7 Tasty Store Bought Frozen Wings

Imagine the situation: it’s a Saturday night, you are suddenly struck by the urge to wolf down some wonderful wings–and you don’t have time to go to a restaurant. What is a wing lover to do?

Some pieces of frozen fried chicken wings

Modern technology has, as with so many other things, provided the answer to this conundrum: frozen wings.

With the power of contemporary food innovations, frozen wings can be reheated to taste just as good as fresh wings, so you can enjoy this classic American dish anytime.

But still, an urgent question remains: what are the best frozen wings for a chicken-lover to enjoy?

Best Frozen Chicken Wings

In this article, we’ll outline the seven best frozen chicken wings to reach for when you have a hankering that only wings can solve.

Tyson Any’tizers Hot Wings

Tyson Ant’tizers Hot Wings are the premiere frozen chicken wings from the biggest name in mass-market chicken.

Tyson touts that the Any’tizers Hot Wings help wing lovers get “back to basics.” That was my experience in sampling these delectable delicacies.

In addition to the tender chicken you expect from any Tyson’s chicken, these wings are topped with a divine Buffalo sauce.

Tyson also makes great frozen chicken nuggets!

Field Roast Buffalo Wings

The love of chicken wings is universal, transcending all boundaries known to man–including that of plant-based diets.

The chicken wing experts at Field Roast know this fact intimately well, and they’ve crafted a chicken wing that is, in my honest, on-and-off-flexitarian opinion, an excellent meatless substitute for chicken wings.

Field Roast’s Buffalo wings pair the tenderness of Yukon Gold Potatoes with the essential Buffalo wing spices, making a plant-based wing that’s delicious regardless of your dietary preferences.

TGI Fridays Buffalo Style Chicken Wings

T.G.I. Fridays is one of the undisputed experts of the chicken wing game, serving up tender morsels of flavorful goodness at any of their hundreds of locations.

And thankfully, their flavor specialists figured out a way to bring their chicken wings home.

Available at major retailers, the TGI Fridays Buffalo Style chicken wings might be frozen, but as soon as you heat them, you won’t be able to distinguish them from wings fresh out of the fryer.

Good & Gather Buffalo-Style Wings

For those on a budget, Target’s in-store brand, Good & Gather, offers frozen wings that rival the biggest names on the market.

The main selling point of the Good & Gather wings is their price-per-volume–you get 28 ounces of wings for just over $13, which breaks down to just 50 cents per wing.

That price beats not just the name-brand wings but also the wings at any restaurant.

Foster Farms Take Out Crispy Wings

If you are searching for restaurant-quality chicken at home, then Foster Farms Take Out Crispy Wings are the best frozen wings for you. 

Commonly sold at big-box retailers like Costco, Foster Farms’ wings boast take-out level quality for a cost-effective price.

Additionally, these wings distinguish themselves from the others on this list by including a sauce packet, which allows you to decide the heat on your wings.

Perdue Buffalo Style Glazed Jumbo Wings

Alongside Tyson’s, Perdue is a titan of the chicken industry.

This prestige shines through in Perdue’s Buffalo Style Glazed Jumbo Wings, which pack a flavorful punch that is mild enough for anyone to enjoy.

Besides flavor, one of the benefits of Perdue’s wings is that they post an excellent price point: you can buy the wings in sizes of up to 5 pounds.

This means that these wings are great for entertaining large crowds.

MorningStar Farms Veggie Buffalo Wings

For vegetarians and plant-based dieters among us, MorningStar Farms’ Veggie Buffalo Wings are a great way to enjoy tender, scrumptious snacks without any guilt.

Unlike Field Roast’s potato-based wings, these wings are a composite of wheat and soy proteins, along with a walloping punch of flavors.

In addition, these wings are versatile: while they are delicious straight out of the microwave, they can also be prepared according to the on-package air fryer or oven instructions.

Best Frozen Chicken Wings

  1. Tyson Any’tizers Hot Wings
  2. Field Roast Buffalo Wings
  3. TGI Fridays Buffalo Style Chicken Wings
  4. Good & Gather Buffalo-Style Wings
  5. Foster Farms Take Out Crispy Wings
  6. Perdue Buffalo Style Glazed Jumbo Wings
  7. MorningStar Farms Veggie Buffalo Wings

Final Thoughts

All in all, this is a great time to be a wing lover. Besides the numerous delectable wing options at restaurants and bars nationwide, the seven items on our list provide the opportunity to enjoy restaurant-quality wings in the comfort of your home whenever you need them.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some wings and get eating!

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