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14 Baja Fresh Menu Items to Order

Baja Fresh is a casual chain restaurant offering a wide selection of Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes made with farm-fresh ingredients to ensure authentic flavors for anyone seeking healthier dining options.

Baja Fresh restaurant exterior

Baja Fresh lets visitors customize their meals with the protein and salsa of their choice, making it one of the best places to enjoy food the way you like if you don’t have time to cook a meal at home.

Don’t know what to order if you’re interested in visiting this eatery for a quick bite? Then, check out my extensive list of the best Baja Fresh menu items bursting with fresh flavors.


The first dish we recommend on this list of the best Baja Fresh menu items is their signature Fajitas.

If you’re an avid meat lover, you can’t go wrong with this fan-favorite dish.

It has the perfect blend of spicy and savory flavors you can expect from any Tex-Mex dish, but you can balance it by adding sour cream. 

Besides choosing its grilled protein, you can customize your dish with the beans and tortillas of your choice.

I prefer ordering my fajita with fire-grilled shrimp and black beans with a flour tortilla. The calorie count also varies based on which ingredients you pick.

Baja Bowl

Next up on this list of the best Baja Fresh menu items is their Baja Bowl.

It contains the perfect blend of Baja rice, roasted vegetables, and savory meat that anyone will enjoy.

The vegetables’ crispiness blends well with the tenderness of most of their meat options. It’s topped with onion and cilantro, giving it a mildly tangy flavor profile.

I recommend ordering your Baja Bowl with savory pork carnitas, wild-caught crispy wahoo, or fire-grilled white meat chicken and pinto beans.

You can also stop by their salsa bar and add extra toppings to your meal to give it extra flair, like mango or molcajete. 

Burrito Ultimo

If you’re looking for the ultimate Tex-Mex flavor experience, you can’t go wrong with Baja Fresh’s Burrito Ultimo.

They craft this zesty delicacy in a warm flour tortilla that’s soft yet durable to hold each of its ingredients.

The sour cream blends well with its jack and cheddar cheese combo, making its taste a bit mild for anyone tasting this for the first time.

Its grilled veggies offer fresh flavors that many health-conscious eaters will enjoy.

The best proteins you should consider adding to this burrito are wild-caught grilled wahoo, tender steak, or savory pork carnitas.

However, it might not be the best option if you’re sensitive to milk, gluten, or wheat.

Baja Ensalada

Baja Fresh’s Baja Ensalada is the best menu option for salad lovers who want to indulge in something extra if they want to grab a quick bite.

Although this salad doesn’t offer fried protein options, its tortilla crisps and fresh lettuce give it a rough texture.

It has a nice pico de gallo garnish that gives it a zesty aftertaste. Its spiciness blends well with the steak, chicken, or shrimp you can add.

Of course, if you prefer a vegetarian-style meal, you can order this salad without protein.

I love giving this salad extra flavor by adding salsa verde or mango.

Baja Taco

Another one of the best Baja Fresh menu items you shouldn’t miss out on if you’re in the mood for a quick bite is their Baja Taco.

Besides the usual steak, chicken, and shrimp protein options, you can also choose to enjoy a taco made with freshly roasted vegetables.

Its soft corn tortilla has a flaky texture, but you can barely notice it as your taste buds pop from the taco’s hot or mild salsa.

The cilantro and onion mix gives it a subtle tangy flavor. I prefer ordering my taco with grilled shrimp and mild sauce. None of the ingredients overpower each other.

Diablo Burrito

Those who enjoy indulging in the spiciest flavors will enjoy ordering a Diablo Burrito during their next trip to Baja Fresh.

Most of this burrito’s zestiness comes from its spicy diablo sauce. If you aren’t sure you can handle its spiciness, pair it with a cold fountain drink.

Besides choosing between pinto or black beans, you can choose the protein you prefer.

In my opinion, the tastiest protein options for this dish are savory pork carnitas and grilled white meat chicken.

Other ingredients include rice, onions, and cheese. Each ingredient melts into the other with every bite into its soft flour tortilla.

Grilled Shrimp Taco

Although most people associate tacos with ground beef, Baja Fresh offers avid food lovers a fresh take on this classic Mexican specialty.

This Grilled Shrimp Taco has a sweet and salty flavor enhanced by flavorful vegetables like avocado and shredded cabbage.

You might enjoy this menu item if you’re an avid shellfish lover. It contains 180 calories and 10 grams of protein, making it one of the healthiest lunch or dinner options you can order if you’re in the mood for sensational flavors.

Consider adding salsa verde or six chiles salsa to this taco if you want to make it slightly spicier.

Nacho Burrito

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the taste of mouth-watering nachos wrapped in a warm tortilla?

Then, consider trying Baja Fresh’s Nacho Burrito. Despite its high-calorie content, I consider it one of my favorites whenever I stop by to eat at this chain restaurant.

You can detect hints of spiciness from its jalapeños, perfectly blended into a mixture of cheese, rice, and sour cream.

Although you could order a side of chips to pair with this meal, it also contains tiny tortilla crisps that give it a light crunchiness.

My go-to bean and protein options for this meal are black beans and fire-grilled shrimp.


Sometimes, the simplest dishes can have some of the boldest flavors.

So, why not try a nice warm serving of Baja Fresh’s Queso? Despite being a side dish, its rich, cheesy texture melts in your mouth when enjoying it with crisp tortilla chips.

This spicy three-pepper cheese dip has a spicy flavor kick that anyone who prefers a simple meal can enjoy.

In addition, Baja Fresh offers two portion options for anyone who prefers eating their Queso alone or sharing it with others: a three-ounce serving and an eight-ounce serving.

However, it might not be the best option for visitors sensitive to milk.

Crispy Wahoo Taco

Although Baja Fresh specializes in creating health-conscious food that anyone following any dietary lifestyle can enjoy, they also offer a few tempting dishes you can treat yourself to if you’re in the mood for something crispy.

For example, their Crispy Wahoo Taco offers bold seafood flavors in a crunchy corn tortilla.

Although this taco’s protein is one of the few fried options you can enjoy, its cabbage gives it a greener touch.

However, I would enjoy it more if it had some cheese or other vegetables to enhance its flavor. Thankfully, its tangy salsa compensates for the lack of other stable taco ingredients.

Huevos Rancheros

Are you having trouble looking for a menu option if you crave something to eat earlier in the day?

Then, consider sampling Baja Fresh’s Huevos Rancheros if you’re looking for a new way to spice up your late-morning meal.

If you’re a fan of eggs, you’ll love the warm texture of this specialty dish and its savory spiciness.

The last time I tried this dish, I enjoyed the blend of tomatoes, peppers, onions, and pinto or black beans.

You can enjoy this dish with a side of pico de gallo salsa. I prefer pairing it with water to cool down its spiciness. 

Tostada Salad

Another excellent salad option for anyone interested in sampling the best Baja Fresh menu items is their Tostada Salad.

This restaurant serves this salad in a crispy tortilla bowl, making it one of their most visually-appealing dishes.

It’s made with crisp romaine lettuce, fresh-made guacamole, jack cheese, and your choice of black or pinto beans and proteins, among other ingredients.

I prefer customizing it with black beans and grilled chicken.

After finishing my salad, one of my favorite things is to break the tortilla into pieces and dip it into mild salsa. However, it does contain milk, wheat, and soy allergens.

Baja Rice 

Baja Rice is a primary ingredient used in many of Baja Fresh’s most popular menu options, but you can also enjoy it as a shareable side dish with others or alone as a smaller meal.

Although this menu option isn’t my top choice if I stop by to order something after a long week, it’s an excellent option for anyone who doesn’t want to indulge in something high in cholesterol or trans fats.

It has a mildly spicy flavor if you prefer eating it without salsa.

I consider it one of the healthier menu options for anyone having trouble finding dishes containing less than 200 calories.

Chili Lime Salad 

Last but not least on this list of the best Baja Fresh menu items is their Chili Lime Salad.

You shouldn’t miss out on this fresh salad option if you’re looking for something healthier to eat when dining out or taking something to go.

Its salad greens and kale give it a fresh, crisp taste. It’s also drizzled with a tangy, salty, and spicy chili lime dressing that can give anybody’s taste buds a jumpstart.

You can enjoy this salad without meat or add fresh fire-grilled protein to give it a meatier sensation.

Whenever I order this salad, I have it topped with tender steak or fire-grilled shrimp.

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