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As far as chain restaurants go, Hooters has always been one of my favorites. The atmosphere is fun, and it has the perfect combination of bar food and old standards for meals. I never have a problem finding something on the Hooters menu I could enjoy each time I go, and the experience is always a fun one.

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Hooters is best known for their wings, which is a well-deserved reputation. They have a ton of sauce and rub options to choose from, so it’s easy to find something you’ll like.

However, the wings aren’t the only thing that made me a repeat customer.

Hooters also has a massive selection of other menu items that go great with their classic wings or work perfectly on their own.

In this article, I’ve rounded up 11 of my favorite Hooters menu items. I’ve tried out a lot of Hooters’ offerings over the years, so narrowing down my favorites was pretty tough. 

Hooters Original Style Wings

Hooters’ Original Style Wings are my go-to whenever I go to Hooters. They’ve been using the same recipe for their breading and sauce for more than 30 years, so the recipe is always consistent.

The classic buffalo sauce is so good that you can even buy it in some grocery stores. 

The classic sauce is delightful, but it’s not the only option. In fact, you can choose from 20 different sauce or dry rub options.

My favorite for these is the parmesan garlic sauce, but I like to change it up on occasion and go for the chipotle honey sauce.

It tastes great with a nice dip of bleu cheese dressing. Sometimes I like to add a side salad to make my ten-piece a full meal.

Boneless Wings

The Boneless Wings are my favorite option when I want something easy that’s a bit less messy than the Originals.

You can eat them with your fingers or a knife and fork, and you have the same choice of sauce as the Original Wings. Plus, you can get them grilled or fried. 

The traditional buffalo sauce is my favorite for these wings. I’m not usually a huge fan of ranch on my wings, but when I get this sauce, they go together really well.

The thing that I love most about the boneless wings is that they’re easy to heat up at home. Sometimes I’ll order a double portion, just so I have more to snack on later.


Hooters’ Build-Your-Own-Burger is one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.

You get your choice of bread, cheese, and sauce, and there are a ton of extra toppings you can add, in addition to four side choices. Plus, you can add an extra patty (or two) if you’re feeling extra peckish.

My go-to combo is a classic BBQ bacon cheeseburger with the Texas BBQ rub, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on Texas toast. It comes with a heaping side of seasoned curly fries, which are a delicious addition.

Now and then, I’ll substitute a salad or onion rings in place of the fries.

Daytona Beach Style Wings

When I’m in the mood for wings but want something slightly different, I usually go right for the Daytona Beach Style Wings.

These wings are cooked in the signature Daytona Beach sauce. Then, they’re fried up on the grill, so you get crispy skin and seared-in flavor.

The grill adds a great smokiness to the sweet spiciness of the sauce that I absolutely love.

You can dip these wings in a side of bleu cheese or ranch, but personally, I’d recommend just eating them as they come.

The Daytona Beach sauce is so good that it really doesn’t need the extra flavoring. If you want to dip, though, definitely go for the ranch.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Whenever I want something a bit more meal-sized than wings, I go for Hooters’ Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.

The chicken breast is fried up just like the Classic Wings and is topped with lettuce and tomato. Grilled chicken is an option, too, if you want something lighter, and you get your choice of sauce. 

The whole sandwich is served on a brioche bun, which brings it all together really well.

It also comes with a side of seasoned curly fries, but you can substitute for something lighter, like a Caesar salad, if you filled up on wings before your meal or want to save room for dessert. 

Smoked Wings

If you’re a hickory fan, the Smoked Wings at Hooters are absolutely to die for.

The wings are marinated overnight, then smoked over hickory chips, which gives them a smoky flavor that’s unlike anything I’ve ever had on wings before.

When you order the Smoked Wings, you can choose a dry rub or sauce, but I’ve always thought they tasted best with the Garlic Habanero dry rub.

However, if you like your wings sweeter, give the Texas BBQ a try. The skin is nice and crispy, and they taste great with bleu cheese dressing.

Buffalo Chicken Tacos

You really can’t go wrong with tacos, which is why I was so excited to see Buffalo Chicken Tacos on Hooters’ menu.

The chicken is doused in sauce and wrapped in soft flour tortillas, then topped with crunchy cabbage, pico de gallo, and your choice of ranch or bleu cheese dressing. 

The ranch dressing really pulls these tacos together well. It mixes perfectly with the pico de gallo and brings out just the right amount of flavor and spice in the sauce.

I also like that they add cabbage because it gives the tacos just the right amount of crunch.

Cheese Sticks

Cheese sticks are my #1 appetizer choice no matter where I go. I love pretty much anything with cheese, and Hooters’ Cheese Sticks don’t disappoint.

They’re breaded with seasoned bread crumbs and served with a side of yummy marinara sauce for dipping. You can also opt for bleu cheese or ranch on the side if you’re not a fan of marinara.

I usually order cheese sticks if I’m doing an all-appetizer meal.

I’ll grab an order of these, some wings, and a small salad to round it out. It gives me enough for a full meal, and sometimes I have a bit left over to bring home.


If you’re stopping into Hooters for a drink at the bar, I can’t recommend their Hooterade enough. It’s sweet, flavorful, and perfect for Happy Hour.

Hooterade combines UV Blue vodka, Blue Curacao, lemonade, Mountain Dew, and agave syrup to make this colorful beverage.

Personally, I was a little wary about Mountain Dew in my mixed drink at first, but, boy, was I pleasantly surprised. It added just the right amount of citrus that complemented the lemonade perfectly.

This one definitely falls under the “fun and refreshing” category in my book.

Naked Wings

If deep-fried isn’t your thing, you can order Hooters’ Naked Wings, which are the Originals without the crunchy breading.

I like these when I’m looking for something on the lighter side. They make a great appetizer because they’re not as filling. 

You have the same sauce and rub options as with the Original recipe, and you can add something on the side to make it a meal.

Or, you can just share an order with friends, so you have room for something sweet at the end of your meal.

Bacon Wrapped Wings

Bacon is, hands down, one of my favorite foods. So I was super excited when I saw that Hooters had Bacon Wrapped Wings on their menu.

Hooters took the Naked Wings and wrapped them in crispy bacon, and for added flavor, they coat them in the signature Daytona sauce. 

The combo of sweet, spicy, and smoky bacon is to die for. If you’re looking for an excellent meal-sized appetizer, this one will be precisely what you need.

They’re surprisingly filling on their own. 

Hooters is a restaurant where I know I’ll be able to find something to satisfy whatever food cravings I’m having.

I usually like to grab a burger and an order of wings, but now and then, the Buffalo Chicken Tacos are what call my name. Sometimes it’s tough to choose, but everything I’ve ever eaten there has tasted great.

Whether you want hot wings, appetizers, or a juicy burger, the menu has something for everyone. So if you want a great place to hang with some friends while you enjoy a drink and some great food, Hooters is a perfect choice.

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