The Most Engaging Cooking Competition Shows To Watch

Cooking competition shows have been around for years, but today, they’re more popular than ever!

World's most famous international cooking show

Each brings something different to the table, from the humor of Nailed It! to the loveable cast of The Great British Bake Off that makes cooking a creative, educational, and inspiring activity.

Whether you like to hear Gordon Ramsay yell at restaurant owners or see amateur chefs improve their skills, there’s a cooking competition show for you.

Best Cooking Competition Shows 

Let’s dig into our list of the best cooking competition shows and learn what each is about! 

Iron Chef and Iron Chef America

Iron Chef is an incredibly popular cooking competition show that began in Fuji and has since had several spin-offs, the most popular of which is Iron Chef America.

It is produced by Food Network and operates as a tournament-style game show in which competitors face off against each other and then try to out-cook the Iron Chef

The latter is a highly skilled chef who is rarely beaten. The most prolific Iron Chef, Bobby Flay, won 72% of his head-to-head battles, making each showdown a very exciting challenge that I never want to miss.

This show is for you if you’re a fast, high-level cooking fan. 


Food Network’s Chopped is undoubtedly one of the most popular cooking reality shows on TV today.

It’s produced in America and has had 52 seasons. The show features four chefs facing off against one another for $10,000. 

The series had its first season in 2009, resulting in several spin-offs, including Chopped: Champions, Chopped: Impossible, and After Hours.

The show is well-loved for the creative challenges contestants have to use. Some of my favorites are chicken feet, leftover pizza, and ostrich eggs!

Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen is a popular cooking competition show hosted by the notoriously critical and cursing-prone Gordon Ramsay.

Ramsay invites contestants who range from professional chefs to home cooks to Los Angeles, where they compete for a $250,000 prize and head chef position in a multi-million dollar restaurant. 

The contestants are split into two teams by gender, with men going to the blue team and women going to the red team. 

From there, the two teams complete various cooking challenges to either win a fantastic prize or face punishment.

In one episode, Ramsay took the winning red team on a tasting tour around L.A. while the losing team had to unload dozens of delivery trucks.

Of course, every night there is a dinner service where real diners come in to eat the food cooked by the two teams. 

At the end of each service, Ramsay picks a winning and losing team. The winning team remains in Hell’s Kitchen, while the losing team has to select the two weakest chefs based on their performance.

Once the worst chefs are nominated, Ramsay picks one to go home. 

The show has run for over twenty seasons. 

If you prefer to watch chefs without much talent, check out Ramsey on Kitchen Nightmares.

Top Chef

Top Chef is a Bravo TV series that first premiered in 2006. The show is notable for its incredible panel of judges, including Anthony Bourdain, Wolfgang Puck, and Ted Allen.

The contestants stay on the show for an entire season (until they’re voted off) and compete in various challenges until only two or three chefs are left. 

The remaining contestants create a full-course meal using all their newly acquired skills.

The show has inspired several spin-offs, including Top Chef Amateurs, Top Chef Healthy Showdown, and Top Chef Masters. 

Check out our favorite seasons of Top Chef!


MasterChef combines many of the best elements of all the cooking reality TV shows.

It is produced by Fox and premiered in 2010, inspired by a British version of the show.

The series sometimes features amateur and sometimes professional chefs that compete against one another to be named the next “MasterChef.” 

The chefs take part in skill tests, mystery box challenges, and a final elimination test during which someone is eliminated from the show.

The final two or three competitors face off in a final, three-course meal cook-off. Some of the judges on the show include Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich. 

Nailed It!

Netflix’s Nailed It! is a more recent cooking reality that shot into the public spotlight with its unique format and humorous take on what a cooking show can be.

It premiered in 2018 and has since been nominated for five Primetime Emmy Awards.

The show is hosted by Nicole Byer, who features in every episode of the show and the holiday specials. 

Nailed It! invites amateur cooks who, in many cases, are self-proclaimed “terrible cooks.” They’re faced with impossible-to-complete challenges that unavoidably end in disaster.

The humorous results are judged on appearance and taste, with the winner walking away with $10,000.

Guy’s Grocery Games

Guy’s Grocery Games is another upbeat cooking show hosted by Guy Fieri. It has 30 seasons, having premiered in 2013 on Food Network.

Each episode includes four chefs who race through a supermarket, picking up ingredients and trying to remember everything they need before time runs out. 

They’re faced with interesting challenges that they often haven’t found the right ingredients for.

When things go wrong, this show gets good, and I love watching the chefs think of creative solutions to missing ingredients. The winning chef is awarded $20,000. 

The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off is a cooking reality show that’s watched worldwide.

It’s filmed in England and includes 10 contestants who, week by week, are eliminated after facing three separate challenges in each episode. 

The hosts are funny, upbeat, and loveable, making this show one of the only truly heart-warming cooking shows on TV.

I really love the funny interludes that the hosts include and how they’re always there to lighten the mood.

Plus, the contestants become great friends and are always devastated to see someone be eliminated.

Cupcake Wars

Cupcake Wars is another Food Network show that is one of the only long-lasting cooking reality shows based around desserts.

The show focuses on contestants making professional, highly-elaborate cupcakes to wow the judges and win themselves $10,000. 

The contestants work in teams of two, featuring a chef and a sous chef, who are usually friends or co-workers. 

The first round usually includes a challenging ingredient the contestants have to include in their recipe, and the second requires the chefs to make three different cupcakes of their choice.

In the third round, the teams must make 1,000 cupcakes in two hours and arrange them for a professional display.

American Barbecue Showdown

American Barbecue Showdown is not the most popular reality show on this list, but it does bring something unique to the table.

It premiered in 2020 on Netflix and features contestants from across the US who compete in barbecue-based challenges. 

The show starts with 8 cooks who have to face off, winning the judges with their creativity and style. The judges are Kevin Bludso and Melissa Cookston.

The show has only had one season, but Netflix has renewed it for another and it’s sure to be as entertaining as the first!

Next Level Chef

Next Level Chef is a new reality show that premiered on Fox in 2022.

It is another show that features Gordon Ramsay, who, along with Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blais, mentors amateur chefs. 

The first season started with 15 contestants who were divided into three teams. Each team had one coach and used one floor of a three-level kitchen.

The top floor was the most well-equipped, and the bottom floor only had bare-bones supplies that presented unique challenges to the chefs in addition to their limited ingredients! 

The teams fight for a place on the top floor where they’ll have a better chance of succeeding as contestants are eliminated. 

Another clever twist the show employed was a moving ingredients platform. On the first floor, the chefs get their pick of ingredients on the platform, but after a few seconds, the platform moves.

Finally, the chefs are left with only a few more unusual ingredients when it gets to the bottom floor. I love this twist on a classic cooking show format!

Worst Cooks in America

Worst Cooks in America is a clever cooking show that features some of the “worst cooks in America” under the tutelage of professional chefs.

It premiered in 2010 and followed the same premise as many other cooking shows.

The chefs face different challenges to test their abilities and teach new ones as they prepare a three-course meal for three critics. 

So far, the show has 24 seasons and almost 200 episodes and is just as popular now as it was when it first debuted.

It has inspired countless amateur chefs across the country to continue cooking and trying new recipes. 

Cooking Competition Shows 

  1. Iron Chef and Iron Chef America
  2. Chopped
  3. Hell’s Kitchen
  4. Top Chef
  5. MasterChef
  6. Nailed It!
  7. Guy’s Grocery Games
  8. The Great British Bake Off
  9. Cupcake Wars
  10. American Barbecue Showdown
  11. Next Level Chef
  12. Worst Cooks in America

Final Thoughts

From light-hearted and inspirational to hilarious and shocking, cooking competition shows tick all the boxes when it comes to entertaining reality TV.

With any of the shows on our list, from Cupcake Wars to Iron Chef, there’s something to admire and learn, especially if you’re an amateur chef!

Check out other shows from some of the most famous celebrity chefs on channels like Food Network!

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  1. I see there is a foreign show in the list. Since that is allowed you have clearly missed the best cooking competition in the world, one that knocks spots off all of the above. I refer of course to Masterchef Australia.

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