7 Popular Del Taco Breakfast Items

If it’s earlier in the day and you’re looking for a pick-me-up, stop in for a Del Taco breakfast.

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It’s hard for me to pick a favorite off the menu, so let’s look at seven of the best Del Taco breakfast items. 

Del Taco offers unique breakfast items, with breakfast burritos and breakfast tacos unlike many other fast food breakfast menus.

These breakfast options are hearty and filling without being so heavy that you’ll feel sluggish afterwards. They’re the perfect way to start your day if you need to grab a quick bite!

With that, let’s check out the best breakfast options at Del Taco so that you have your order ready bright and early.

Epic Scrambler Burrito

The Epic Scrambler Burrito is an easy way to start the day with a full belly.

The rolled jumbo tortilla contains piles of creamy scrambled eggs, crispy golden hashbrown sticks, pico de gallo, signature zesty red sauce, and gobs of grated, melty cheddar cheese. 

Choose from crisp bacon or carne asada right off the grill for an extra meaty flavor in this breakfast burrito.

Portable and easy to eat one-handed, the Epic Scrambler Burrito is convenient and filling.

I don’t always drink coffee, but I usually get a Prima Java to go along with my Epic Scrambler. For eating breakfast on the move, it’s my go-to choice. 

Breakfast Rollers

Del Taco’s Breakfast Rollers are like an egg and cheese sandwich but rolled up in a warm flour tortilla instead of on a roll.

They are smaller and a little bit lighter than the Epic Scrambler, but they’re still filling.

You can also add on crispy fresh grilled bacon if you want, putting a full breakfast into this convenient breakfast burrito. 

The Breakfast Rollers feature scrambled eggs, grated melty cheddar cheese, and the signature red sauce for added zest and a bit of spice.

I keep a few packs of their signature hot sauce in my truck for meals on the go, and I don’t usually even need it when I have a couple of Rollers from Del Taco. They’re spicy enough on their own!

Hashbrown Sticks

The Hashbrown Sticks from Del Taco are perfect for a breakfast snack with no fuss and no mess.

They come in a little paper bag that’s convenient and easy to take with you in the car or to the job site, and my kids love them for a quick breakfast before school on days we’re not able to cook at home. 

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You get five golden brown sticks per order, and the potatoes are flavorful and creamy. They’re hard to resist and go well with a dab of hot sauce or ketchup.

I like a little bit of both! For me, they’re also the perfect add-on to a couple of Breakfast Rollers. 

Breakfast Toasted Wrap

The Breakfast Toasted Wrap at Del Taco is one of my favorite breakfast items. It has scrambled eggs with shredded cheddar cheese and your choice of bacon or carne asada.

Then, for a bit of crunch, there are a couple of Hashbrown Sticks in the mix too. 

I sometimes ask for both types of meat when I’m extra hungry. All of the ingredients soak up the tangy Salsa Casera making each bit a complete symphony of flavor.

The warm flour tortilla surrounding it all gets a kiss from the grill, making for a crispy package that doesn’t fall apart in your hands. 

Donut Bites

Breakfast is one of my favorite parts of the day. Sometimes, when I’m not in the mood for a big meal, I order some Donut Bites to satisfy my hunger without any fuss.

Each order comes with four crispy donut balls with a light sprinkling of cinnamon sugar. The outside is firm, and the inside is soft and flaky like a good donut should be. 

They’re even easier to eat on the move than the other breakfast items at Del Taco, and they’re less savory for days when I don’t want meat or eggs.

The only problem I ever have with them is that I get caught licking the cinnamon and sugar dusting off my fingertips. Anyone who’s ever had Donut Bites knows my pain!

Hashbrown Stuffed Quesadilla Breakfast Taco

When I have a chance to sit down at a table and eat my Del Taco breakfast, I almost always get an order of the Hashbrown Stuffed Quesadilla Breakfast Tacos.

These are new to the menu, and I am a big fan of the creamy Queso Blanco that they use between the outer two layers of flour tortillas. 

Inside, there’s a thick layer of scrambled eggs, bacon, and hashbrown sticks. There’s also extra shredded cheddar cheese for extra gooeyness. 

Breakfast Burrito

The Breakfast Burrito comes in your choice of three ways. Each starts with a warm flour tortilla.

You can choose from either an egg and cheese or an egg and cheese with either crispy bacon or carne asada, fresh off the grill. 

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There’s always plenty of zesty red sauce and a generous helping of shredded cheddar cheese, and they’re made fresh to order.

Sometimes, when I have a long day ahead of me before lunch, I get one of each and enjoy a breakfast feast from Del Taco.

The Breakfast Burrito also comes in a convenient meal with a coffee and Hashbrown Sticks. Just ask for a #15!

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