13 Best US Cities for Food Trucks 

When it comes to food trucks, more and more famous American cities are jumping on the bandwagon.

People at a street food market festival on a sunny day

Food trucks provide an innovative way to offer distinct foods inspired by their respective food truck owners. Some of the most authentic and unique cuisines can be experienced through the window of a chugging vehicle.

In addition, if you follow a specific diet, many food trucks can now accommodate this too! Consider checking if your city maintains a comprehensive food truck guide.

Many times cities will list if food trucks offer halal, kosher, gluten-free, and other increasingly popular food needs.

Moreover, some food trucks will publish their schedule and other info online.

I’ve visited iconic cities across the country to discover their various food trucks. So without further ado, here’s my list of the best food truck cities.

Austin, Texas

Trendy Austin, Texas, doesn’t just have food trucks. Austin supports entire food truck parks.

Like a food court within a traditional shopping mall, Austin’s food truck parks provide a centralized, outdoor place to enjoy your favorite foods passed over a set of tires.

I recommend trying dishes from the local cuisines, such as Texas barbecue and tacos. However, you can also enjoy a broad range of other items on offer, including freshly-made pasta, sushi, and vegan corn dogs at these innovative Austin food trucks.

In addition, don’t expect the food truck parks in Austin to be simple gravel parking lots. You’ll find frequent entertainment and other amenities at more than a dozen parks throughout the city.

Notably, I would advise finding in advance when the nearest food truck park is open. Some are open for strictly late-night hours, while others are readily available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is not new to the food truck scene, with the year-round fun and sun providing a welcoming environment for these mobile restaurants.

Some of the most famous food trucks here have served customers for decades.

I was also stunned by the vast array of cuisines featured in Los Angeles food trucks. While the most popular fare is undeniably tacos, there are many more tasty dishes.

For example, I’ve noticed big lines for comfort foods like grilled cheese and fried chicken. Moreover, plant-based bowls and other trendy foods are also emerging into the food truck environment.

So if you’re looking for a city with diverse food trucks catering to just about every taste imaginable, consider visiting the City of Angels. Even celebrity chefs have gotten into the creative game of the food truck scene in LA.

Portland, Oregon

If there is a new foodie trend, you can almost guarantee there will be a presence in Portland, Oregon.

This city’s vibrant food scene stems from its environmentally-conscious reputation. These practices result in sustainable, fresh foods, from vegetables and fruits to local seafood.

In Portland, food trucks are called “food carts.” This city’s vibrant food cart scene earned it the title of World’s Best Street Food from the CNN network.

Nearly every cuisine is represented here, from the Mediterranean to Thai and Latin foods. True to this city’s reputation, it is easy to find vegan, gluten-free, and halal foods within its food truck ecosystem.

Washington, D.C.

The hustle and bustle of Washington D.C. wait for no one, including a food truck entrepreneur.

The capital city remains one of the hardest cities to support a food truck, based on its notorious permits and other governmental red tape.

Many of the most successful food trucks in Washington D.C. offer Asian foods, from Hawaiian poke to Vietnamese pho and Korean bibimbap.

On the other hand, classic American comfort foods also rank highly with Beltway food truck customers.

I would also recommend looking for trucks offering macaroni and cheese, homemade ice cream, and fried chicken.

New York City, New York

When you’re in a city that never sleeps, you need versatile food options to feed the masses.

In New York City, food trucks are simply a way of life. As you may expect, the food trucks within the Big Apple cover a huge variety of available foods and drinks.

Some of the treats you can find here include craft cocktails, wood-fired pizzas, fresh lobsters, and more. I’m also a big fan of the cheesesteaks and all manner of snacks you can find in these food trucks.

The huge variety of food trucks available can appeal to every appetite and dietary need. Many trucks feature kosher, halal, vegan, and gluten-free options.

In addition, a helpful network of food truck advocates makes it easy to locate the best and safest food trucks anywhere in New York City.

Atlanta, GA

The extremely diverse population of Atlanta promotes a thrilling food truck scene within this northeast Georgia city.

Favorite flavors from the Black community combine with Latin American and Cajun influences across the various Atlanta food trucks.

I recommend trying collard green quesadillas or slow-roasted barbecue. I’ve also particularly enjoyed the different Nigerian foods here, like fufu and okra stew.

Of course, you can find even more delicious foods in Atlanta, including tacos, meatballs, lobster rolls, and elaborate pretzels. 

It’s also amazing how the food truck ecosystem is spread throughout Atlanta and its various suburbs, like Buckhead, Alpharetta, and Duluth. All of these unique food establishments are worth the drive.

Nashville, Tennessee

The country music capital welcomes aspiring singers and guitar-pickers as well as innovative food truck options.

A huge variety of cuisines offer food-on-wheels in Nashville, showing how much this city has grown and changed over the last few years. 

Try classic Southern foods like barbecue and pimento cheese-stuffed cheeseburgers from a local food truck.

Or explore Korean, Vietnamese, and even Egyptian cuisines from a Nashville mobile restaurant. 

Nashville is known for its Tex-Mex food culture, so don’t miss the tacos and queso-drenched foods from these trucks.

Don’t forget to cool off from those muggy nights with the beloved shaved ice trucks.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle wholly embraces food truck culture, with a coordinated local initiative to support all legitimate mobile restaurants.

This coalition improves trust and safety between customers and food truck owners.

An enormous variety of food trucks set up shops within the various neighborhoods of Seattle. Try a unique Spanish tapas food truck, Guatemalan cuisine, and even Caribbean food trucks.

There is truly every type of delicacy to fit any food restriction within the Seattle food scene.

Certain food trucks stay within a specified neighborhood, like the University of Washington, Central District, or Bellevue areas. If you visit a Seattle brewery, keep an eye out for an associated food truck.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago stood as a city slower to adopt food trucks than many similar American cities.

However, Windy City has now embraced food truck culture with open arms.

Most notably, a new food truck plaza opened in Chicago to host dozens of food trucks for adventurous and loyal foodies throughout Chicago.

In addition, many already established local restaurants also operate food trucks. So if you like a particular restaurant, make sure to check out their food truck location as well. 

There are plenty of food truck options for anyone’s palate in Chicago, though I’d have to say Mexican foods and all the different barbecues left the biggest impression on me.

I also loved the roasted nuts and similar treats that made exploring the city that much more enjoyable.

Miami, Florida

Like other cities on this list, Miami established a dedicated food truck zone to welcome loyal and new fans to these mobile restaurants.

The Wharf Miami location in downtown Miami hosts many of the most famous Miami food trucks within its massive 30,000-square-foot location. 

Food trucks have now become the center of a community gathering place, with festivals, concerts, family events, and more occasions bringing people together downtown. 

Some of these Miami trucks are so famous their wares have appeared on Food Network. Enjoy Middle Eastern favorites, churros, and Southern favorites from these food trucks.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

While Minneapolis is located in a city that is very cold through much of the year, food trucks still garner a healthy following.

This city holds several dynamic ethnic neighborhoods and a flourishing arts scene, both of which contribute to its fun and thrilling food truck environment.

Some food trucks contain several world cuisines at once, offering curry, burritos, and more within the same truck. Grab smoked meats, chicken wings, egg rolls, and pizzas. 

While many exotic cuisines are represented in these food trucks, traditional Minnesotan customs also appear. Watch for poutine, spaetzle, and other local comfort foods.

Orlando, Florida

If you emerge from Disney World and are looking for exciting cuisines, seek out the vibrant food truck scene in Orlando, Florida.

The proximity of Cuba influences Orlando’s food truck culture, with several trucks offering Cuban and Caribbean specialties.

Along with Latin American favorites, Orlando’s food trucks offer a lot of classic Southern comfort foods too. Enjoy fried chicken and waffles, barbecue, and juicy burgers. 

More than many of the best cities for food trucks, Orlando offers a tremendous variety of options for a sweet tooth.

Cool off with ice cream, shaved ice, frappe, and Italian ice trucks. Or grab donuts, crepes, and smoothies.

Detroit, MI

Considered one of the Unexpected Cities for Food Lovers, Detroit also hosts a wide array of food trucks.

While food trucks appear at food trucks and nightlife hot spots, Detroit trucks generally stick to the Eastern Market and Campus Martius & Cadillac Square Park neighborhoods.

Or visit the Ferndale neighborhood to enjoy Detroit Fleat, the city’s special food truck park.

Detroit food truck favorites include a beignet truck or New Orleans-style powder sugar donut. I loved macaroni and cheese here as well as a mouthwatering selection of West African dishes. 

Besides all the great dishes, you can also get a fulfilling cup of coffee delivered in a quaint setting here.

So whether you’re looking to grab something on the go or sit down and enjoy a tasty meal, Detroit’s food trucks will not disappoint you.

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