The 9 Best Smoothies at Starbucks

Starbucks is one of the premier coffee suppliers in the world. Since its founding, Starbucks has dedicated itself to serving quality coffee to every patron, every time. It’s not just coffee on the menu, however – Starbucks offers food, drinks, and even Starbucks smoothies.

starbucks smoothie

Starbucks has a regular cornucopia of non-coffee beverages that they do just as well as everything between teas, refreshers, and smoothies. 

Part of Starbucks’ charm is that they are always prepared. From the refreshing Orange Mango Smoothie to the delightful Cinnamon Dolce Smoothie, Starbucks seems to have a blended drink for every occasion. And why not? 

Whether you never knew that smoothies were available at Starbucks or you’re looking for inspiration on which flavor to try out next, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite ones.

Strawberry Blended Lemonade

The Strawberry Blended Lemonade is a delicious, light, refreshing beverage of icy goodness.

It’s made with authentic strawberry purée sauce and lemonade, as well as a little of Starbucks’ famous Creme Frappuccino Syrup.

Blended all together, this smooth concoction is the perfect solution to a hot, sweaty summer day.

Like most Starbucks options, you can always add things to the drink to make it your own.

I particularly enjoyed a splash of raspberry syrup to complete the flavor profile to my liking.

So don’t be afraid to ask – your barista wants to make sure you have an experience that brings you back.

Orange Mango Smoothie

Made with protein powder and a whole banana, the Orange Mango Smoothie from Starbucks is a healthy option that’s remarkably delicious and incredibly refreshing.

No matter what time of year it is, the smoothie option is good.

The smoothie is made with Starbucks protein powder, orange mango purée, a banana, and a dash of milk.

The purée is the primary form of liquid in the smoothie, which makes milk less critical to the overall concoction. 

I’ve come to realize that Starbucks has perfected the art of delicious smoothies that taste real (because they are) and aren’t too sweet. It is a true masterpiece. 

Chocolate Smoothie

You’ll still find a banana in the Chocolate Smoothie from Starbucks, but the rest of this drink is slightly different.

It has milk and protein powder, of course. But instead of any fruit or purées, it’s got a couple of pumps of rich dark chocolate sauce. 

It’s still not too sweet, though. Considering it uses dark chocolate sauce, it is not nearly as sweet as you might expect when you see it.

But it is delicious. And it’s got that protein powder, which makes it almost an energy drink.

It could be an excellent post-workout smoothie or a meal replacement if you’re really feeling adventurous. 

Berry Forest Smoothie

Now, if you haven’t heard, Starbucks has a reasonably extensive secret menu.

It’s secret in the sense that you have to be a diehard Starbucks fan to know about these particular items.

But that’s why we’re here; to help you learn all about the special drinks you need to try.

The Berry Forest Smoothie begins with the Strawberry Créme Frappuccino. Instead of adding milk, have the barista throw some passion tea in there.

Next, you want to ask for a little bit of raspberry syrup and whatever freeze-dried berries they might have lying around.

Blend it all up, and you’ve got yourself a berry good day.

Berry Vanilla Smoothie

Another secret menu item that your Starbucks barista will gladly whip up for you is the Berry Vanilla Smoothie.

You may have to read them the ingredients, but you can rest assured that they’ll mix up something delicious and delightful with the proper prompting.

You can start with the classic Vanilla Bean Créme Frappuccino. Ask your barista to throw in a little coconut milk, a couple of scoops of those freeze-dried berries, and a banana.

Blend that up and top it with whipped cream for good measure.

I think this is possibly one of the most refreshing Starbucks secret menu options out there.

Cinnamon Dolce Smoothie

I’ve talked about many delicious, refreshing smoothies that you can find at Starbucks. Quite a few are on the secret menu that we all know and love.

But are you ready for the most delicious of the secret menu smoothies? It’s called the Cinnamon Dolce Smoothie.

Basically, it’s a Chocolate Smoothie with Cinnamon Dolce Syrup and Vanilla Bean Powder instead of Mocha Sauce.

If you want a little caffeine kick to it, try ordering the Coffee Frappuccino and ask the barista to add Cinnamon Dolce Syrup and Vanilla Bean Powder to that.

Whichever way you go, you’re not going to want to miss out on this delicious beverage!

Pumpkin Smoothie

Now, I know what you’re thinking: pumpkin season is over; why would I want a Pumpkin Smoothie from Starbucks?

Well, to put it simply, it’s a life-changing experience that you’ll regret missing for all of eternity.

Or something like that.

The Pumpkin Smoothie is a little different than what you might be picturing.

You’ll want to ask your barista to blend up milk, a banana, and the protein powder they usually use in smoothies.

Then comes the magic: add about six pumps of Pumpkin Spice sauce. Dry not to guzzle it down as you enjoy the sweet, sweet flavor.

Strawberry Smoothie

The Strawberry Smoothie starts with Starbucks’s same delightful strawberry purée for the Strawberry Créme Frappuccino.

That makes this particular smoothie a little bit sweeter than some of their other menu items.

Your barista blends the smoothie to perfection by adding protein powder and a banana, plus a little milk and ice. It deserves serving with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

The Strawberry Smoothie from Starbucks is one of the more delightful strawberry smoothies that you can find out there today.

It offers a crisp, ripe strawberry taste and a dash of protein that makes you feel healthy and strong.  

Very Berry-Licious Smoothie

Back to berry goodness, allow me to introduce you to the Very Berry-Licious Smoothie.

This refreshing treat is healthy and still tastes delicious. If you want, you can ask your barista to use their Evolution Fresh Organic Vital Berry juice as the base for this creamy smoothie. 

Ask your barista to add a little bit of milk, a few scoops of berries, and orange slices if those are available. Next, have them toss in a whole banana.

Then blend it until it’s easy to sip through a straw as you stroll down the sidewalk in the best mood you’ve been in for years. 

If you want to make it memorable, have the barista put a little whipped cream on top. Yum!

These Starbucks smoothies are a great way to start your day, or to pair with your lunch! Everyone deserves to experience delicious smoothies like the Cinnamon Dolce and the Berry Forest, so don’t forget the secret menu smoothies!

Always remember that a happy barista makes better drinks than one who feels underappreciated. Smile often, use your manners, and don’t forget to give them a generous tip for putting up with all of your instructions.

In case you are looking for more than just a refreshing smoothie, check out my list of the best things to eat at Starbucks.

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