The 10 Best Fruity Candies For Your Sweet Tooth

There are dozens of varieties and types of candy available. While having a wide selection is nice, it also makes it hard for many people to decide. Luckily, I’ve tried them all. 

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If you want a well-stocked, well-rounded fruity candy pantry, then all you need are the ten selections below. These include only classic fruity candy, not sour or other adulterations.

Some of them are classics, like Skittles and jelly beans, while others are lesser-known or newer.

I’ve also included a healthy selection for those trying to improve their overall health.

Try all of these delicious fruit candies and decide which is your choice for the best fruit candy.

Skittles Original Fruity Candy

“Taste the rainbow” with Skittles Original fruity candy in the recognizable red bag.

They’re smaller than bite-size, and their diameter is only about 1.5 centimeters, so you can eat a handful at a time.

The flavors are cherry, grape, lemon, lime, and orange. Skittles makes other flavor combinations, so if you like these, try tropical, wild berry, and more.

Skittles are one of the most popular candies, and some of my fruity favorites.

Airheads Fruity Candy Bars

Airheads are a type of taffy candy that’s stretched almost flat.

They come in 16 flavors, such as grape, blue raspberry, watermelon, and strawberry.

Kids love the white mystery flavor, which they must guess while eating. A Dutch company makes Airheads and sells them in the Netherlands, US, and Canada.

Efrutti Planet Gummi Gummy Candy

Parents might be most familiar with Efrutti’s mini candy pizzas and hamburgers, but their Planet Gummi candies are even better.

Made famous on TikTok, these delicious round treats look like the planet Earth on the outside and have a delightful liquid center. 

Check out other popular gummy candy!

Jelly Belly Beans Fruity Candy

Other than chocolate bars, there’s no more classic candy than jelly beans.

In my opinion, Jelly Belly perfected them. They have a range of traditional flavors but also originals like buttered popcorn, champagne, and cotton candy.

Check out their flavor guides to browse and read about mixing and matching.

Push Pop Gummy Roll Fruity Candy

If you’re having trouble visualizing what these are, imagine a Fruit by the Foot combined with Hubba Bubba bubble gum tape.

The Push Pop company flattened and rolled their delicious candies, sprinkled them with a light dusting of sour sugar, and put them in this fun packaging.

It’s easy to take a bite and save the rest for later.

“KOOL-AID” Gummies Fruity Flavored Gummy Candy/Candies

I grew up drinking sugary, sweet Kool-Aid on hot summer days, and these candies make me nostalgic for the good old days.

The original package has three flavors, tropical punch, cherry, and grape.

Best of all, they’re shaped like the Kool-Aid Man himself.

Tootsie Roll Frooties Fruity Chewy Candy

Many of us are more familiar with Tootsie Roll chocolate chews and Tootsie Roll Pop lollipops, but they also make fruit chews.

They’re similar to the chocolates, but they come in cherry, lemon, lime, orange, and vanilla.

These bite-sized rolls unwrap quickly for a hit of sugar. I love the cherry flavor!

Welch’s Fruit Snacks Mixed Fruit Candy

Were you looking for something a little bit healthier for you? Start here with Welch’s Fruit Snacks.

The mixed fruit candy variety has classic flavors, including blueberry, grape, orange, raspberry, and strawberry.

These snacks are made with real fruit juice, have essential vitamins like A, C, and E, and have no artificial colors.

Check out other healthier candy choices to satiate your sweet tooth.

Dindon Fruity Snack Ju-C Jelly Fruit Candy

Sometimes, crowds are right. They were with this one, another candy popularized on TikTok.

These snacks are soft and chewy and come in five flavors: grape, orange, pineapple, sour apple, and strawberry.

Play the song “Hit or Miss” and take the TikTok challenge. They look cool, and they taste pretty awesome, too.


Starbursts are a classic fruity candy.

Everyone has a favorite flavor or color – I prefer the red and pink from the original pack.

Starburst candy has it’s original flavor pack as well as sour gummies, Starburst minis, Starburst Airs, and even jelly beans! In the past, they’ve had some tropical flavor packs as well.

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