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Top 8 Chick Fil A Milkshake Flavors Ranked

Chicken might be your first thought when you hear Chick Fil A. But that’s not the only reason you might find yourself making a trip to your local restaurant because the company also makes insane milkshakes.

chick-fil-a milkshake

Even though their brand is centered around chicken, the milkshakes that Chick Fil A produce are out of this world and definitely not something to be ignored. With such a wide range of flavors to choose from it can be really hard to pick. You won’t be the first person to find themselves holding up the queue because you can’t choose between good ol’ vanilla and the seasonal special. To help make your decision easier we’ve ranked all of the milkshakes that Chick Fil A sell, including their frosted range of drinks which aren’t strictly milkshakes but are just as good! So if you want to find out the best milkshake that Chick Fil A sells then keep on reading. 


This might only be a seasonal flavor, but it is by far the best.

Strawberry milkshake is tasty but the peach milkshake at Chick Fil A is refreshing in a way that no other drink can achieve. This drink was only supposed to be around for one summer season but it was so successful that the company kept bringing it back for us to enjoy. With little chunks of peach stirred through the milkshake this drink provides flavor unlike any other shake that the company sells, and the only disappointing thing is that it isn’t available all year round. So take advantage of it while it’s here!


When it comes to milkshakes, there is no flavor that is sweeter than strawberry.

There is a general consensus that strawberries are one of the best fruits on the planet and this sentiment definitely extends to the flavor when it is used in a milkshake. This flavor doesn’t quite make it to the top of our list, but it is definitely up there. Strawberry milkshake is a classic in the same sense as vanilla and chocolate, but it just has so much more flavor to enjoy. So if you want a classic shake with incredible flavor, we’d definitely recommend choosing strawberry. 

Cookies and Cream

In the number three spot we have a favorite among Chick Fil A patrons, and that is the Cookies and Cream milkshake. This isn’t a traditional milkshake flavor, but it has definitely become a staple on the Chick Fil A menu. Made using a mixture of broken down cookies and vanilla ice cream, there is something about the cookies and cream milkshake that takes you back to childhood and happier times. Sometimes the company can go a bit light on the cookie aspect of this shake, but there’s no denying that it is one of the best options on the menu. 

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Peppermint Chip

Just missing out on a place in the top three, we have the Winter Seasonal Addition, Peppermint Chip.

This drink isn’t available all year round and that’s what makes it so great. We love the peppermint chip milkshake because when this gets added to the menu it means that Christmas is near and the festivities can begin. This milkshake is up there with classic Christmas films and snow fall, so even though it gets a little sickly after a while, there’s no denying the joy that comes with this milkshake. Which is why we’re giving it a place in the Top 5. 


Don’t shout, but the next place on this list we’re giving to chocolate milkshake. There are probably a lot of chocolate milkshake lovers who are insulted about how low on the list this milkshake has ranked, but we just don’t rate it. Chocolate milkshakes are great in the same way that vanilla milkshakes are, and that’s simply because they are a classic. It’s always nice to know that you can order a chocolate milkshake and that they are on offer, but for us, they’ve never been a go to, hence their place on this list.


Keeping on the focus of vanilla ice cream, next up we’ve got the good old trusty vanilla milkshake. There’s no denying that a vanilla milkshake is the most boring of the options that Chick Fil A offer, but there’s something comforting about this drink. Vanilla milkshakes are simply classic, and it would be insulting if Chick Fil A weren’t to offer them as part of their menu, even if you don’t choose this option that often. So if you want a bit of home comfort, you can always rely on a vanilla milkshake. 

Frosted Lemonade

This is definitely a drink that is a bit more unique as most people wouldn’t initially think of using ice cream to make a frosted lemonade, but it tastes amazing. You might expect the sweet taste of vanilla ice cream to fight against the strong citrus of lemon, but they complement each other insanely well. So if you fancy a milkshake but don’t want one in the traditional sense then the frosted lemonade at Chick Fil A is a safe bet. 

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Frosted Coffee

This incredibly yummy drink is made using Chick Fil A’s scrumptious vanilla ice cream mixed with coffee to create a drink that would challenge even the top coffee companies in the USA. It is also considerably cheaper than some of these coffee chains (we’re looking at you Starbucks) so you really do get more bang for your buck. So if you need your coffee hit but also want a milkshake then this is the one for you!


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  1. I love Chick Fil A milkshakes! They are my favorite fast food restaurant. I love all of their flavors, but my favorite is the chocolate shake.

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