The World’s Most Expensive Rums & How Much They Cost

For people who love alcohol and consider themselves a connoisseur, it can be fun to explore the most expensive options out there, even if you never plan to buy them. 

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If you consider yourself a rum connoisseur, or even a casual rum drinker, you may be interested to learn about the fourteen most expensive rums in the world. 

From gentle banana and citrus flavors to robust tastes of oak and coffee, rum covers a wide spectrum. But, what’s the most expensive rum? This article discusses the top fourteen, and you may be surprised to see some recognizable brands like Bacardi! 

Whether you want to buy a rum worth thousands of dollars or are just curious about what’s out there, you’ll enjoy this read. 

Check out some of the priciest rum bottles out there – you’ll be shocked at how much a single bottle can go for!

J. Wray & Nephew 1940s Rum

The J. Wray & Nephew 1940s rum costs a whopping $54,000, topping this list of the most expensive rums.

This rum brand is from Jamaica, making it an authentic and coveted brand of rum. 

The spirit originated more than 70 years ago, giving it a distinct and bold taste that few have had the pleasure of trying. Besides sugarcane, people know little about the ingredients of this mysterious rum. 

If you want to get a taste of something from the same brand, but don’t have $54,000 to blow on a bottle of alcohol, J.Wray & Nephew has much more affordable bottles of rum you can get your hands on. 

Legacy by Angostura

Angostura is a reputable rum manufacturer home to one of the most expensive rums in the world.

The Legacy rum combines seven of the tastiest and most high-quality rums that come from Legacy, creating a unique and enticing flavor and aroma that you can’t find anywhere else. 

The rum combines rare and precious rums, making it one of the most interesting bottles.

The flavor and smell of the rum start bright and fruity and then slowly mellow into a warm vanilla taste with hints of clove and honey. 

It offers a nutty and spicy flavor with hints of nuttiness and orange zest. You can taste this flavor for $25,000 a bottle!

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Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo

The Maximo Extra Anejo from the Havana Club rum company costs around $2,500, landing it on the list of the most expensive rum.

The rum comes from Cuba, with forceful flavors and a smooth finish, making it one of the most loved and desirable rums. 

This aged rum has an oaky flavor with a robust smell, giving the drinker a pleasant experience.

The rum has won awards for flavor and craftsmanship, including winning the International Spirits Challenge in 2021. 

While few have had the opportunity to try this rum, everyone who tastes it states describes it as a magnificent spirit with phenomenal flavors. 

Rhum Clement Tres Vieux 1952

The Rhum Clement Tres Vieux 1952 costs more than $1,000 and is listed as one of the best rums in the entire world.

It has a fruity body with solid notes of spice that take over the aftertaste. The drink is woody and earthy, with light notes of tropical fruits that balance the taste perfectly. 

It’s also the oldest rum in existence from an old distillery, Habitation Clement, which has since been closed down permanently.

So the bottle itself is a coveted antique that few get to hold in their hands, let alone taste the deliciousness. 

People particularly enjoy pairing this rich rum with a decadent cigar to enhance the experience.

Also, because of its vintage status, it can sometimes be auctioned for as much as $4,000 to rum collectors. 

50-year-old Appleton Estate

The 50-year-old Appleton Estate rum has a hefty price tag of $6,000, but an impressive reputation to back up the cost.

It’s a combination of high-quality rums aged for at least 50 years in spiced oak barrels for an irresistible flavor. 

They only made 800 bottles of this rum, meaning it’s another popular item among rum and spirit collectors.

It has rich aromas of honey and molasses with undertones of banana and graham cracker. 

On the tongue, it has a sweet, cinnamon flavor with hints of vanilla. And the aftertaste is a delicate but tasty honey-spice flavor that brings it back to the original aroma that entices you to the bottle. 

Bacardi Superior Rum Bottled in Spain in the 1940s

While Bacardi Superior is a popular, affordable, and well-known rum you can stumble upon in just about any liquor store, this bottle from Spain in the 1940s is another collectible, and it can be quite hard to get your hands on. 

bacardi superior rum 1940 spain
Source: The Whiskey Exchange

There is a limited supply of this rum left in the world, and no one knows exactly how many bottles still exist, making it even more of a gem for people who love rare rums. 

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While the cost can range because it’s only available from private sellers and auctioneers, it averages about $3,000 per bottle. But the price of this rum seems to keep rising as more bottles sell. 

The rum was famously produced and bottled in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Spain, by Felice Alegre. It has a light appearance and taste, although few can report its true flavors. 

Original Royal Naval Rum Tot

The Original Royal Naval Rum Tot is a less rare find but still a pricey bottle.

It costs under $1,000 and has an impeccable flavor, and smooth finish that all rum lovers agree is sensational. 

It contains the last stocks of Royal Navy Rum that were untouched in barrels for more than four decades on a ship, so it has a deep history. 

The flavor will knock you over, as this is anything but a gentle flavor. It has notes of coffee, chocolate, and oak that hit your tongue immediately.

But with notes of berry and cherry, it also has a slight sweetness that balances out the hefty taste. 

Pyrat Rum Cask 1623

The Pyrat Cask 1623 is a well-known bottle among rum lovers and collectors.

It costs between $1,600 and $2,000, depending on where you buy it. Like most expensive rum, this was distilled in limited batches, so you can’t find it at any liquor store. 

It’s aged up to forty years and combines some of the best Caribbean rums ever made. It has a sweet honey flavor with spicy notes and hints of caramel and citrus.

It offers a bright flavor on the palette that mellows into a toasty warmth, making it an easy rum to fall in love with after one sip. 

Bacardí Paraíso

Bacardi Paraiso is another well-known bottle, as it has been featured in Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, and U.S. Weekly as one of the best rums in the world. 

This rum is still manufactured and distilled, but it takes decades to be ready, so the price tag falls around $900 per bottle.

It’s typically only available through online sellers, as it’s quite an expensive bottle to keep in a liquor store. 

It has an oaky, smoky flavor that is robust and different from other rums. But it offers a super silky finish, exemplifying the craftsmanship that went into distilling it. 

Barbados Private Estate 1780

Distilled in 1780 in the cellars of Harewood House, Leeds, the Barbados Private Estate 1780 rum is rare and precious.

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It was distilled two centuries ago, but most of the bottles went untouched until the 2010s, catching the eye of collectors and rum lovers alike. 

It can be auctioned for anywhere between $1,100 and $13,000. While the rum’s color is a pale yellow, the flavor is much bolder. It’s lethally powerful with a fresh taste. 

When you combine it with a drop or two of water, it exhibits a light fruity taste, making it seem new and delicate, despite being hundreds of years old.

Ron Bacardi de Maestros de Ron Vintage, MMXII

The Ron Bacardi de Maestros de Ron Vintage MMXII rum costs about $2,500 but can range depending on where it’s auctioned off.

The rum is only available through private sellers and auctioneers, as there is a very limited supply left in the world. 

As the name implies, this is a vintage rum, so the rum and bottle itself are both prized items.

The rum consists of several rums distilled together in oak barrels for years. And it’s known to have a rich honey flavor with soft notes of caramel. 

8-year-old Bacardi, Millennium Rum Atlantis Special Edition

Compared with other expensive rums on this list, an eight-year-old rum doesn’t sound all that special.

But this Bacardi Millennium Rum Atlantis Special Edition is a treasure among rum and alcohol enthusiasts. 

It costs about $2,500 and was made at Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, which is why it’s so special! 

It has a tropical taste with warm notes of honey and vanilla, making it an interesting combination of bright flavors and cozy tastes.

The rum can be hard to find, as the few existing bottles are held by auctioneers. 

Brugal Papa Andres

Brugal Papa Andres rum is slightly easier to find compared with the rum on this list.

It costs between $1,200 and $3,000. While it can be found easily online or through private sellers, this won’t be the case forever. 

Only 100 bottles of this exquisite rum were made, so the supply will not last forever. It has light fruity flavors along with rich notes of spice.

The rum has a smooth, velvety texture on the tongue and delivers well-balanced notes of sweetness that aren’t overwhelming or boring. 

New Grove Double Cask Moscatel Finish Rum

The New Grove Double Cask Moscatel Finish Rum is the most affordable rum on this list, costing around $100.

But it’s still a coveted brand and bottle, as it has beautiful flavors and a rich finish. It has a distinct combination of flavors, including grass, pepper, and a light floral taste. 

But more than anything, it has a strong woody flavor with powerful notes of oak that some find to be overwhelming, which is why this doesn’t have the high price tag of other rums.

Overall, it offers a strong glass of rum that many find to be unique and enjoyable. 

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