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21 Popular Crumbl Cookies You Must Try

If you are one of the few Americans yet to try a Crumbl cookie, you must drop everything and instantly run to the nearest location. 

crumbl cookies storefront

We’re not entirely kidding, either! Crumbl Cookies began in Utah in 2017 when two cousins set out on a mission to create the perfect chocolate chip cookie. The duo was determined to give the world the treat of a uniquely delicious experience with every single cookie baked. 

What started as a small mission in a small town eventually warped into a massive movement. Crumbl Cookies now operates business in almost all fifty states and has an impressive following online. 

The company has become famous for its signature pink cookie boxes and their drool-inspiring flavors of the week.

In this list, we rank the top eleven best Crumbl cookies flavors and why you need to try them as soon as they return to the weekly menu.

Birthday Cake

Remember those cupcakes with the confetti pattern to the batter? That is the memory these little joys will bring back.

Crumbl makes a cake in the form of a cookie that will make every day feel like it’s your birthday.

The cookie has the perfect flavor of white sheet cake, and the cream cheese frosting adds the perfect touch. The final touch of sprinkles on top seals the deal.

Some dessert fanatics may argue that the proper way to celebrate a birthday is with cake.

We think this cookie may be your new go-to when it comes time to plan your annual celebration.


Crumbl is a unique experience because of their willingness to turn unlikely goods into cookie masterpieces. This particular treat is proof of that.

While it probably won’t make you think of eating a bowl of chili, Crumbl’s Cornbread cookie is sure to be an instant favorite.

The restaurant serves this delectable treat as a take on sweet cornbread, and it features a drizzle of warm honey and a pat of buttercream frosting.

The Cornbread cookie is a testament to Crumbl’s unique approach to baking cookies that taste great and bring favored experiences for those who enjoy them.


It can be breakfast time whenever you want it to be with this cookie.

Crumbl’s Waffle cookie looks like someone poured cookie batter onto a waffle iron and let the cookie bake there.

This cookie is a sweet, buttery treat that makes you yearn for breakfast comfort food any time of the day.

The cookie incites the taste buds with the draw of brown sugar and vanilla. The cookie features a topping of maple syrup and a pat of buttercream frosting.

Lovers of the Waffle cookie will jump to the store whenever the option pops up in the weekly flavors.

Aggie Blue Mint

The cousins who started the company decided to give a special shoutout to their favorite ice cream flavor at Utah State University. Once again, they succeed in replicating the perfect taste.

Crumbl serves the cookie chilled due to the icy mint flavor. The flavor bursts in your mouth as you sink your teeth into the soft crust of this chilly treat.

The base is a cookies-and-cream cookie topped with minty Aggie Blue buttercream.

Anyone who is a fan of mint chocolate will have found their new favorite treat. They also may have found a new team to root for!

Buttermilk Pancake

We’re seeing a common thread with Crumbl cookies.

Many seem to replicate comfort breakfast foods to enjoy and cherish any time of the day. With the Buttermilk Pancake cookie, they win again!

This cookie will take you back to those perfect Saturday mornings with hot flapjacks fresh off the griddle.

It packs the flavor of an authentic pancake and features a topping of buttermilk syrup and a pat of buttercream frosting. The cookie is perfectly moist and sweet, but just the right amount.

This cookie is every breakfast lover’s fantasy come true. Watching the buttercream frosting begin to melt is mouth-watering.

Caramel Popcorn

Some people love sweets, while others love salty foods. The Caramel Popcorn cookie brings people together in the perfect pairing of sweet and salty.

Initially introduced to celebrate National Popcorn Day, the Caramel Popcorn cookie is just as it sounds.

A delicious cookie covered with delectable caramel frosting finished with a drizzle of caramel sauce.

Crumbl is known to be as ridiculously creative as possible. This cookie is proof of that. The famous cookie company goes the extra mile by adding a piece of caramel popcorn to the frosting.

The flavor bursts and you’ll fall in love instantly.

Chocolate Cake

Have we made the point yet? Crumbl likes to take enjoyable, already perfect foods and say, “I think I’ll make that into a cookie!”

The best part is that while they succeed, they almost make the cookie better than the original food. If chocolate is your favorite cake flavor, you’ll love this cookie.

The Chocolate Cake cookie is one of the Crumbl creations that do just that. Upon the first bite, cookie lovers may become cake lovers.

The chocolate cookie is topped with swirled chocolate icing and covered with mini peels of fresh chocolate.

Whoever said there can be too much chocolate was wrong. This cookie is pure chocolate and pure joy.

Chocolate Oreo

The Chocolate Oreo cookie from Crumbl is a trip to cookies and cream paradise.

This cookie is one of those desserts that, upon first glance, you know will be a favorite for a time to come. Even the makers of Oreo would agree that Crumbl struck gold with this one.

Lovers of the famous brand name cookie will find a best friend in Crumbl’s take. The cookie itself tastes identical to the out cookies on the original, beloved treat.

The real treat is how the flavors of the cookie and frosting merge. 

There aren’t enough words to describe how heavenly this cookie is.

Cookie Dough

While it may seem odd, the end product is incredibly delicious.

Think about it: you love cookie dough, and you love cookies. Why not put them together to make one fantastic treat? Thankfully, the cousins at Crumbl already did it for you!

The cookie has a topping of buttercream frosting. The frosting gets covered with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and mini chunks of chocolate.

Those who love chocolate, beware. This cookie may consume your life. You might find yourself waiting in agony for the next time it returns to the menu. Don’t worry, we understand.

Reese’s Cup

Another thing Crumbl Cookies tends to excel at is turning candy bars into delicious cookies.

It’s almost as if Crumbl is trying to turn everyone into a cookie person.

Candy lovers will find themselves conflicted by this tasty treat. One taste of this, and we may abandon the candy aisles forever.

The cookie base is a warm peanut butter cookie. This treat is topped with gooey peanut butter and melted chocolate.

Crumbl then goes even further by crumbling chunks of Reese’s Cup candies into the topping.

Peanut butter and chocolate always complement each other. In this cookie, they fall in love. You will too.

Rocky Road

Upon first glance at this distinctive creation, the cookie lover knows they’re in for a sticky treat.

The Rocky Road cookie is a deliciously rich, dark chocolate cookie that has been pumped full of a sticky filling of melted marshmallows.

The cookie features chocolate chips and almonds on top. This addition adds to the explosion of flavor.

Crumbl again has a way with their cookies. Even if customers aren’t marshmallow lovers, Crumbl has found a way to bring it to their fanbase in a special way that even the most reluctant will adore.

The Rocky Road cookie will be a longtime favorite of all Crumbl lovers.

Buckeye Brownie

This Crumbl flavor is like a peanut butter brownie, giving us a classic flavor combo.

This cookie combines a rich chocolate brownie-like cookie topped with fluffy peanut butter and smeared with more chocolate ganache on top. It’s like a Reese’s peanut butter cup, a brownie, and a cookie all in one.

The peanut butter even manages to taste like Reese’s peanut butter, but lighter and fluffier giving a better texture.

Milk Chocolate Chip

The milk chocolate chip cookie at Crumbl Cookies is a classic, and it’s almost always available while other flavors come and go.

crumbl cookies milk chocolate chip cookie

If you haven’t tried this classic yet, you’re missing out. You can’t go wrong with a classic chocolate chip cookie, and Crumbl does it right, with a thick, soft cookie and big milk chocolate chips scattered throughout.

Whenever I visit Crumbl, I still like to order the milk chocolate chip mixed with some of the weekly flavors featured to try something new.

Kentucky Butter Cake

Everyone raves about the Kentucky Butter Cake cookie, and for good reason.

If you’ve ever tried a sweet Southern butter cake, you know the flavor they’re going for, and Crumbl Cookies nails it once again.

This cookie is sweet and buttery, and the butter glaze on top adds the perfect last hint of flavor and moisture to make this cookie a hit.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip

The chocolate peanut butter chip cookie is an unfrosted Crumbl cookie, but it should not be overlooked.

This flavor features a dense, fudgy chocolate cookie with salty sweet peanut butter chips throughout.

Served warm, you get melty peanut butter and fudge – another favorite for Reese’s lovers.

Banana Cream Pie

It might not be the most popular pie flavor, but banana cream pie is one of my favorites, so when I saw this cookie I had to try it.

Crumbl’s take on this is a buttery soft cookie topped with creamy banana vanilla pudding, topped with a mini Nilla wafer for some extra crunch.

I think they were spot on with this cookie, from the cookie flavor to the pudding to the extra cookie topping.

Ultimate Peanut Butter

Another great choice for peanut butter lovers, the Ultimate Peanut Butter cookie is stuffed with peanut butter – literally, it’s one of Crumbl’s stuffed cookie options.

This flavor is a classic peanut butter cookie, made thick and chewy. It’s then stuffed with peanut butter, and has a peanut butter drizzle on top.

Keep a cold glass of milk close by for this cookie.

Vanilla Cupcake

You might see the Vanilla Cupcake cookie and think that it’s not exciting enough, especially next to Crumbl’s innovative flavors. But I promise, it’s worth a try.

You don’t want to miss this soft vanilla cookie topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting.

The warm vanilla sugar cookie with the sweet vanilla cream cheese is a no-brainer, and it’s perfect for anyone who loves a classic.

German Chocolate Cake

The German Chocolate Cake cookie is a delicious take on a classic German dessert.

This Crumbl flavor is a soft chocolate cookie with a cakey texture, topped with a caramel coconut pecan frosting and another chocolate drizzle. The result is chocolatey, caramel-y, and nutty.

I love the texture the pecans and coconut add to this cookie.

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is an underrated cake flavor, in my opinion, so I am all in on this carrot cake cookie.

Crumbl does a great job of making cake-based cookies, and the soft carrot cake cookie with cream cheese frosting and crunchy pecans on top is the perfect slice of cake in cookie form.

Try this flavor if you get the chance!

Key Lime Pie

Another pie-based cookie, I love the sweet and tart flavor of the key lime pie cookie at Crumbl!

This cookie has a soft graham cracker cookie flavor, topped with creamy key lime pie filling.

The extra addition of a dollop of whipped cream, graham cracker crumbles, and a fresh lime wedge complete this cookie. It’s just like a slice of key lime pie!

Crumbl Cookies has redefined what makes good cookies. The pink box company has raised the bar on what most consider to be quality baked goods. Being mass-produced daily, Crumbl has dedicated itself to making sure every cookie is social media ready.

Crumbl Cookies has noticed the following they’ve earned on social media platforms in which influencers frequently showcase the flavors of the week. The company has wisely capitalized on this and works to collaborate with those who will help market their fantastic cookies.

Regardless of its presence online, one thing is certain: Crumbl Cookies is a class of its own. Crumbl safeguards its future by providing America with the finest and most exciting cookies on the market.

Check out other popular desserts on our blog!

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