11 Most Popular Grape Sodas To Drink

One of the most popular soda flavors available is grape. I love drinking it on hot summer days if I’m in the mood for something sweet and fruity.

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However, unlike many fruity soft drinks, grape soda doesn’t get its flavor from natural grapes. Instead, most grape flavor formulas use methyl anthranilate as a flavoring agent to give it the artificial taste and smell of Concord grapes.

Of course, some grape soda options can taste differently from others, depending on how their manufacturer perfects their flavor.

For instance, some can taste extra sweet, while others might have an artificial bitterness that’s barely noticeable. The flavor usually becomes more pronounced when served cold or with ice.

I compiled a list of the best grape soda options for you to consider if you don’t know what to buy at your local grocery store.

Best Grape Soda

Even if you’re not an avid grape soda fan, it’s always nice to try something different.

Shasta Grape Soda

First up on this list of the best grape soda options is Shasta Grape Soda.

Its flavor profile is bold and sweet like Concord grapes but can taste a bit artificial. On the other hand, it has a smooth and creamy texture when swallowed, especially when chilled.

They also have a diet variety if you prefer drinking grape soda with zero calories.

It comes in several sizes, from 12-ounce cans and 24-ounce bottles for individual consumption to three-liter bottles suitable for serving several people.

A 12-ounce can contains 150 calories, 45 milligrams of sodium, and 48 grams of sugar.

Boylan Grape Soda

Next up on the list of best grape soda products is Boylan Grape Soda.

At first glance of its glass bottle, this soda has a dark purple color. Once opened, the drink emits a bold, fruity aroma with a slight oak twist.

It doesn’t taste too sweet or dry, making it the perfect drink to pair with your favorite dishes during the summer. It also has a crispy, full-bodied aftertaste.

One bottle contains 200 calories, 80 milligrams of sodium, and 49 grams of sugar.

Its Blue 1 and Red 40 dyes give it its deep purple coloring. I find it looks spectacular, and when chilled it makes a great summer drink.

Fanta Grape Soda

Fanta is best known for their fruit-flavored soda.

Although their orange-flavor variety is one of their most popular drink options, their grape soda has plenty to offer for anybody neutral to the flavor.

Fanta’s Grape Soda doesn’t contain caffeine or artificial juices, ensuring quality flavor with every sip. If you’re a fan of sweet drinks, this soda might be your best option.

It certainly is mine! Its sweet, candy-like flavor makes Fanta Grape Soda my drink of choice. Sometimes, it has a syrupy aftertaste that lingers on your tongue.

Each can contains 170 calories, 40 milligrams of sodium, and 44 grams of sugar.

Stewart’s Grape Soda

If you’re looking for a smooth and creamy soda to indulge in on a hot day, consider sampling Stewart’s Grape Soda.

Like most grape-flavored sodas, it replicates the taste of crisp Concord grapes. 

Their 12-ounce bottles don’t contain caffeine, making it an ideal option for anyone sensitive to caffeine. It’s also a great option for anyone having trouble finding Kosher-friendly drinks.

It has 180 calories, 70 milligrams of sodium, and 45 grams of sugar, so I recommend sipping it occasionally so it won’t interfere with your exercise progress. 

Welch’s Grape Soda

Since 1869, Welch’s has specialized in crafting quality grape juice and grape-based products made with USA-grown Concord grapes to ensure authentic flavors.

Their Grape Soda has high carbonation and the perfect blend of natural and artificial flavors. I love the fizz!

This soda was discontinued in 2011, this soda returned a few years later. Although its crispness can vary from can to can, it retains a sharp and fruity taste as it runs down your throat and across your tongue, like a fizzy version of their grape juice. Additionally, it isn’t too watery and doesn’t taste like medicine. 

Although I usually avoid drinks packed with sugar, I enjoy them occasionally whenever it’s available.

Crush Grape Soda

For over 100 years, Crush has offered tasty fruit-flavored soda for the public to enjoy alone or with their favorite snacks.

Their Grape Soda is bold and bubbly. A single 12-ounce serving contains 43 grams of sugar.

But, surprisingly, it doesn’t taste overly sweet. It’s a refreshing option for anyone looking for soda without caffeine.

It has light carbonation and a hint of tanginess and dryness underneath its sweetness, like grape candy, and tastes best when served cold.

I always crack one of these open on a hot summer’s day for a refreshing drink.

Faygo Grape Soda

Despite its artificial flavoring, Faygo Grape Soda offers a sweet and powerful aroma once you open the bottle.

Many compare this scent with grape-flavored candy. If you aren’t a fan of sweet sodas, consider sipping this one slowly to keep you from overwhelming your taste buds.

Faygo Grape Soda contains zero traces of caffeine and has a low amount of sodium. This soda tastes best with salty food.

It’s made with pure cane sugar, carbonated water, citric acid, and tartaric acid, among other ingredients.

While a great soda, I do find Faygo to lose its carbonation quickly. You can find this grape soda in several stores across the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Central Southern regions of the United States.

Grapico Sparkling Grape Soda

If you visit the Southern United States, you’re bound to encounter stores selling Grapico Sparkling Grape Soda.

Its overall flavor profile has the standard artificial flavoring similar to candy. It’s available in three variants: Regular, Real Sugar, and Diet.

All Grapico Sparkling Grape Soda formulas are caffeine and gluten-free. However, their Regular formula contains high fructose corn syrup, less sodium, and fewer calories than its Real Sugar counterpart.

If you live outside of the South, consider treating yourself to this local favorite.

NuGrape Soda

Another popular grape soda brand found throughout the Southeastern United States is NuGrape Soda.

It’s one of the oldest grape soda brands in the United States, starting in 1921. Compared to the other grape sodas on this list, it’s less carbonated, tastes slightly tangy, and has a bitter aftertaste.

The last few times I had this soda, its subtle grape scent surged through me after a single whiff. Compared to other grape sodas, it leaves a sticky sensation after every sip.

Its 12-ounce NuGrape bottles contain 200 calories and 48 grams of sugar. I consider it a great alternative if you can’t find other low-sodium or caffeine-free options.

Sunkist Grape Soda

Sunkist Grape Soda is a drink I recommend for anyone who prefers grape soda without an overpowering flavor.

Its artificial grape flavoring is sweet and doesn’t have a grainy aftertaste. Like Sunkist’s Orange Soda, this grape soda is great for making ice cream floats on a hot day.

If you’re sensitive to gluten or caffeine, consider picking up a bottle or can at the next store or party you visit.

This grape soda’s calorie content ranges from 170 to 280 per can or bottle, based on your preferred serving size.

Zevia Zero Calorie Soda

Last but not least on this list of the best grape soda you should consider trying is Zevia Zero Calorie Soda.

As its namesake states, this grape soda has zero calories and zero sugars. Instead, its formula incorporates natural sweeteners

Although many argue that sugar-free and zero-calorie sodas have less flavor than regular soda, I couldn’t tell the difference when I first tried it.

Like most sodas, this vegan-friendly beverage contains carbonated water and citric acid.

However, its stevia leaf extract gives it a natural sweetness without adding extra calories or artificial coloring.

It also has zero traces of caffeine and sodium.

Best Grape Soda

  1. Shasta Grape Soda
  2. Boylan Grape Soda
  3. Fanta Grape Soda
  4. Stewart’s Grape Soda
  5. Welch’s Grape Soda
  6. Crush Grape Soda
  7. Faygo Grape Soda
  8. Grapico Sparkling Grape Soda
  9. NuGrape Soda
  10. Sunkist Grape Soda
  11. Zevia Zero Calorie Soda

Final Thoughts

Although grape soda can be an acquired taste for some avid soft drink lovers, there are plenty of options you can sample before declaring your final opinion of the flavor. Consider mixing them with other drinks to craft a creative mocktail bursting with fruity flavors.

Hopefully, this list of the best grape soda can help you decide what to buy next time you go shopping. Consider buying more than one brand to compare their overall flavor differences.

Are you interested in drinking something with more fruity flavors besides grape? Check out the best orange sodas, or this list of the most popular Spindrift flavors if you prefer something with fewer calories. 

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