a problem you’ve faced before, then you’re going to love this. 

Right down below you’ll find my definitive guide to the best menu items at Jimmy John’s. Check it out so you can order your dream sub the next time you go there!

Club Lulu

The number-one sub on my list is none other than the Club Lulu. There’s just something about this one that really does it for me. It’s simple, yet delicious, and I think everyone should try it. 

The Club Lulu is all you need. It comes with JJ’s hand-sliced turkey breast, applewood-smoked bacon, lettuse, tomato, and mayo. Throw all of that on your choice of their freshly baked bread and you’re good to go. 

My favorite choice of bread for this one is the whole wheat, but any option works well with this one. Don’t forget the pickle!


The B.L.T is a classic sandwich that is extremely hard to beat. Jimmy John’s has their own version of this iconic sandwich called the J.J.B.L.T and it’s fantastic. 

I think Jimmy John’s knew that sometimes you just can’t fix something that isn’t broken, so they kept this one true to the original way of making it. 

The J.J.B.L.T comes with a heaping mound of applewood smoked bacon as well as, of course, lettuce and tomato. The sub also comes with mayo on it, so if you’re not partial to mayo, be sure to ask them to hold out off on it. 

Beach Club

Up next, we have an extremely refreshing sandwich called the Beach Club. This one is pretty unique and it’s as refreshing as a ray of sunshine. That must be why it’s called the Beach Club. 

The Beach Club comes with JJ’s signature hand-sliced turkey breast, provologne, and avocado spread. For me, avocado and bacon is one of the ultimate flavor combinations, especially when you also throw in the cucumber slices, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on top of all that. 

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Whenever I order this delicious sandwich from Jimmy John’s I also add Grey Poupon dijon mustard for a little spice. 

Bootlegger Club

The Bootlegger Club is up next and you’re really going to love this one if you want a really hearty sandwich. The Bootlegger Club comes with both roast beef and turkey breast, so you get a nice double dose of protein with this one. 

In addition to the savory turkey and roast beef, the Bootlegger Club also comes with the standard lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Whenever I order this masterpiece, though, I always add some cheese to it. 

Definitely give this one a look the next time you come to Jimmy John’s! It’s always a surefire winner. 

Club Tuna

All of my fellow fish lovers out there will appreciate this next meu item from Jimmy John’s. The Club Tuna is unbeatable and you won’t find a better, faster tuna salad sandwich outhere, if you ask me. 

Jimmy John’s prepares their own tuna salad in-house, and they even add celery to it for a little bit of extra crunch. Not to mention, the Club Tuna comes with tasty provolone cheese, as well as fresh lettuce, tomato, and cucumber slices. 

 You’ll be wanting to order this one on their famous giant French bread because it’s so delicious. 

Hunter’s Club

The Hunter’s Club is an incredible, meaty sandwich that’s substantial enough to satiate even the most voracious of hunters. This sandwich is always a winner, so don’t hesitate to order this one when you stop by Jimmy John’s.

I love this sub because roast beef is easily my favorite sandwich meat, and the Hunter’s Club comes with double portions. That’s right, you get double the delicious roast beef on this sub. What more could you want?

You also get provolone cheese as well as the standard lettuce, tomato, and mayo, but I like to add avocado spread to this one. 

Italian Night Club

The next entry on my list of best Jimmy John’s menu items is the classic Italian Night Club. This sandwich holds a special place in my heart that comes from lots of late nights in college where my only study breaks came in the form of ordering Jimmy John’s.

The Italian Night Club is sure to satisfy. The sandwich comes with salami, capicola, ham, and provolone cheese to form the base. Then, it gets topped with onion, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. 

What really sets off the flavor of the Italian Night Club, however, is the oil and vinegar, as well as the oregano-basil.

J.J. Gargantuan

Some might say that the J.J. Gargantuan is the king of sandwiches, and I’d be incline to agree. This sandwich comes with absolutely everything you would want, or fit, on a sub roll. 

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The J.J. Gargantuan comes with not one, not two, but five different meats all on one sub. salami, capicola, turkey, roast beef, and ham make up this masterpiece, as well as some tasty provolone cheese. 

As if that wasnt enough, you get the same onion, lettuce, tomato, and mayo toppings from the Italian Night Club, including the oil and vinegar, oregon-basil. 

Jimmy Cubano

In my opinion, there’s no better sandwich than the famous Cuban sandwich. If you agree, then you’re going to love this next one. 

The Jimmy Cubano is JJ’s take on the classic Cuban and it’s amazing. Jimmy John’s has really captured all the greatest flavors that make a Cuban sandwich as good as it is. 

The Jimmy Cubano comes with bacon, smoked ham, and provolone cheese. After that, it gets topped with kosher dill pickle slices, mayo, and dijon mustard. 

Unfortunately, to keep up with their freaky-fast motto, Jimmy John’s does not toast their Jimmy Cubano, but it’s still delicious cold. 

Spicy East Coast Italian

If you looked at the Italian Night Club and thought, “hmm… that’s a bit too boring for me”, then this next sandwich is perfect for you. 

The Spicy East Coast Italian brings the heat and tosses boring right out the window. Instead of ham, the Spicy East Coast Italian actually comes with double salami and double capicola. On top of that, it comes with hot peppers, sauce, and easy mayo in order not to overpower the spiciness. 

Other than those differences, the Spicy Easty Coast Italian has pretty much the same toppings as the Italian Night Club. 

The Pepe

Jimmy John’s calls this next one The Pepe and it’s apparently their take on a classic ham and cheese sandwich. Personally, I think they did a fantastic job with this one, too. 

After something as wild as the Spicy East Coast Italina sub, it’s nice to get back to the basics. The Pepe has only the essentials, and nothing more. You get ham, provolone, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. 

This one is very simple, so it never disappoints. However, I will admit that when I order The Pepe, oftentimes I will add pickles and onions. This one is a great blank slate to build your perfect sandwich. 

Totally Tuna

Up next, we have the Totally Tuna sub from Jimmy John’s. This one has many similarities to the Club Tuna sandwich, except for the fact that it does not have cheese on it. 

I love this sub from JJ’s because it has the same house-made tuna salad that the Club Tuna has, just without the extra calories of the cheese. 

This is one of the few sandwiches that I think are actually better when you order them as an Unwich. That means you opt for lettuce to hold your sub together, instead of bread. It’s great for keto! 

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Turkey Tom

As Jimmy John’s has proven time and time again, simplicity is often the best way to go. Speaking to that philosophy, I want to talk about the Turkey Tom sub. 

The Turkey Tom is a basic turkey sandwich that comes with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. If you want anything else on top, you have to ask for it specifically. 

Whenever I order the Turkey Tom, I ike to add dijon mustard and Jimmy Peppers to it off of the Freebies menu. However, if you don’t mind the extra charge, adding bacon is definitely another fantastic choice. 


This next sandwich is called the Vito. This one is like an Italian Night Club and the Spicy East Coast Italian, except it’s a bit more simplistic. 

Like the Spicy East Coast Italian, you only get alami and capicola when it comes to the meat, but they are single portions instead of double. There are no hot peppers or sauce on the Vito, but you do get the onion, lettuce, and tomato, as well as the oil and vinegar, oregano-basil.

The Vito also does not come with mayo, unlike the other two Italian sandwiches I’ve covered thus far. 

Big John

The Big John is up next and this one never fails to satisfy me when I order it. It’s another one of the more plain sandwiches that JJ’s offers, but it’s a great one to build exactly to your liking. 

The Big John consists of roast beef, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on your choice of bread. This is one of those sandwiches that really embodies the whole “less is more” mantra. 

While the Big John may be perfect the way it is for some, I usually choose to add dijon mustard and onions for a little extra kick. 

Billy Club

Finally, I want to wrap things up with the Billy Club sub from Jimmy John’s. The Billy Club is an all-around great sandwich that I usually don’t even add anything to because it’s perfect the way it is. 

With the Billy Club, you get roast beef and ham as your meats and provolone as your cheese. On top of that, it comes with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and dijon mustard. 

The roast beef and ham work together beautifully, and the dijon offsets is all with a wonderful zing. Definitely give this one a try if you can’t decide between ham and rost beef for your sub. 

Jimmy John’s has pretty much perfected their sandwich menu, if you ask me. You can get all sorts of amazing combinations that you won’t find at any other fast-food sub shops. Out of all those phenomenal options, though, these are the best of the best. Go ahead and get started trying them all if you haven’t already!

Which Jimmy John’s menu item is your favorite? Let us know down below in the comments and we’ll check it out!

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