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13 Most Popular Monster Energy Drink Flavors

As perhaps one of the most recognizable energy drinks, you can find Monster Energy on store shelves worldwide. It’s common to see the brand in grocery stores, gas stations, entertainment venues, and even vending machines due to its popularity.

Black Monster Energy Drink

When looking for an energy drink, Monster or otherwise, you aren’t always prepared for the onslaught of options the store shelves will present you with when purchasing.

While the names and designs don’t always provide much insight into the ingredients inside, there are many that are highly popular among energy drink enthusiasts.

To help you determine which flavor options are worthy of trying, we outline our personally cultivated list of the thirteen best Monster Energy flavors below.

Continue reading to learn why we picked these options and whether these highly formulated blends sound appealing to you.

Pipeline Punch

Named for the most famous wave in Hawaii, the Banzai Pipeline, this Monster Energy flavor reflects the most favored tastes throughout Hawaii.

When you take your first sip, it’ll immediately meet you with guava, orange, and passion fruit.

Not only will it remind you of surfing and the beach, but it will quite literally pack a punch of flavor in every sip.

I love when energy drinks add orange flavors, and the Pipeline Punch is no exception.

While it is subtle, it is still very present. Additionally, it collaborates perfectly with the guava and passion fruit and gives an overall tropical sensation throughout the drink.


When people look for a caffeine kick, they will often go to coffee, pop, or an energy drink.

Because of this, it comes as a surprise when they combine one or more of the energy options.

Monster Energy Assault brings together cola and an energy drink to form one of the most popular flavors in their lineup. 

While the Assault has some carbonation, it isn’t the same amount as what you get in a can of regular cola.

Therefore, the experience is a bit more muted than what you would get from just pop.

However, the addition of the energy drink gives it a kick that combines perfectly with the cola and brings a unique flavor profile.


One thing you should know when you are scanning the shelves trying to decide which can to select is that you can’t go wrong with the Monster Energy Original.

You get the initial energy drink recipe that Monster custom created at the beginning of their journey with no additional flavor. 

While you won’t be able to place an exact flavor, you will get a mixture of sweet and salty in every drink of your Monster Energy Original.

The taste is unique enough that you won’t tire of it after a few sips, but it also isn’t over the top.

Therefore, you won’t feel a need to split it into several portions to enjoy throughout the day.


Monster Energy created the Khaos blend with athletes in mind.

Designed to give an extra kick of adrenaline with the chosen ingredients of various fruit juices on top of the energy drink base provides a boost you didn’t know you needed.

You may think that choosing the Khaos option will bring you a simple fruit juice taste.

However, you couldn’t be more wrong. When you combine the different juices with the energy drink, you get a sharp taste that bursts with flavor.

This experience is one you wouldn’t be able to get with a simple fruit juice and brings you a level of excitement with every sip.

Peach Tea

If you are typically a tea drinker but want a higher level of caffeine to go along with it, you should consider purchasing the Monster Energy Peach Tea.

The energy drink base will give it a different taste element that you are used to in a traditional peach tea, but you will recognize the distinct peach tea flavor you know and love.

Although I am not a frequent tea drinker, I love the Monster Energy Peach Tea.

I personally find it so refreshing and enjoy drinking it on hot summer days.

While you can enjoy it chilled or at room temperature, I add ice to mine to give it the feel of chilled sun tea.

Ultra Blue

When you see a can of Ultra Blue mixed in with the other Monster Energy flavors, you’ll automatically know where the company drew its inspiration from by its design.

With the light blue background and etching that gives the look of ice, it’s immediately recognizable that the blend favors the many famous ski and snowboard training circuits of Aspen, Mammoth, Whistler, and Park City.

When you try Ultra Blue for the first time, you will be welcomed by a berry and citrus combination that comes together in all the right ways.

I like that the citrus is a more subtle addition but one that still adds to the overall flavor profile. This blend is one I reach for time and time again.

Mango Loco

While many Monster Energy names give you no indication of what ingredients it comprises, there are just as many that give you that insight but leave it a mystery as to the recipe’s origins.

Mango Loco makes it evident as to what flavors you will experience but leaves you wondering about the reason for the drink.

Mango Loco has images of skulls and vibrant colors on its can, which is helpful when you learn that the beverage’s focus is on Dia de Los Muertos.

This drink is crafted with some of the most prevalent ingredients in those celebrations, including the highly juicy, flavorful mango.

Ultra Sunrise

For those who aren’t a fan of coffee first thing in the morning but appreciate a beverage that is focused on familiar morning flavors, Monster Energy has provided Ultra Sunrise.

Reminiscent of orange juice, this flavor blend comes with various citrus elements that awaken all of your senses at the start of your day.

I am a big fan of having a big glass of orange juice in the morning.

While this doesn’t serve as an exact substitution, I do love to incorporate the Ultra Sunrise in place of orange juice on the days I know I’ll need an extra energy boost right off the bat – it never disappoints!

Ultra Red 

When you have a fondness for fruit and berry beverages, finding new combinations can be exciting for your palette.

The Monster Energy Ultra Red gives a mixture of various berries that offers a refreshing taste and a unique experience, even if it is different for each person who tries the blend. 

While Monster Energy doesn’t disclose the exact berries involved in the mixture, you can taste hints of all the popular ones – strawberries, raspberries, and even a bit of blackberry.

I have drunk the Ultra Red several times, and I get new subtle tastes each time. Many others feel it resembles a fruit punch of sorts, while others compare it to cranberry juice. 

Absolutely Zero

In response to many requests for a version of the Original flavor that was sugar-free, Monster Energy created Absolutely Zero.

While it has many similarities to the Original, it is a new recipe with different sweeteners.

The company has also added a citrus element that is light but refreshing. Because of its popularity, Monster Energy has made several other sugar-free blends.

The new makeup has been the recipient of a largely positive response. Many, myself included, love the addition of the citrus and how it brings a lightness to the Original taste.

Having zero sugar content is the icing on the cake and makes you feel better about consuming the drink.

Ultra Paradise

In what is perhaps the most unique blend you will find in the Monster Energy lineup, Ultra Paradise brings together two ingredients that you don’t commonly find in an energy drink.

With both kiwi and cucumber, you will feel the peaceful ambiance you get at a spa with a boost of energy that only a Monster can provide.

Although I was hesitant at first due to the inclusion of cucumber, I’m delighted with my decision to push past the apprehension and try out the Ultra Paradise.

Both ingredients come together perfectly to give you a refreshing drink unlike any other. You won’t regret trying this out.

Rehab Tea + Lemonade

When Monster Energy describes their Rehab Tea and Lemonade offering, they use the term botanical to explain its composition. After tasting it for myself, I can agree.

The ingredients used in the recipe come together in such a natural way that it makes you feel like you’re drinking authentic and exotic teas.

To add another level of exquisiteness, the introduction of lemonade into the botanical ingredients activates your taste palette in a way you wouldn’t otherwise expect.

I didn’t think I would enjoy this flavor as much as I did, but the smooth taste is a true winner all the way around.

Ultra Gold 

The basis for the Monster Energy Ultra Gold drink is rooted in Greek mythology.

As writings say, there was a nectar that provided immortality to those who consumed it, known as the “fruit of the gods.” While this isn’t factual, the myth provided inspiration for Monster Energy to create their own nectar with Greek influences. 

What does this version taste like for energy drink enthusiasts? Pineapple!

The golden can design doesn’t make it obvious what you can expect, but that first sip will scream pineapple.

The taste is natural and not overly artificial, so you aren’t overwhelmed with a super sweet pineapple taste.

There are so many positive reviews about Monster Energy drinks and the various flavors that they create. However, it isn’t always recognizable from the names and can design as to what the flavor makeup is inside. 

When you start taste testing the many different options available, you quickly learn that every blend is expertly created with a specific vision in mind.

Whether it’s Dia de Los Muertos, the morning sunrise, or Hawaii, the creators behind each can have a particular focus for its development. You’ll often find known flavors in the area or subject within these blends and creations.

In the end, don’t be apprehensive about trying out new flavor profiles that come from Monster Energy. While we outline the top thirteen best Monster Energy flavors in this guide, there are many more that deserve recognition as well. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with any of the options!

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What are all the flavors of Monster?

Monster Energy produces a wide variety of flavors. Some of the flavors included: Original (Green), Lo-Carb (Blue), Ultra Sunrise, Ultra Black, Ultra Red, Ultra Blue, Ultra Violet, Mango Loco, Pacific Punch, Rehab Tea + Lemonade, Rehab Peach Tea, and more. However, the range is continually expanding and may vary by region.

How many flavors does Monster make?

Monster Energy has a vast lineup of energy drinks. They produce over 30 different varieties when you consider the variations within their main line, the zero-sugar Ultra line, the juice-based Juice line, and the tea-based Rehab line. Please check the Monster Energy website for the most current lineup.

What is the main flavor of Monster?

The main flavor of the original Monster Energy drink is a sweet, citrus-like flavor, with a slightly tart aftertaste. It’s sometimes compared to the flavor of sweet tarts or other tart candies.

Which Monster actually tastes good?

Taste is subjective and can depend greatly on personal preference. Some people enjoy the original Monster Energy for its bold, sweet, and tart flavor. Others prefer the flavors in the Monster Ultra line, like Ultra Sunrise (citrus), Ultra Blue (berry), or Ultra Violet (grape). The Juice line, like Mango Loco and Pacific Punch, are often appreciated by those who like sweeter, fruitier drinks.

Which Monster drink is the strongest?

Monster Energy drinks contain roughly the same amount of caffeine per serving – about 160 mg per 16 fl oz. The Monster Energy Espresso Triple Shot, however, contains about 300 mg of caffeine per 15 fl oz, making it one of the strongest offerings.

What flavor is the white Monster?

The White Monster is part of Monster’s Ultra line and is officially called Monster Energy Ultra Zero. It has a citrusy flavor that some consumers liken to a sweetened grapefruit or a less sweet version of Mountain Dew. As part of the Ultra line, it’s sugar-free.


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  1. I love the pipeline punch best I have like 28 cans of them on my shelf I drank all of them already ,
    I usually drink 1 a day but sometimes 2 a day

    • I’ve been drinking 2 cans of the original per day for over 3 years now. Blood pressure is perfect, no side effects what so ever. Just wish it was cheaper!

  2. Every list includes Ultra Paradise as one of the best, it is my least favorite flavor out of the 28 I’ve tried so far. I drank it once for the first time and a second time when I began my can collection and barely got through it both times. The second time I thought “it can’t be as bad as I remember” and it was definitely as bad. I don’t get the appeal!

  3. Where did the monster muscle drinks go?!?!?! The strawberry, vanilla, and banana were all amazing when. I. Cans. Then I got hooked on orange Rehab then it disappeared. I’ve been having to buy Reign because the lemonade rehab sells out and the new flavors are eh.

  4. Dude, not even close. Number ONE is Monster Mule, which is still for sale overseas…..please bring back to the states……

  5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Bring back the Ubermonster that was the BEST MONSTER of all or at least put it online for us to bye.

  6. My ultimate favorite is KHAOS. We can only find it at one store soy husband buys a case every two weeks. And when that is out I go to KHAOTIC. WHICH IS EQUALLY HARD TO FIND!

  7. Number One will always be the Yellow Monster Ripper which they have decided to discontinue in USA. It’s not only the best Monster Energy but the best Energy Drink in general. Bring it back ASAP. We need to start a petition. Oh and we don’t want it back with like 1% juice, no thank you. The original amount of juice and good flavor. All those Ultra Monsters have 0 percent juice and all taste artificial, except for the Gold one and the Black one which is discontinued…
    The want to get people used to drinking pure chemicals. And trying to also save money by cutting the amount of juice and flavor.

    Also like the others are saying in the comments, we need the Ultra Black back. It was good.
    Also the Mad Dogg and Ballers Blend were pretty good as well.

  8. Please Please bring back the original Assault Monster. I used to buy these by the case until u changed the flavor. Please bring back the original Assault

  9. Pacific Punch should have been on this list. I also like Ultra Fiesta Mango it’s just like Mango Loco but zero sugar. Those are my three favorite Monsters 1. Pacific Punch 2. Mango Loco 3. Ultra Fiesta Mango

  10. Pipeline Punch is the BEST hands down. I try not to drink more than 2 a day but it’s hard. For those who drink Monsters for the pure flavor PLEASE try it. You will have zero regrets.

  11. I found ultra red and ultra blue once in my area now I can’t idk y and ultra gold is good gonna try find it tomorrow

  12. I found ultra red and ultra blue once in my area now I can’t idk y and ultra gold is good gonna try find it tomorrow

  13. Sadly the new Aussie Lemonade and the Mule are not on here. They are great and bring back the Mule, please!!

  14. Absolute Zero hasn’t been available in southern California for some time. Zero Sugar is the replacement and it sucks . Bring Back Absolute Zero.

  15. I don’t know if They discontinued it or not but my all time favorite is Cuba Lima, I’m surprised it’s not on there, unless people were really not fans of it and only 3 people drank it, such a shame i wish they brought it back.

  16. I love the monster hydro killer kiwi but you can’t find it anymore and if you do they are way overpriced

  17. Where is Ultra Watermelon on this list…?!? Have u tried it? It’s amazing. I jst wish they’d drop the dye added to it.

  18. You left out ultra black in your lineup that is one of my favorites I just love it. The black cherry flavor it is outstanding!

  19. I tried a monster papillon with butterflies on the can this morning and it was next level!!!! It totally should be on this list idk why it didn’t make it it is really delicious ? it says it’s made with peach and nectarine. I just discovered monster juice today at circle k and I loved it. I’ve only ever had the original so I was excited. I love juice so it’s the perfect combo!! Can’t wait to try the next one probably ultra paradise mmmm

  20. juice gives me stomachache so I don’t like fruity and sweet flavored drinks, which monster is the best for me? I don’t have problem with sour taste tho

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