15 Ginger Beer Brands You Need to Try

Thinking about Ginger beer probably reminds you of that refreshing Moscow Mule or a unique rum and ginger cocktail.

ginger beer

Due to its unique flavor, ginger beer is popular for mixing dozens of drinks, but which are the best ginger beers on the market?

The best ginger beer brands offer a different flavor than similar cocktail mixer, ginger ale – they are spicier, with a strong ginger flavor that has the zing of fresh ginger root.

There are so many different variations of ginger beer; we can’t fit them all into this blog post; however, we will list a few of the most popular. 

Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Beer

The Fever-tree premium ginger beer is crafted from all-natural ingredients, yielding the best taste possible.

Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Beer

They provide premium ginger beer and tonic water and are a staple for any mixed drink. It gives the best taste for gin and tonic, Moscow Mules, or any other drink calling for this mixer.

Since emerging into the market in 2005, Fever-Tree set a new standard in tonic water as there was a need for an all-natural, great-tasting variant for mixed drinks.

What makes the company unique is that they source all-natural ingredients worldwide, providing a unique experience unmatched by competitors. 

Q Mixers Ginger Beer

Another pioneer in the world of mixed drinks is Q Mixers.

They stand out from the rest by including organic agave nectar in their ginger beer, making it one of the best ginger beers on the market.

Furthermore, this drink has a kick, including a hint of chili pepper flavor, coriander, and cardamom. These ingredients nicely complement the ginger beer and enhance the flavor of any beverage.

Due to its organic ingredients, Q Mixers’ ginger beer is an excellent option for enjoying a drink while dieting. 

Barritt’s Original Ginger Beer

Barritt’s Original ginger beer is ideal for pairing with various drinks, especially rum!

Barritt’s is a staple in the carbonated drinks industry and has been making sodas and other beverages for decades.

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We’ve noticed that this particular ginger beer is much sweeter than the others due to the addition of high fructose corn syrup. 

If you are a fan of rum and coke, adding this to a glass of rum will provide a similar taste. Although you can taste the ginger, it doesn’t drown out the taste of the rum and provides a nice sizzle that adds to this brand’s allure.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Bundaberg makes one of the best-tasting ginger beers on the market today and is sure to provide a nice kick to any drink.

Bundaberg, an Australian company, takes great pride in crafting the very best ginger beer for your mixed drinks, and they even have a diet version. 

What sets Bundaberg apart from the rest is that it’s fermented similarly to other beers instead of being manufactured like a soft drink.

The natural ingredients responsible for the unique taste are cane sugar and natural ginger, not merely flavoring. It will make a welcome addition to any drink, or even just on its own. 

Maine Root Ginger Brew

Maine Root ginger beer is one of the best tasting options on the market.

It’s made with all-natural ingredients, including organic sugar cane juice, and provides a potent ginger flavor. Although it’s made similar to a soda, there are no artificial additives or flavors mixed in. 

This is a great choice for a tasty Moscow Mule and includes various natural sweeteners that provide a light sweetness that blends quite well with the ginger.

Maine Root ginger beer is an excellent addition to any drink; however, it gives an extra kick to tequila drinks. 

Reed’s Craft Ginger Beer

When trying Reed’s craft ginger beer, we immediately noticed the unique flavor profile is provided.

Since ginger beer is Reed’s premier product, they are well-versed in flavoring, fizz, and other important aspects. 

Like others on our list, this consists of all-natural ingredients, including raw cane sugar, ginger harvested from Peru, and sweet honey.

What sets Reed’s apart from the rest is the unique addition of pineapple, lemon, and lime juice. If you enjoy spice in your mixed drinks, this is the spicy ginger beer for you. 

Royalty Ginger Beer

This is one of the sweetest ginger beers we have tried and is sure to add a kick of flavor to any mixed drink.

The ginger flavor is not as potent in this ginger beer; however, it mixes well with the natural sugars. They also have a diet version available which is sugar-free if you prefer.

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This ginger beer is so sweet that you want to ensure you don’t mix it with any sugary liquor, as it would be overpowering.

It’s better to let this ginger beer add all the sweetness to your mixed drinks. One of the most common mixed drinks used with Royalty is a sweet and snappy apple cinnamon mule.

Brooklyn Crafted Mango Ginger Beer

This ginger beer is one of the most natural on our list.

Brooklyn Crafted Mango Ginger Beer

It’s unfiltered, so you can even see small pieces of fresh ginger in your glass. In addition to ginger, the other natural flavors include natural cane sugar and organic extract.

If you enjoy a spicy cocktail, you should certainly consider this option.

The use of Mango in this spicy ginger beer provides a unique taste unreplicated by anyone else in the industry. When mixing drinks, flavors such as cucumber and mint will mix well the mango and ginger tastes. 

Zevia Mixer Ginger Beer

Zevia Mixer provides a substantial sugar-free option that, unlike other similar products, does not lack taste.

The artificial sweeteners often drown out the ginger taste; however, Zevia Mixer brings a revolutionary change to sugar-free ginger beer. 

Since the ginger flavor is potent in this sugar-free option, it’s great for mixing with various drinks such as Moscow Mules. You will notice a bitter taste to this ginger beer due to the Stevia leaf extract, but it does not overpower the natural ginger flavoring.

If you are looking for a quality sugar-free option that doesn’t sacrifice the ginger taste, this should definitely be your top choice.

Top Hat Ginger Craft Concentrate

Unlink the other options on our list; this offering from Top Hat is made from concentrate and other soda syrups.

This is an excellent syrup if you have a soda maker and want to make your ginger beer from scratch.

You could also mix it with club soda or any seltzer to add a hint of spice to your drink. If you are looking for a less sugary option, they also provide a sugar-free version of the syrup.

If you want a simple ginger beer syrup to add to any drink, this is one of the best on the market. 

Cock n’ Bull Diet Ginger Beer

In our opinion, this is the best diet option for those who don’t want as much sugar but still want that ginger kick.

Cock n’ Bull is world-famous for its ginger beer and is the first ginger beer used for the Moscow Mule.

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Although this particular offering from them is sugar-free, there is no sacrifice made with taste.

So, if you are looking for a sugar-free option to add an extra kick to your cocktail, this is definitely worth a try. 

Gosling’s Ginger Beer

Gosling’s ginger beer is ideal for any Dark n’ Stormy recipe; however, you can use it for any mixed drink of your choice.

It is crafted with all-natural ingredients and has a potent ginger flavor that satisfies your taste buds. 

Top Note Ginger Beer

Top Note ginger beer is one of the newest offerings on our list and uses date sugar as a sweetener, making it a little darker in color than other offerings.

It provides one of the most potent ginger tastes of any ginger beer we’ve tried.

This is one of the best choices for the famous Moscow Mule, as its mixture of sweet flavoring and natural ginger taste give it the extra kick.

Regatta Ginger Beer

Regatta’s ginger beer is made available in convenient 8-ounce cans, ensuring that it doesn’t go flat.

Regatta curates their ginger beer using all-natural ingredients and is perfect for any mixer. Its potent ginger scent joins other natural flavors such as citrus, apples, and banana. 

Bruce Cost Ginger Beer

Bruce Cost ginger beer is one of the sweetest options on our list.

It has a unique fruity flavor that will make a great addition to any mixed drink. Mix this ginger beer with alcohol that is not sweet, as the extra sweet taste could be a bit overwhelming. 

This is one of the more unique ginger beers we’ve tried, and most notably, one of the best tasting!

You really can’t go wrong with any of the choices on this list. They all make a great addition to any mixed drink and include a potent ginger taste.

There is something for everyone on this list, as it includes ginger beers with just a rich ginger taste and those combined with other natural flavors. So, if you are looking to make Moscow Mules or any other mixed drink, these are definitely worth trying.

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  1. Two of the best ginger beers I’ve tried are not listed. Both tingle the throat on the way down. Frostie brand and the Mexican brand Goya are two of the best and stronger tasting Ginger beers.

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