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17 Most Popular Del Taco Menu Items

Del Taco started in 1964 in Yermo, CA. David Jameson and Ed Hackbarth opened the restaurant to sell a mix of Mexican and American dishes. 

The Del Taco Combo Tacos Wrapped

They sold $169 worth of the best Del Taco menu items on its first day in business. This achievement is more impressive when you consider that they sold 19-cent tacos and 24-cent cheeseburgers at the time. 

I think it’s almost impossible to pick the best food at Del Taco because everything is so delicious. If I’d have to narrow it down to less than 20 items, the signature Del Taco and Double Del Cheeseburgers rank high, of course. 

The restaurant offers 20 items under $2 for budget-conscious eaters, with Chicken Rollers as my favorite from that menu. 

Most of my favorites are Mexican food staples, but I love that I can change my mind while I’m in the restaurant and grab a burger and fries without going anywhere else. 

Read on to learn about the top Del Taco orders.

Chicken Rollers

Chicken Rollers are the perfect-sized snack when eaten alone and make a great entree if you eat two or three at a time.

For 220 calories or less, I love the original Chicken Roller and its tangy green sauce. 

Each one is the perfect size for an afternoon pick-me-up when you’re in a hurry. Sometimes I get one to go with a burrito or taco as a side dish, too. 

The Ranch and Chipotle Chicken Rollers have 250 calories each – a good snack-sized treat. Del Taco marinates and grills the chicken to wrap it in a warm flour tortilla with spicy jack cheese. 

The Rollers are small, but they pack a delicious punch as one of the best Del Taco menu items for under two bucks.

Crinkle Cut Fries

Restaurants that primarily serve Mexican food aren’t known for their fries, but Del Taco has some of the best fast-food fries I’ve tried. 

I prefer crinkle-cut when I make French fries at home because the texture somehow makes them taste better. These crinkle-cut fries are better than anything that comes out of my oven!

I usually get the fries if I’m having a burger, but I’ve had them with tacos and burritos, too. Now and then, I’ve gone just for the fries.

Each fry is crispy on the outside and tender inside the way a fry should be. 

The fries come in small, medium, or Macho sizes and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

The Del Taco

You have to try the namesake taco!

The crunchy Del Taco serves up seasoned ground beef with all of your favorite taco toppings like freshly grated cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, and shredded lettuce in a perfectly crispy taco shell. 

When I’m in the mood for a soft taco instead, I get the soft Del Taco with the same ingredients in a warmed flour tortilla.

Sometimes, I get two. Is one taco ever really enough? 

Each Del Taco is about 300 calories, so two make a hearty meal. I like to pair one with a Chicken Roller or an order of crinkle-cut fries to round it out. 

Queso Loaded Fries

Seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, sour cream, sliced jalapeños, and Del Taco’s signature Queso Blanco cover a pile of fries in the Queso Loaded Fries. 

You won’t need ketchup to eat these fries with so many delicious toppings, but you will need a fork! The fries come to 670 calories and make a hearty meal on their own. 

This option doesn’t make very good car food, so you’ll want to take it home or eat there to enjoy it while it’s still hot.

I like all of Del Taco’s loaded fries – especially these and the Carne Asada Fries listed below. 

Caramel Cheesecake Bites

When you want a bite-sized dessert after your meal, these Caramel Cheesecake Bites hit the spot.

They’re so delicious that I always want to order the 4-piece bites and have to fight with myself to order two instead. 

If I’ve decided to worry about calories and fat another day, sometimes I’ll get the 4-piece and cut back on other meals. Each bite has 205 calories, but eating the best dessert food at Del Taco is worth it. 

These dessert bites are best fresh. They come hot in a crisp shell that’s best eaten right away and filled with caramel and rich cheesecake.

Epic Fresh Guacamole Burrito

If you love guacamole as much as I do, you’ll love the Epic Fresh Guacamole Burrito.

An oversized flour tortilla holds beans they slow cook from scratch, pico de gallo, cilantro-lime seasoned rice, your choice of meats, and Del Taco’s terrific homemade guacamole. 

You can choose from fresh grilled marinated chicken or carne asada – or enjoy a meatless burrito experience with Beyond Meat instead.

The Beyond Meat option makes it suitable for vegans, vegetarians, or a meatless Monday meal. 

The Epic Fresh Guacamole Burrito contains between 750-800 calories, and it’s big enough to be a meal on its own. 

Epic Scramblers

I don’t know who invented breakfast burritos, but I’m grateful for them.

Burritos are delicious for breakfast, and you won’t find a better one than the Epic Scrambler. 

Choose a bacon Scrambler or opt for carne asada if you want to eat like a king (or queen) and have seasoned and grilled steak for breakfast.

It’s easy to make breakfast your best meal of the day with these 900+ calorie burritos to keep you full for hours. 

Each scrambler has your choice of meat with freshly grated cheddar, hashbrown sticks, pico de gallo, and fluffy scrambled eggs. Del Taco’s zippy red sauce pulls it all together, and they wrap it in an oversized flour tortilla.

Who knew some of the best food at Del Taco would be for breakfast?

Grilled Chicken Taco

Del Taco has so many indulgent choices I love, but sometimes I want to eat on the lighter side.

The Grilled Chicken Taco contains their signature marinated and grilled chicken with lettuce and freshly grated cheese in a small flour tortilla. 

The secret sauce gives this taco a unique flavor and makes it more interesting than grilled chicken, cheese, and lettuce in a tortilla.

For only 210 calories, I feel good about having one or two of these tacos as a light lunch or a hearty snack. 

I like to add tomatoes, guacamole, and a little zesty red sauce to make it even better.

Stuffed Quesadilla Taco

Del Taco’s Stuffed Quesadilla Taco offers so much taste and texture I might never go back to eating regular tacos again.

These tacos are a cheese lover’s dream. 

They grill their famous Queso Blanco and cheddar cheese between two flour tortillas to make the shell. Then, they stuff the tortilla shell with diced tomatoes, more cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, and offer a choice of meat fillings. 

You can choose crispy chicken, grilled chicken, or carne asada with or without guacamole for six different versions of this delicious taco that range between 320 and 480 calories. 

Bacon Double Del Cheeseburger

Get the same burger experience as ordering the Double Del Cheeseburger but with the delicious addition of bacon.

Bacon makes everything taste better, and it only adds 70 calories to bring this burger to a total of 760 calories. 

Del Taco’s burger sauce is like a better-tasting, richer version of mayonnaise. The sauce coats shredded lettuce, diced onions, sliced tomatoes, two pure beef patties grilled fresh, and two slices of melting American cheese. 

The sesame-seed bun is toasted, adding a nice touch to an already delicious burger and one of the best Del Taco menu items. They also add enough bacon that you get plenty in every bite. 

Breakfast Burrito

The regular Breakfast Burrito at Del Taco is smaller and with a lot fewer calories than the Epic Scramblers they sell, but it’s far from ordinary. 

For 390 calories, you can enjoy an egg and cheese burrito, choose the bacon burrito for 520 calories, or enjoy the carne asada version for 460 calories. 

All of them are delicious and filling enough to make a good breakfast if you’re out of the house or on the way to work.

Each burrito has zesty red sauce, fluffy scrambled eggs, and cheddar cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla. 

Crunchtada Tostada

The Crunchtada Tostada is different from most Mexican chain restaurants because of the wavy tostada on the bottom.

The crunchy shell is thick enough to hold the pile of slow-cooked beans on top. 

This tostada also comes with shredded lettuce, grated cheese, and a generous helping of Del Taco’s signature Salsa Casera to add some tang and tomato flavor. 

The Crunchtada Tostada is one of the best Del Taco menu items suitable for vegetarians. I love this 330-calorie tostada as a satisfying entree or hearty snack. 

Carne Asada Fries

I love Del Taco’s crinkle-cut fries plain or with ketchup, but the Carne Asada Fries turn this side dish into a satisfying and meaty meal. 

The fries sit in a cardboard boat and get loaded down with diced tomatoes, their house-made guacamole, shredded cheddar cheese, a secret sauce, and juicy carne asada fresh off the grill. 

If you like horseshoes, pony shoes, poutine, or any dish where potato wedges get smothered in gravy or toppings, you’ll love these fries.

You’ll probably also agree with me that these loaded fries are one of the best Del Taco menu items, too. 

Cinnamon Churro

This well-loved Mexican dessert or snack known as the Mexican doughnut is a sweet way to top off a Del Taco meal. 

You get two mini churros for 200 calories. I love these as a dessert or to order on their own as a treat. Churros are delicious with coffee or tea, too. 

They sprinkle a mixture of cinnamon and sugar over two churro-shaped sticks of dough fried crispy.

Cinnamon Churros are vegetarian and feel lighter on your stomach than most traditional desserts

Don’t skip the napkins when you eat these churros – and don’t forget to lick your fingers to get every bit of flavor!

Double Del Cheeseburger

Del Taco grills their burger patties fresh instead of making them up in batches to sit under heat lamps until someone orders them.

I think that’s one of the reasons the Double Del Cheeseburger always tastes so good. 

The patties are 100% beef. They don’t let any fillers dilute the hearty taste.

You get two beef patties and two slices of American cheese, tomato slices, diced onions, and shredded lettuce on a soft sesame seed bun. 

They add a rich, mayo-based burger sauce and grill the bun for added flavor and texture. This burger is the best food at Del Taco if you’re not in the mood for Mexican cuisine. Get it with fries for a satisfying fast-food meal. 

Beer-Battered Fish Taco

Fish sandwiches are delicious, but I think my favorite way to eat a crispy fish filet is in a taco.

Del Taco uses Samuel Adams Boston Lager – one of my favorite beers, to prepare their fish. 

They put beer-battered wild Alaskan pollock in corn tortillas with pico de gallo and their secret sauce. Shredded cabbage adds extra crunch, and the lime wedge gives the taco a distinctly  Mexican flair. 

This fish taco is only 200 calories, but it tastes indulgent thanks to the rich fried coating and the juicy fish. If you get it to go and happen to have some Sam Adams at home, they go together perfectly. 

Large Queso Loaded Nachos

In the mood for a Mexican meal but don’t want tacos or burritos? Nachos are the answer.

You’ll get the same great flavors found in some tacos and burritos with more toppings and textures. 

Sometimes I want a big plate of food in front of me, so I get the Queso Loaded Nachos. These nachos are one of the best Del Taco menu items that you can’t hold in your hand. At about 1,000 calories, the nachos are a meal in themselves. 

House-made tortilla chips fresh from the fryer, slow-cooked beans, and your choice of meat make a hearty meal or dish to share.

They top these nachos with their Queso Blanco, sliced jalapeños, sour cream, and diced tomatoes. 

Choose freshly grilled carne asada, marinated chicken, or seasoned ground beef.

As you can tell, there is no shortage of great food at Del Taco! I like a lot of their other options, too, but if I listed everything I enjoyed, I’d be copying their complete menu. 

Del Taco also makes it easy to order combos that pair my favorite tacos, burritos, and burgers with fries and a drink for one low price. Some combos come with two different entrees for more variety. 

I also really appreciate the vegan and vegetarian section of the menu pointing out which options are suitable for those diets. I love a good meatless meal from time to time, and their menu makes it easy to choose. 

Are your favorite Del Taco menu items on this list? If not, I’ll bet some become new favorites very soon. 


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  1. All of these new “items” at the expense of the Spicy Jack Quesadilla that was recently discontinued. With that, I most likely will not return. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!

  2. You forgot the best thing on the menu!
    The classic bean and cheese burrito with green sauce.
    Their beans are made from scratch and are hands down better than most sit down restaurants.

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