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Our Favorite Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces, Ranked

If you want somewhere casual to visit for food with your friends, then Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the best places to go.

buffalo wild wings sauces

Ever since this restaurant opened up back in 1982, they became the place to be if you wanted casual food with great flavors.

From tacos to burgers, and, of course, chicken wings, Buffalo Wild Wings has something to offer for everyone, and that is one of the things that makes them so great.

The other thing that makes them great is the sauces and seasonings that this company offers. Most fast food restaurants have their own signature sauce, but Buffalo Wild Wings has several.

So, when you visit this restaurant, you will likely find yourself spoiled for choice.

In this guide, we’re taking a look at all the seasonings and sauces that Buffalo Wild Wings has on offer to find out which is the best.

So to find out more, keep on reading.

What is Buffalo Wild Wings?

As we have said. Buffalo Wild Wings is a restaurant chain that operates in the USA.

buffalo wild wings sign

They first opened their doors in 1982, with a wide range of casual dishes to choose from, and they quickly gained popularity.

While other chain restaurants had expectations from their customers, in terms of attire, etc. Buffalo Wild Wings did not, and that is why they became so popular with those who love fast food, sport-fans, and so on. But what makes Buffalo Wild Wing so special?

What Makes Their Sauces So Special?

Well, the thing that makes Buffalo Wild Wings so special is the selection of sauces that they have on offer.

sriracha chicken wings

Unlike many restaurants that have just one signature sauce, Buffalo Wild Wings has several, and that is what makes them so great.

At Buffalo Wild Wings, there is a sauce for everyone, and the great thing about these sauces is that they do exactly what they say on the tin.

So, if you want a hot sauce, you should choose one that says ‘spicy’, and if you want a sweet sauce you should choose one that says ‘sweet’.

At Buffalo Wild Wings, choosing your sauce is easy, and that’s what makes it so great. But which Buffalo Wild Wings sauce/seasoning is the best? Let’s find out.

Mild Sauce

Unless you are someone who dislikes spicy things, you will likely find the mild sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings boring.

Mild sauces aren’t designed to be spicy, they are designed to be creamy, but the mild sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings does have a little bit of a kick, and this is because it is infused with spice.

However, even this slight kick isn’t enough to save this mild sauce from being boring. So, if you are someone who can handle spice, we’d recommend avoiding the mild sauce.  

Asian Zing

If you love Asian cuisine, then you will love the Asian Zing sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings. It is rather similar to another sauce that the company offers, and that is their Teriyaki sauce.

This sauce is totally delicious, boasting classic Asian flavors, such as soy, as well as a wide variety of sweet and salty flavors too.

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It is very sticky, and it has a small kick to its flavor, but this is very minimal.

So, if you don’t like spicy things, this is another great choice.

Chipotle BBQ

Chipotle flavored sauces have become very popular in recent years, and that is why the Chipotle BBQ sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings is great.

This sauce has the classic smoky flavor that you would expect from a BBQ sauce, but it comes with a pretty big kick too, and that comes from the Chipotle in it. This sauce doesn’t come with any surprises, like we said, it does what it says on the tin.

So, if you want an authentic BBQ sauce on your wings, this is the one to order. 

Medium Sauce

Some people love medium sauces, but for us, they are just too middle-ish.

Medium sauces are neither here nor there, and it is often difficult to execute medium heat, and most restaurants often make them too hot or too mild.

But Buffalo Wild Wings does this pretty well, and their medium sauce is even better because it has quite a thick consistency to it, so it tastes great when paired with chicken. 

Salt & Vinegar

Salt and vinegar sound like it could be a pretty basic seasoning, and in reality, it is.

But, this simple seasoning is great if all you want to do is complement the natural flavor of your chicken.

This isn’t a sauce, and it isn’t a rub, instead, the salt and vinegar are just added to the chicken as a seasoning before it is served. Like we have said, it is simple, but it is great. 

Spicy Garlic Sauce

One of the best seasonings to ever exist is garlic, and that is why the spicy garlic sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings is so good.

As its name suggests, this sauce is both spicy and flavored with garlic, but the garlic flavoring does overpower the spice, so you should bear this in mind before you order. 

Caribbean Jerk Sauce

If you like your chicken to be full of flavor, Caribbean jerk sauce is the one for you.

As you would expect, this sauce is inspired by Caribbean cuisine, and so it is packed with lots of different and unique flavors.

From ginger to sweet flavors, there are lots of different aspects of this sauce.

But, it does lack the spice that you would expect from a Caribbean jerk sauce, so if you want a spicy sauce, you might want to order something else.

Thai Curry Sauce

Speaking of sauces that are inspired by different cuisines, next up we would recommend the Thai Curry Sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings.

The name of this sauce is slightly misleading because it doesn’t actually taste like curry.

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But, it does include all the flavors that you would expect from Thai curry, and that is what makes it so great.

Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Another great option if you simply want a flavor to enhance your chicken is their Lemon Pepper Seasoning.

As the name suggests, this rub uses the flavor of black pepper and lemon to create a rub that will take your wings to a whole new level. 

Wild Sauce

If you are a fan of spice, then the Wild Sauce might be perfect for you.

This is the second-hottest sauce on the menu, and this is because the flavor of the sauce is pretty intense.

It isn’t fiery, but it has a solid heat to it, and that is why the Wild Sauce is one of the most popular at Buffalo Wild Wings. 

Mango Habanero

The Mango Habanero sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings has really achieved the perfect balance when it comes to sweet and spicy, and this has been achieved by using the ingredients in the name of this sauce.

The sweet flavor of the mango is balanced perfectly by the spicy kick of the habanero peppers, and this means that you can really enjoy the different flavors in the sauce, without being overpowered by spice. 


When you see ‘plain’ listed on the menu, you might expect your wings to come as they are, but this isn’t the case. This is because Buffalo Wild Wings actually has a ‘plain’ sauce.

This sauce doesn’t have much flavor to it, it is simply designed to enhance the wings by making them moister, and a little saltier.

It isn’t exciting, but it is great if you just want to appreciate the flavor of your chicken. 

Bourbon Honey Mustard

The Bourbon Honey Mustard sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings is something special, and that is because it is packed with sweet tones.

But, the mustard flavor of this sauce is slightly overpowering, so you do lose some of these sweet flavors.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you aren’t a fan of mustard, this isn’t the sauce for you. 

Desert Heat

Next up, we have the desert heat rub.

This rub is added to the wings prior to cooking to ensure that the flavor soaks right into the meat.

With equal parts smoky and spicy, this rub isn’t what you would immediately expect from its name. But, it is full of flavor, and a great addition to your chicken wings.  

Hot BBQ Sauce

If you like your BBQ sauce to have a kick, then you should choose the Hot BBQ sauce for your wings.

This sauce isn’t as hot as you might expect, but it has a definite kick to it with smoky undertones. It is spicy and smoky, and everything you want out of a good BBQ sauce.  

Blazin’ Sauce

But, if you want a real kick, then you should choose the spiciest sauce on the menu, and that is the Blazin’ sauce.

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This sauce is fiery and intense, so you really do not get a break from the heat when you have this on your chicken wings.

But, if that is something that you like, then this is the perfect choice for you.   

Sweet BBQ Sauce

In contrast to the hot BBQ sauce that we looked at earlier, Buffalo Wild Wings also offers Sweet BBQ Sauce for their chicken wings.

This sauce is packed with sweet undertones, as well as flavors such as garlic and tomato, and this makes it quite rich.

But it is also rather watery, so if you like a sticky, thick sauce, this isn’t the one for you.  

Hot Sauce

If you like spicy sauces, but also like them to be balanced, then the hot sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings is probably the perfect choice for you.

It is intense in terms of spice, but it is also sweet and versatile, so if you only add it in small amounts, you will be able to appreciate the flavor, without being overpowered by the heat.

The great thing about this sauce is that it isn’t limited to chicken wings, you can order it on other menu items too. 

Teriyaki Sauce

We mentioned the Teriyaki sauce earlier when comparing it to the Asian Zing sauce, so now let’s take a deeper look at this sauce.

If you are a big fan of Teriyaki sauce, then you might be disappointed with this sauce.

But, if you like a sweet, sticky sauce, with undertones of ginger, then this is the perfect option for you.

It isn’t a traditional Teriyaki sauce, but Buffalo Wild Wings have put their own spin on this sauce, and that is what makes it so great.  

Classic Buffalo Seasoning

The Classic Buffalo seasoning at Buffalo Wild Wings was once a sauce.

But the ingredients of this sauce were taken and made into a rub to make it easier to apply them to the chicken wings.

This seasoning is buttery and has hints of Buffalo sauce, and that is why it will always be one of the best options at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Parmesan Garlic

In terms of balancing flavors, the Parmesan Garlic sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings is the best option on the menu. The flavor of the Parmesan and the garlic are both noticeable in this sauce, and that is because they complement each other perfectly.

Not everybody is a fan of cheese sauce, but if you are, there is no question that this is the perfect option for you. 

Honey BBQ Sauce 

Finally, let’s wrap this up with the Honey BBQ Sauce, which is the best sauce on the menu at Buffalo Wild Wings.

There are lots of different variations of BBQ sauce out there, but honey will always be the best.

The sweet tones of the honey complement the smoky tones of the BBQ sauce perfectly, and it is nice and sticky when added to your chicken wings.

It isn’t hot or spicy, but it is full of flavor and utterly delicious, which is why it is the best.

Well, there you have it! This is the ultimate guide to all the best sauces you can order from Buffalo Wild Wings. Go ahead and make your way down to the closest Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant near you and find your new favorite sauce!

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