The Best Creme de Menthe To Add To Your Bar

Mint is a polarizing flavor. Fans of the flavor love it in everything, while detractors bulk at the mere smell. While the leafy herd adds a pleasant, refreshing kick to recipes, even enthusiasts approach mint-flavored products cautiously.

Frozen Boozy Mint Grasshopper Cocktail with recme de menthe

Artificial mint flavor tastes like toothpaste, and no one wants their cocktail to taste like their morning routine.

The best creme de menthes achieve their tastes by infusing liqueur with natural mint leaves.

The spirits on this list use all-natural herbs and spices to craft the perfect cocktail mixers, certain to delight any mint fan.

Check out these delightfully fresh creme de menthes brands.

Tempus Fugit Creme de Menthe

Tempus Fugit worked hard to ensure its creme de menthe is the most authentic version of the spirit.

The distillers used recipes in three different languages to create their genuine creme de menthe. 

Tempus Fugit Creme de Menthe uses multiple macerated botanicals beyond the expected mint.

The sweet spirit centers the mint flavor, ensuring each sip packs a fresh menthol wallop. 

Drillaud Creme De Menthe

Drillaud Creme de Menthe’s bright green hue pleases the eyes first.

The French distiller infuses the spirit with plenty of spices and lots of mint flavor.

While mint enthusiasts may enjoy the creme de menthe solo, the liquor works best as a cocktail mixer, adding a pleasant, fresh pop to grasshoppers.

Bols Creme de Menthe

Bols claims to be the world’s first cocktail brand, and the distillers take that responsibility very seriously. 

Bols uses all-natural botanicals, and high-quality mint leaves to craft its creme de menthe.

The resulting mint flavor is strong and long-lasting. Bols creme de menthe is the perfect mixer for a wide range of classic cocktails

DeKuyper Creme de Menthe

DeKuyper is one of the most ubiquitous schnapps and cordials brands.

The spirit provides many bars with the flavors needed to craft world-class cocktails.

DeKuyper Creme de Menthe is bright and refreshing. The distiller uses fresh mint leaves to achieve a strong menthol flavor.

The bright green spirit adds the perfect kick to a grasshopper.

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Giffard Menthe-Pastille

Giffard Menthe-Pastille defies conventional mint liquor expectations.

The clear liquid captures a powerful menthol flavor using essential peppermint oils.

Emile Giffard created the liqueur in 1885. The innovator started out as a pharmacist and moved into distilling. 

The strong, pleasant peppermint taste won Giffard Menthe-Pastille several awards over the years. Use this peppermint flavor to craft festive Christmas cocktails!

Jacquins Creme de Menthe 

Jacquins began making superior cordials and liqueurs in 1884.

The Pennsylvania distillery is the state’s largest and America’s oldest cordial crafter.

Jacquins makes a green and a white creme de menthe. Both taste strongly of mint and mix well into a chocolate mint martini.

The flavors of the white and green creme de menthe are similar; choose your spirit based on your cocktail aesthetic. 

Hiram Walker Creme de Menthe

Hiram Walker created his distilling empire in 1858.

The company remains a force to be reckoned with, crafting 43 varieties of schnapps, brandies, and liqueurs.

Hiram Walker Creme de Menthe is a clear spirit infused with fresh mint leaves.

The resulting flavor is strong and bright. The liqueur is dryer than many on this list without sacrificing sweetness entirely.

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