8 Popular Flavored Rums to Drink

Flavored rums are all the rage these days, and you can enjoy these delicious spirits in many preparations.

Bottle Of Malibu Rum

Fresh flavors like pineapple, grapefruit, and coconut make for a refreshing drink. Rum is a traditional summer drink, but you can appreciate these flavors all year round.

Complex flavors and a smooth finish make rum a delightful drink. You may be surprised at the variety of flavors available and how easy it is to find a new favorite.

If you think rum and Coke is good, just wait until you try a delicious concoction made with a flavored rum; you’ll be shocked at how much depth the flavor adds to the drink!

There is a wide variety of cocktails that can be made with different flavors of rum. The following eight rums are all delicious ways to create unforgettable drinks that will be sure to hit the spot. 

Don Q “Pina” Pineapple Rum

This top-selling rum is distilled in Puerto Rico and made with pineapple juice, giving it a natural sweetness.

It’s perfect for making my favorite drink, a piña colada, or other tropical cocktails. Aged in white oak barrels, it has notes of vanilla and almond. This is a smooth rum that’s perfect for sipping.

Mix this rum with club soda or fruit juice for a refreshing drink. The pineapple flavor is subtle, avoiding the chemical candy sweetness present in many flavored liquors.

Not surprisingly, pineapple rum mixes well with pineapple juice. Adding lime is an excellent idea to cut the sweetness and make a delicious tropical drink. 

Bacoo Natural Cafe Rum

This coffee-flavored rum comes from the Dominican Republic. It’s a superior choice for those who enjoy the flavor of coffee but don’t want an overly caffeinated drink.

The rum is distilled from sugarcane and then flavored with Arabica coffee beans. It has notes of chocolate, caramel, and vanilla.

The coffee beans are roasted and then soaked in the rum for 24 hours to extract the flavor. This gives the rum a strong coffee flavor without being too bitter.

It’s perfect for mixing into cocktails or enjoying on its own. I love this rum as a late-afternoon drink.

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It mixes well with chocolate milk, believe it or not, and you can blend it with ice for a cool, delicious treat.

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Jan Stephenson Pineapple Rum

Jan Stephenson rums come from Utah. It’s distilled from sugarcane and then flavored with pineapple.

It has a natural and robust pineapple flavor, perfect for piña coladas and other tropical drinks.

The use of pineapple juice rather than pineapple extract gives this rum a fresh flavor. The natural pineapple taste is enhanced by overtones of vanilla.

This rum is also great for cooking, as the pineapple flavor can enhance many recipes. Notes of mango and honey make this rum perfect for sipping straight from the glass.

It’s no wonder that this rum won the silver medal at the WSWA Wine and Spirits Tasting convention! It’s definitely one of my favorites for days when I want to be on the beach!

Bacardi Coconut Flavored Rum

Bacardi Coconut Rum is a product of Puerto Rico. It’s a classic choice for those who enjoy the flavor of coconut and well-known brands.

It’s perfect for piña coladas, daiquiris, and other tropical drinks. The rum is distilled from sugarcane and then flavored with coconut.

Bacardi Coconut has notes of vanilla and almond. Try it with coconut water for a refreshing drink.

Coconut is a strong flavor, so I prefer to mix this rum with some juice, soda, or fruit.

This rum is quite sweet, so be careful with super sugary mixers. Club soda and ginger beer provide a nice balance to counteract the sweet taste.

Stoner’s Island Bush Herb Flavored Rum

This rum comes from Jamaica. It’s distilled from unrefined brown sugar and then flavored with various herbs and spices. It has a bold taste that’s perfect for sipping or using cocktails.

The herbs and spices give Stoner’s Island Bush Herb Flavored Rum a complex flavor that’s perfect for those who enjoy exploring new tastes.

This rum is ideal for mixing with fruit juices or ginger beer. This is a unique liquor that’s perfect for special occasions.

I like to bring it out to impress guests, but it’s also a nice staple in my cabinet for when I want an unusual cocktail.

Cruzan Watermelon Rum

This limited-edition rum originates from the U.S. Virgin Islands. It’s distilled from sugarcane and then flavored with watermelon.

It has a refreshing, natural watermelon flavor, perfect for summer cocktails. This rum is also great for cooking, as the watermelon flavor can enhance many recipes.

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Fresh watermelon is a subtle flavor, and elements of the rind are present in the rum. This gives it a slightly bitter flavor that’s balanced by the sweetness of the watermelon.

I enjoy drinking this rum with lemonade or limeade. It has a smooth, clean flavor. It’s challenging to prevent watermelon flavors from being cloyingly sweet, but Cruzan has managed to do so.

Vanilla and molasses notes provide balance to the sweetness, and a splash of watermelon on my tongue always reminds me of backyard barbeques!

SelvaRey Cocao Rum

SelvaRey’s chocolate rum comes from Panama. It’s distilled from sugarcane and then flavored with cocoa beans.

It has a rich chocolate flavor that’s perfect for use in cocktails or for sipping. This rum is also great for cooking, as the chocolate flavor can enhance many recipes.

The cocoa beans add flavor but not sweetness to this rum, resulting in a complex flavor profile. Like coffee-flavored rums, I drink it with milk or cream.

There are no additives or artificial flavors, so this rum is all-natural. SelvaRey Cocao Rum ages for five years in bourbon casks, giving the rum a smooth, mellow taste.

It’s perfect for one of my favorite cocktails: a chocolate mojito!

Ziami Ruby Rush Grapefruit Rum

Ruby Rush rum comes out of Florida, home of the grapefruit. It’s distilled from sugarcane and then flavored with grapefruit.

It has a tart, refreshing flavor that’s perfect for use in cocktails or for sipping. Many grapefruit rum cocktails mix with club soda, sugar, and mint.

The sweetness cuts the citrus while allowing the grapefruit flavors to shine.

Try this one with limeade for a refreshing drink. This rum tastes like natural grapefruit.

There is no trace of the super-sweet flavors caused by artificial ingredients. I love drinking it on the rocks with some fresh lime juice to get that natural tang.

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