Our Ranking of the Most Popular Dr. Pepper Flavors

Americans love to drink soda pop. Over the years, the country’s leading fizzy beverage industries have produced some of the most beloved soft drink options in history.

Cold can Dr Pepper with water drops

Dr. Pepper ranks among the most popular beverages of all time. Most soda lovers have difficulty describing the soft drink’s unique flavor.

That’s probably because the company has combined 23 different flavors to craft the beverage!

Though the classic flavor of Dr. Pepper is always a favorite, the beverage has several other flavor options to enjoy and savor.

Let’s explore the nine best Dr. Pepper flavors, ranked by popularity.

Dr. Pepper Cherry

With 23 flavors already in the can, why not add one more?

Dr. Pepper adds the deliciously sweet cherry flavor to its famous recipe.

The added touch makes for a taste bud party. Even those who don’t find themselves fond of cherry-flavored sodas will fall in love with this delicious option.

Diet Dr. Pepper

Many soft drink enthusiasts know that when a soda puts the word “diet” in its name, they typically sacrifice a fair amount of the flavor.

Thankfully, this isn’t the case with Dr. Pepper.

The beverage manages to pack all the flavor you love while featuring no sugar, calories, or fat.

It’s my preference when I’m watching my sugar intake.

Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla

If the simple touch of cherry wasn’t enough to excite your taste buds, Dr. Pepper takes it a step further by adding vanilla.

The result is a soda too good to describe in words.

This beverage demands repeat sips. I recommend taking your time with this drink and savoring every last drop.

Dr. Pepper Original

While we all love our flavor variants, there’s nothing quite like the refreshing and iconic taste of the original recipe of Dr. Pepper.

Featuring 23 flavors, Dr. Pepper is a fan favorite that has stood the test of time.

Though several flavors ranked ahead, this is where it all began! I find there’s nothing like cracking open an ice-cold Dr. Pepper on a hot summer day.

Dr. Pepper with Real Sugar

The only thing that could improve Dr. Pepper’s classic flavor is to sweeten it with authentic cane sugar.

Thankfully, the good folks at the company are one step ahead of us!

It’s astonishing what Mother Nature’s sweetener will do to an already perfect drink!

Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry

Once again, Dr. Pepper proves that a diet soft drink doesn’t have to suck.

Remember all those fantastic things I said about the cherry flavor option of Dr. Pepper?

They all ring just as true as the diet version. As a bonus, you save yourself the calories and sugar intake!

Dr. Pepper & Cream Soda

In the final entry, the cream soda version of the beloved drink is, without a doubt, the creamiest and most delicious soft drink on the market. 

Root beer floats will be a thing of the past when you take your first sip of this heavenly beverage from Dr. Pepper.

I always reach for one of these when I’m having movie night with my friends. The creamy flavor makes your taste buds sing!

Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar

Although reducing your sugar intake is a healthy choice, it can lower your enjoyment of soft drinks.

That’s not the case with Dr. Pepper’s sugar-free option.

All worry is gone upon the first sip. Dr. Pepper earns a grand slam in the sugar-free category, boasting full flavor, no matter what.

Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper

Surprisingly, the option featuring the lowest levels of caffeine actually still tastes pretty good.

While not all soda drinkers consume the beverage for the energy rush, it is a nice touch for some, including me!

Fear not, soda fans – the classic flavor you’ve come to love is still there!

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