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Best Mac and Cheese from Fast Food Restaurants

Who doesn’t love a delicious bowl of mac and cheese?

Mac and cheese in white bowl with basil on top

Out of all the side dishes that exist, my eyes light up seeing mac and cheese on the menu. It doesn’t matter if it’s baked or processed, but I can’t get enough of these yellow, creamy noodles.

A side of macaroni and cheese is complimentary to almost every dish, enriching the taste of the main entree or a treat after a hefty meal. 

Anyone can make mac and cheese. Although, everyone prepares it differently with unique flavors and seasonings to bring out the best of their menu.

Today, I’m giving my two cents on a couple of restaurants that sell the best fast food mac and cheese.

If you’re a Kraft lover like myself, I encourage you to read on and check out these delicious spots if you haven’t before.

The following are restaurants that serve some of the best fast food mac and cheese.


The Mac and Cheese served at KFC is a simple delight. 

The texture is standard elbow macaroni covered with a smooth, creamy layer of cheese sauce.

KFC is known for making some of the tastiest chicken in America, and it goes well with the soft and rich taste of their mac and cheese.

Customers have expressed so much love for the mac and cheese that KCF released a new menu item called the Mac and Cheese bowl.

This item combines the Kraft noodles with crispy popcorn chicken, topped with a three-cheese blend.

The quality of this side item practically speaks for itself.

Boston Market

When it comes to Boston Market, the food carries the sense of homemade cooking and is always hot and ready.

Their version of mac and cheese replaces elbow macaroni with rotini pasta noodles that secure more cheese within its spirals.

What I really love about this brand of mac and cheese is the thick consistency of the cheese. It also tastes as if it’s from a gourmet restaurant.

Paired with the succulent taste of Boston Market’s famous rotisserie chicken, mac and cheese is the perfect choice to go with it.

Just the right amount of packed cheese leaves you wanting to bring home seconds.


There is not much talk about Popeye’s version of mac and cheese, which shouldn’t be the case.

It’s not my first or second choice, but when the restaurant announced its new Homestyle mac and cheese, I needed to try and see if there was something of value here.

It’s an oven-baked side dish with a creamy center heated on the inside. With a crunchy golden-brown crust, it’s a nice treat to break through and enjoy the cooked noodles.

There are times when the noodles can be a little watery, but it’s still a delicious creation from Popeyes menu.

Panera Bread

The mac and cheeses served at Panera Bread are unlike any other. 

I always saw this item as the fancy kind of mac and cheese due to its price and appearance. Instead of cheddar, Panera Bread coats its shell noodles with thick, creamy white sauce.

The savory flavor lingers in your mouth after swallowing and reminds you of eating cheddar soup. 

The cost is a little expensive compared to other fast food joints, but the quality justifies it.

It is so popular that many stores have released this brand, and customers can now enjoy it in their own homes.

Check out other Panera Bread favorites.

Noodles & Company

For a restaurant that prioritizes its menu around noodle-based entrees, Noodles & Company can provide the best, including their widely popular mac and cheese category.

There’s just something about the portion sizes that make the meals desirable. The ratio between noodles and cheese is balanced, and I really love the shredded cheddar sprinkled on top.

There are also variations to the mac and cheese. The Wisconsin-style bowl is coated with less cheese sauce and focuses more on the delicious noodles.

The Buffalo Mac enhances the traditional flavor with green onions and hot sauce.

This Mac and Cheese is on an artesian level.


Chick-Fli-A rarely disappoints with its menu. Almost any order brings its own level of satisfaction, and that’s no different with their take on the mac and cheese.

This cup of mac and cheese has a blend of cheddar, parmesan, and romano mixed with soft macaroni sitting on a thick layer of cheese sauce. 

Out of all the options on the list, I feel like Chick-Fil-A’s version stands above all else.

The cheese melts the macaroni right into your mouth and allows you to taste the blend perfectly.

You are seriously missing out if you haven’t tried this mac and cheese.

It’s interesting to see how many variations of mac and cheese exist in the world and how each one can cater to a specific taste. 

I hope this list helped give you a better insight into some of the best fast food mac and cheeses. 

Are there any better mac and cheese that you think should be on the list? Drop your thoughts down below and tell me your favorite fast food places to get mac and cheese.

If you’re looking for something easy to make at home, check out the best frozen mac and cheese brands instead! Or, find the perfect cheese for making homemade mac from scratch yourself.

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