15 Movie Theatres That Serve Alcohol

Sometimes, nothing is better than sitting back to watch a movie blockbuster with an ice-cold alcoholic drink and some snacks.

Usually, this can only be done from the comfort of your own home but many movie theatres across the USA are now improving the in-theatre experience.

You can now head to certain movie theatres that serve alcohol and watch the big screen with different drinks and food. Trust us! There is no experience like it.

man in movie theatre with beer

To help you find the closest movie theatre to you which offers alcohol and food, we have researched the best throughout America.

Sit back, relax, and get ready for an experience you’ll never forget.

1. Studio Movie Grill

studio movie grill

This is a standard dine-in movie theatre. Studio Movie Grill provides luxury seats that can be pre-reserved.

You can choose from a full menu and bar before heading in to watch a movie.

A highlight of this theatre is SMG With a Twist. This includes a summer series for children, a special date night series, and special-needs screenings of different movies.

With so many locations across the US, Studio Movie Grill is truly for everyone.

2. Nitehawk Cinema

Nitehawk was New York’s first dine-in theatre and is a well respected and loved cinema by many.

You can’t pre-book for movies here as it runs on a first-come/first-served basis.

The theatre only opens half an hour before a movie starts. However, this gives you plenty of time to enjoy their low-priced meals and beverages for a unique theater experience.

3. Showcase SuperLux

For a classic dine-in movie experience, you should head to Showcase SuperLux.

This theatre offers the full package with a full menu, a full bar, and ultra-comfortable reclining seats. You will be spoilt here thanks to its waiter service.

Simply push a button and a waiter or waitress will be alerted to bring you delicious food and drinks to enjoy throughout the movie.

4. The Brew and View

Specializing in classic cult movies, as well as beers, Brew and View isn’t your typical movie theatre.

Based in Chicago, this theatre serves amazing beers and tasty foods that are perfect for movie watching such as pizza and White Castle sliders.

It has a relaxing atmosphere for watching classic movies while eating greasy snacks!

5. AMC Dine-In Theatres

amc movie theatre

There is a chain of AMC Theatres across the country and each offers a luxury movie watching experience.

From California to Georgia, you can take advantage of various cinematic options such as family movies and dining, to more adult orientated 21+ options for fun nights out.

6. iPic Theatres

ipic movie theatre

If you’re looking for one of the most luxurious dine-in theatre experiences, you should head to one of fifteen iPic Theatres dotted around the country.

You can enjoy VIP seating with the offering of blankets to feel right at home.

You can simply sit back with your feet up, curled up in a blanket while food and drinks are brought to you. What a world we live in!

7. Star Cinema Grill

Here is another luxury dine-in cinema experience. You will find Star Cinema Grills from Texas to Illinois and each offers a full menu and bar for moviegoers.

You will love the cheaper ticket prices as well with college student discounts and matinee prices.

8. Cinépolis Theaters

cinepolis movie theatre

You will find Cinépolis Theatres in Florida and California after starting off in Mexico. You have three types of moviegoing experiences to choose from.

Depending on how luxurious you want your experience to be, you can choose reclining seats and wait-staff that deliver food and drinks to you as you watch the movie.

You can even watch state-of-the-art 3D movies for an even more magical experience.

9. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

alamo drafthouse cinema

Do you hate all those pre-show ads at the cinema? If so, you will love the Alamo Drafthouse Theatre as it has zero ads for an enjoyable pre-show experience.

We love the uniqueness of the ordering service. Just write down what you want on a card and a server picks up your order and then delivers your food.

10. LOOK Cinema Dallas

If you’re in Texas, you are really spoilt for choice with movie experiences! LOOK Cinemas in Dallas offer a luxury movie experience but with an amazing choice of seats.

You can sit back on sofas, armchairs, or power recliners for the most luxurious experience ever.

11. Central Cinema

Advertised as a pizza and movie theatre, Central Cinema has themed happy hours 5 nights a week.

With a relaxing atmosphere, you can sit back on sofas, and save money on tickets by buying them in advance.

It is currently Seattle’s only dine-in theatre so check it out!

12. Marcus Theatres

marcus theatres

Throughout the midwest, you can enjoy a range of dining options in Marcus Theatres.

You can relax in the lounge or cafe, enjoy a traditional diner experience with a pizza and a drink, as well as take advantage of the classic dine-in movie option.

13. Frank Theatres CineBowl and Grille

If you’re more active, check out Frank Theatres CineBowl and Grille. Here you can go bowling (not in the actual theatre) before and after you watch a movie.

You can enjoy the full bar on offer and the restaurant. You could spend days and days here!

14. Sundance Kabuki Theatre

If you’re over 21, the Sundance Kabuki Theatre is the perfect place to enjoy drinks, food, and a movie.

While there isn’t a delivery service here, you can grab and go from the bar. For a more cost-friendly and comfortable theatre experience, you should try it out.

15. Movie Tavern

movie tavern

Last, but not least, is Movie Tavern with uber-comfortable seating, deluxe dining, and drinks that are served to you as you watch a movie.

This theatre based in Colorado offers everything you would want at generous prices.

On weekends, you can grab breakfast until 10:30 am. So, next time you need to nurse that hangover, head down here for some pancakes while you recline and get lost in the worlds of your favorite movies.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing better than a good movie, and add in your favorite alcoholic beverage and a meal and you’re sure to have a good time! Now that some movie theatres have obtained their liquor license, there’s no stopping the fun.

Kick back at these movie theatres that serve alcohol and catch the latest Hollywood flick.

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