Top 13 Cognac Brands To Drink

Cognacs are often associated with royals, fancy estates, and luxury.

Bottle of Hennessy, a Brand of Famous Cognac

This was true for most of this liquors’ history, and it was only available to the wealthy and famous. However, Cognac has had a renaissance in the cocktail scene, and it has become an affordable and popular alcoholic beverage.  

Cognac is a type of brandy made from grapes from the Cognac region of France. Ugni blanc is the most popular grape for cognac distillation.

To be classified as Cognac, the brandy must be distilled twice and then aged for at least two years in Limousin or Troncais, France. 

The best cognacs are known for their depth of flavor and subtle notes. Because it is aged in oak barrels, Cognac has a smokey flavor commonly associated with scotch.

With the rise of this beverage’s popularity, there has never been a better time to learn about the best cognacs on the market.   

1. Jean-Luc Pasquet L’Organic 07 Cognac

Jean-Luc Pasquet uses organic farming methods to grow the Uni-Blanc grapes for their L’Organic 07 Cognac.

After distillation, L’Organic 07 is aged for seven years and features notes of apricot, dried figs, cedarwood, vanilla, and dark chocolate. 

Jean-Luc Pasquet winery is located in Eraville, France, near the home of Champaign. This distinguished winery can trace its history back to 1730.

The winery stayed within the family until Jean Luc Pasquet inherited the property in 1970. He began bottling Cognac seven years later in 1977.

Jean-Luc Pasquet also distills several other qualities of Cognac under the L’Organic label.   

2. Bache-Gabrielsen American Oak Cognac

Bache-Gabrielsen American Oak is a unique Cognac.

Unlike many other cognacs on this list, American oak is distilled and aged in the United States of America. Bache-Gabrielsen still uses the Ugni Blanc grape variety to distill this beverage.

Still, it is aged in American Tennessee Oak barrels for at least six months instead of the traditional two years. 

The Bache-Gabrielsen is an award-winning Cognac and is excellent on the rocks or in a long drink.

It features notes of ripe apricot, pear, and vanilla, and the American Oak barrels give it tropical flavors of chocolate, coconut, and caramel.  

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3. Bisquit & Dubouché VSOP

Bisquit & Dubouché VSOP is an outstanding Cognac.

VSOP stands for very superior old pale or very special old pale. A Cognac must be aged at least four years to acquire the VSOP label. Some VSOP Cognacs are ages 10+ years. 

Bisquit & Dubouché VSOP is an amber color and features aromas and flavors of roasted peach, spiced tea, and apple pie.

It has a medium body and a smooth finish. It also has notes of baking spices. This outstanding Cognac is best served neat as a digestif to round out a meal.

Bisquit & Dubouché is an award-winning winery producing outstanding wine and Cognac for over 200 years. You don’t want to miss out on their VSOP  

4. Francois Voyer X.O.

Francois Voyer X.O. is distilled exclusively from Grande Champagne Premier Cru grapes.

X.O. stands for extra old, and this Cognac earned this title for being aged 10 to 25 years. It spends the first three years in new Limousin oak barrels and then is transferred to older barrels for the rest of the aging process. 

Francois Voyer X.O. is a light amber color with golden hues. It is a genuinely gorgeous-looking Cognac.

It smells of vine peach, quince jelly, and stewed plum and has shades of vanilla. This Cognac is an excellent balance of woody and fruity flavors. 

It has tasting notes of fruit and vanilla and has a smooth finish. It is best served neat as a digestive with your favorite cigar.  

5. Hine Antique XO Cognac

Hine Antique X.O. Cognac easily makes our list of best Cognacs.

This extra old Cognac has been aged a minimum of 10 years. Additionally, it was upgraded to Grand Champagne grapes which are the best in the entire region of Cognac.

The first bottle of Antique was distilled in 1920, and over 100 years later, this is indeed a timeless bottle of Cognac. 

It has olfactory notes of licorice, spices, and vanilla, as well as hints of baked apples and chocolate. It gives the drinker a complex and balanced flavor that lingers on the tongue on the palate. 

6. Courvoisier X.O.

The Courvoisier X.O. is a product of an award-winning distillery.

Courvoisier has won the most awards of any Cognac House since 2019. Courvoisier XO paid homage to the Cognac that made the Cognac House famous.

Napoleon Bonaparte III visited Courvoisier in 1811 and was so impressed that he made it the official Cognac of his court. 

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Since then, Courvoisier has become world-renowned for its excellent Cognac. Courvosier XO is no different. This full-bodied and rich Cognac has the smoothest of finishes.

It is distilled from Grande and Petite Champagne grapes, which give it outstanding flavor and depth. You don’t want to miss this Cognac. 

7. Hine Rare V.S.O.P. Cognac

Hine Rare VSOP Cognac is considered Fine Champagne.

All the grapes used are from the Grande or Petite Champagne areas. This Cognac carries the VSOP label for being aged up to twelve years in authentic French Limousin oak barrels. 

Hine Rare VSOP is a luxurious amber color and has the aromas of apricots and nectarines. On the palate, you get orange, oak, and vanilla notes. The finish is smooth and features notes of ginger and oak. 

Hine Cognac can trace its roots back to the 18th century. Over the last two hundred years, Hine has consistently produced outstanding Cognac known the world over.

8. A.E. Dor V.S.O.P. Cognac

A.E. Dor VSOP Cognac is the product of one tireless individual quest for the perfect Cognac.

Starting in 1858, A.E. Dor started collecting the finest Cognacs. He left no stone unturned and assembled perhaps the most extraordinary Cognac collection known to man. 

The A.E. DOR VSOP is a product of this obsession with Cognac. It is gentle and easy to drink, featuring floral and fruity notes. It finishes with notes of fruits and chocolate.

On the nose, you pick up jasmine and orange as well as cocoa and raisins. It has a slightly spiced finish that is ever so smooth. 

9. Remy Martin XO Cognac

Remy Martin is perhaps one of the best-known Cognac Houses globally, and its X.O. Cognac lives up to this reputation.

Remy Martin XO is the signature brandy of their cellar master.

This is Remy Martin’s exclusive blend. It is best served neat or on ice. However, it also makes delicious Old Fashioned. 

Remy Martin XO is a complex Cognac with various tasting notes and aromas. On the tongue, you can taste candied orange, dried figs, and fresh hazelnuts.

The finish is smooth and gives you honey, jasmine, and ginger notes. Remy Martin XO is a must-try of all the Cognacs on this list.  

10. Camus Port Cask Finish Cognac

Camus Port Cask Finish Cognac is perhaps the most unique Cognac on this list of the best Cognacs.

Instead of the traditional oak barrel aging process, the Camus Port Cask Finish Cognac is finished in old port casks. It is the first Cognac ever to be finished in this manner.

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This rare Cognac had a limited run of only 3,000 bottles. 

Camus Port Cask Finish Cognac can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. It is delightful over ice, but its complex flavors lend themselves well to your favorite cocktail. It is a mysterious dark amber color with red tints.

It is spicy and sweet on the tongue with notes of nuts and berries. 

11. Frapin VIP XO Cognac

Frapin VIP XO Cognac is a blend of the finest Grande Champagne grapes.

It is aged an astounding 35 years, and the results are second to none.

This is a Cognac to be sipped and savored with esteemed guests or your closest friends. It was the only Cognac to be served onboard Concorde flights. 

Like many older Cognacs, Frapin VIP XO is best enjoyed neat. It should also be allowed to breathe for several minutes. Frapin also created a special cocktail called “Cocktail VIP One” that makes the most of the complex flavors of their VIP XO Cognac. 

12. Hennessy V.S.O.P Cognac

Hennessy VSOP Cognac is the product of over 200 years of distilling experience.

It can trace its origins back to an order placed by King George IV of England. He requested a “very Superior Old Pale” from Henessy.

The first bottles were shipped in 1818, and Hennessy VSOP continues this tradition.

Hennessy VSOP is a luxurious mahogany color. It features notes of fresh fruits and has a palate of vanilla, spices, and a mild tobacco flavor.

It has a smooth finish and is best enjoyed on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail. 

13. Le Reviseur V.S.O.P Cognac

Le Reviseur VSOP Cognac is an award winning blended Cognac.

This VSOP is aged for at least four years and is famous throughout Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

Le Reviseur’s outstanding Cognac is less prevalent in other locations, but that means that it is available at a fraction of the cost of different, more popular Cognacs. 

Le Reviseur VSOP is elegant and fruity and has a touch of spice. The palate features woody notes with a touch of leather. This is a full-flavored Cognac with a smooth finish. 

After reading this list of the best Cognacs, you are more than equipped to go to your favorite cocktail lounge and ask for a Cognac on the rocks.

Each of these Cognacs has its unique aromas and notes. I encourage you to try them all so you can find the best Cognac for your distinct palette. 

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