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12 Best Caffeine-Free Sodas To Sip

Colorful Caffeine Free Soda drinks

The world of caffeine-free soft drinks is a trove of delectable alternatives for those looking for the fizz of a soda without the jolt of caffeine. We set out on a delicious quest to find the best sodas without caffeine that will satiate your thirst and tantalize your taste buds without giving you a buzz. This guide is your passport to a world of delectable and bubbly drinks, whether your goal is to relax with a guilt-free soda or just enjoy the crisp effervescence without the caffeine hit. Your exploration of the rich and varied world of caffeine-free sodas will be sparked by our quest, which offers everything from traditional cola flavors to creative and naturally sweet options.

Diet Coke Caffeine Free Soda Soft Drink

can of caffeine free diet coke

Caffeine Free diet coke was the original version of diet coke from Coca-Cola that debuted in 1984. It is a tweaked version of the classic recipe that swaps sugar for artificial, sugar-free sweeteners. Diet coke caffeine free is now less popular and widespread than the caffeinated diet coke and isn’t as readily available in grocery stores as it was before the pandemic.

Zevia Zero Calorie Soda

zevia can

Zevia is a health-conscious beverage company out of Los Angeles with a line of zero-calorie, Non-GMO, and sugar-free teas, energy drinks, and sodas. Zevia combines the words “zero” and “stevia,” which is the all-natural sugarless sweetener used in its products. Along with being sugar-free, Zevia zero-calorie soda is also caffeine free and comes in numerous fruit and cola flavors. My favorite is Zevia Ginger Root Beer. 

Coca-Cola Zero Caffeine-Free Soda

coke zero can on ice

According to Coca-Cola, Coke Zero tastes more like regular coke than Diet Coke. It debuted in 2006 and recently became known as Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in 2016. Coca-Cola Zero Caffeine Free came on the market in 2010 and is as close to the original coca cola recipe as you can get. I like it better than diet coke because it lacks the bitter aspartame bite and has a more full-bodied mouthfeel. 

Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free 

can of caffeine free diet pepsi

While Pepsi may always be in the shadow of Coke, Diet Pepsi has been around much longer than diet coke. It debuted in the 1960s and 70s, but Pepsi changed its name to Pepsi Free in 1983 to compete with the newly released diet cokeDiet Pepsi Caffeine Free was released in 1982. I’ve always liked the gold can it comes in. Plus, I’d take the Pepsi challenge with this light and bubbly caffeine-free cola. 

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A&W Root Beer

Root beer soft drink in large mug at A & W fast food restaurant

Unlike colas, whose key ingredient is the caffeine-laden cola nut, root beer is a derivative of the naturally caffeine-free sassafras root. It has been a tasty sweet soda in the US and Canada since the 19th century. A&W originated in 1919 and has been a staple soda in restaurants and households for over 100 years. In my opinion, there’s no better way to enjoy root beer than as a bubbly creamy root beer float!

Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew

Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew
Source: Instagram

Mountain Dew is a product from the Pepsi company that originated in the 40s as a citrus soda. It diversified into a range of metallic-colored flavors in the 1980s and has been a cult favorite for middle schoolers and high school students ever since. Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew is the sugar-free, caffeine-free version of the original green lime soda. 

Diet 7UP Lemon Lime Soda

person holding diet 7up can

A fun, if not disturbing, fact about 7UP is its original recipe included lithium and was first known as Lithiated 7UP. Today, it’s a staple lemon-lime soda from Pepsico. that is to Sprite what Pepsi cola is to Coke. Diet 7UP Zero Calories and Caffeine Free has the same light, sweet lemon-lime flavor but without the caffeine boost and syrupy sweetness.

IZZE Sparkling Juice

IZZE Sparkling Juice in grocery aisle

Izze Sparkling Juice is a line of sodas that market themselves as fruit juice with a splash of sparkling water. Each can contains a ratio of 70% juice to 30% soda water. They are refreshing, sweet, and naturally caffeine-free. You can get them in cans or bottles, choosing from over ten different flavors. My favorite is the pomegranate Izze. 

KOIOS Sparkling Citrus Fit Soda

KOIOS Sparkling Citrus Fit Soda
Source: Instagram

KOIOS is a newcomer to the soda scene, promoting the novel idea of a “fit soda.” Sparkling Citrus Fit Soda has added electrolytes and amino acids into each bubbly citrusy can. It’s a lemon-lime soda that will refresh and replenish you after a workout. It is also sugar-free and caffeine free.

Pepsi Caffeine Free

caffeine free pepsi bottles

Pepsico came out with Pepsi Caffeine Free in 1982, beating Coca-Cola by a year. It uses the same Pepsi recipe except for caffeine, which gets mysteriously extracted. I think Pepsi Caffeine Free is sweeter than Caffeine Free Coke. I’m not one to engage in the Cola Wars, so I would use them interchangeably. 

Tuscanini Authentic Organic Cola Soda

Tuscanini Authentic Organic Cola Soda
Source: Instagram

As its name implies, Tuscanini is an organic cola soda from the Southern Italian region of Sicily. Tuscanini produces a line of Italian sodas made with fruity syrups along with this organic cola soda. It has a richer, more syrupy taste than coke or Pepsi and comes in an elegant tall glass bottle. 

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Zenify Zero Sugar 

Zenify Zero Sugar 
Source: Instagram

Zenify isn’t just caffeine free; it’s a calming, all-natural relaxation soda that features a high concentration of antioxidants. Zenify Zero Sugar also contains the serotonin and dopamine-stimulating chemicals GABA and glycine. It is a bubbly soda with a mild citrus flavor. It’s a great alternative to a glass of wine if you want to avoid both stimulants and downers.

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