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The Best Food At Sheetz, Ranked

Sheetz is an iconic 24/7 convenience store in the United States. So whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast before work, family lunch on a long road trip, or a midnight snack, Sheetz has you covered! 

Sheetz gas station.

They offer everything on their menu at all hours of the day, and their food is always made to order!

Regardless if you’re a Sheetz connoisseur or new to the convenience store food game, this article may very well point you toward your next favorite food! 

I tried all manner of Sheetz made-to-order menu items so that I can share with you my take on what’s the best food at Sheetz.

Fried Pickle Chips

I love pickles. I know some people hate the briny flavor, but to me, they’re delicious!

And I’m not alone. One day, some genius pickle lover came up with the idea to deep fry the delicious snack in the batter.

Because what doesn’t taste better deep-fried? Later, Sheetz picked up the slack and perfected the savory appetizer.

Sheetz’s fried pickle chips are a game-changer. Fried pickles are a popular appetizer in American restaurants, but Sheetz has perfected the dish.

The crispy fried coating pairs excellently with the soft crunch of the pickle inside, and the salty, sour vegetable’s flavor seeps into the tasty battered exterior.


Everybody loves tater tots! Actually, I tend to opt for French fries with most of my fast food ventures, but there’s something so delightfully appealing about their shorter, squatter cousin.

If these little round, fried potato bites are your go-to side, you’re in luck! Sheetz’s signature Totz are some of the best tater tots I’ve ever had. 

The Totz come hot and fresh out of the fryer and into your mouth.

I dipped mine in a little ketchup for a sweet, tangy complement to the savory tots. The fried coating is crispy, and the potato insides are evenly cooked and have the perfect texture.

Tater tots are tough to pass up, and at Sheetz, you should definitely give in to that craving and treat yourself to a tasty bag of Totz.

Mac N’ Cheese Bites

Macaroni and cheese has been one of my favorite foods for as long as I can remember.

I’ve heard about the restaurants that deep fry spoonfuls of homemade, oven-baked mac, but I never got the chance to try mac and cheese bites until I tried them at Sheetz.

Sheetz’s Mac N’ Cheese Bites are simply delectable.

Hot and fresh, their crispy fried coating melts in your mouth, giving way to cheesy goodness.

I will say that their name is a bit misleading: the fried macaroni triangles actually took two bites apiece for me to finish them! However, bigger is better when it comes to Sheetz’s Mac N’ Cheese Bites.

Jalapeño Popperz

The proper way to make the perfect jalapeño popper is a topic that’s been debated for ages.

Some people don’t even fry them! Preposterous. In the past, I’ve only ever had jalapeño poppers comprising a slice of the spicy pepper slathered in cream cheese and wrapped in a slice of bacon.

Pretty amazing, right? But unsurprisingly, Sheetz makes them even better.

At Sheetz, jalapeño poppers come deep-fried in crispy batter and filled with melty cheddar cheese. Their signature Popperz stand out from the rest.

The pepper’s heat is matched nicely by the freshness of the Popperz: like Sheetz’s other appetizers, these came nice and warm, straight out of the deep fryer. 

Sheetz’s Jalapeño Popperz are best served warm and fresh, ensuring the perfect texture. I didn’t use any condiments and enjoyed their flavor unobstructed, but some folks may enjoy them with a dipping sauce like ketchup or ranch dressing. They don’t judge at Sheetz!

Boneless Bitez

Popcorn chicken is a childhood favorite of mine. I spent countless lunch periods dining on a tray loaded with bite-sized chicken nuggets.

As good as chicken is already, a smaller, more snackable format somehow makes it even more delicious. How does Sheetz’s take on popcorn chicken measure up against the rest? I bet you can guess!

Sheetz’s Boneless Bitez are beyond tasty. If you like chicken, you’ll absolutely love Sheetz’s! I’ve run into the occasional gross little pieces of gristle in a boneless chicken nugget or chicken patty in the past.

However, the Boneless Bitez are exactly that: truly boneless, with a perfect texture! I would recommend enjoying these with your favorite condiments.

The chicken itself was mouthwateringly juicy, and the fried coating is just the right level of crispiness. The breading to chicken ratio is impeccable, and I enjoyed every bite.

I was thrilled with my decision to dip the Bitez in Sheetz’s Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce. I would recommend getting a large order because I certainly wished I had when I finished mine. 

Mozzarella Sticks

Every fast food joint and American dining chain under the sun has mozzarella sticks on the menu.

Likewise, the frozen food aisles at grocery stores are loaded with countless brands’ various versions of the cheesy appetizer. Break through the noise and go straight for the best! I mean Sheetz’s mozzarella sticks, of course.

Sheetz sells their mozzarella sticks in sets of three, which, in my opinion, isn’t nearly enough!

They are nicely crispy, and the cheese is a great texture: not too melty to the point where they become messy and not too tough and chewy for you to enjoy the flavor. The mozzarella to breading ratio is spot-on. 

You can choose any of Sheetz’s wide array of dipping sauces to accompany the tasty cheese sticks.

Mozzarella sticks are typically served with marinara, which Sheetz offers, but their Boom Boom and garlic sauces were my personal favorites. But honestly, why not double up with nacho cheese or some blue cheese dressing? Go big or go home. 

Fryz/Totz Platter

Sheetz’s Platter appetizers are unique not only to them but to you! You’re allowed to choose what goes into your Fryz or Totz platter.

The platters comprise spreads, toppings, and extras. Some of these cost a few cents extra, but I decided to go crazy with mine!

I went with the Fryz Platter. You’re allowed as many of each ingredient as you want, but I just got the Boom Boom sauce for my spread.

I got Colby Jack cheese, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, and jalapeños for a spicy twist. None of the extras were speaking to me, although I may have to go back to have a platter with bacon on it.

The platters need to be eaten as soon as you get them, as the toppings can diminish the crispiness of the Fryz over time.

If you’re on top of it and chow down immediately, your experience will be incredible. This appetizer can be constructed to specifically satisfy your taste buds, making it an essential item on Sheetz’s menu.

Onion Rings

Onion rings. An invaluable contender in the appetizer game and one of the best deep-fried dishes out there. I love onions in all forms: raw, cooked, fried, whatever.

If you’re an onion fan like me, you’re probably also a fan of onion rings (also like me). Sheetz’s onion rings check all the right boxes!

Fresh out of the deep fryer, their onion rings are hot and crispy. My mouth’s watering just thinking about them!

The onions beneath that tasty coating are sweet with just the right amount of bite to them and an al dente texture that’s beyond satisfying in your mouth. Don’t overlook this tasty snack!

The Big Mozz

The Big Mozz is one of Sheetz’s truly unique menu items.

Atop a beef patty, they pile on melted provolone cheese, marinara sauce, and three whole mozzarella sticks: an entire order’s worth! This is all served in a warm brioche bun.

Who but Sheetz could’ve had the genius idea of putting mozzarella sticks on a burger? While this dish is definitely a mouthful, every bite is worth it.

The flavors are perfectly complementary to one another, and the crunch of the mozzarella sticks’ coating is so satisfying.

For the cheesiest burger you’ll ever have, stop by Sheetz and pick up the Big Mozz.

Those are the highlights of Sheetz’s menu! Every item they offer was a contender for this list because their food is just plain delicious, so you know what I’ve narrowed it down to is really, really good.

Visit Sheetz today with your newfound knowledge, and try some of their best food for yourself! No matter what time it is, I’m sure they’re open.

If you live in Pennsylvania, you may be a Wawa person instead of a Sheetz person. Check out the best Wawa items if you’re team Wawa!

Which menu item at Sheetz is your favorite? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know!

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