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What To Order from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Many people need a cup of coffee in the morning just to survive the workday, but not everyone enjoys drinking it. You have to power through so many unpleasant aspects of your job, but you should never have to choke down a cup of coffee. Luckily, there are several solutions for you below. 

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) store in Changi Airport

Have you ever visited The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf? There are countless varieties of coffee, and it can be hard to choose just one.

Regular customers may have their favorites, but we can all get bored of the same thing. This list of top drinks will help you find new favorites.

If you have never visited The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, you will be rushing over after reading about these decadent beverages at this popular coffee shop

There are countless flavors derived from high-quality powders, and the coffee beans are selected through a fastidious process.

Find your new favorite Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf drink from our favorites below!

Caramel Ice Blended

The Caramel Ice Blended drink is a must-have at The Coffe Bean & Tea Leaf.

Need a quick pick-me-up? This drink is made with espresso to start your day off right. The French Deluxe vanilla powder adds a sweet yet rich element to the harsh espresso. 

With caramel sauce mixed into the drink and drizzled on top, this beverage explodes with flavor. Adding whipped cream mixes up the texture with light, fluffy delight.

This iced drink is my personal favorite. I have always thought that caramel makes everything better, but I have never tasted flavor like this.

This unique vanilla powder adds a whole new layer and earns the Caramel Ice Blended a spot at the top of my list of the all-time best coffees

Vanilla Latte

This vanilla latte will be your new go-to, regardless of the weather. Feel your exhaustion melt away as you sip on this sweet sensation.

You will barely notice the espresso underneath French Deluxe vanilla powder and non-fat milk. 

Watching your calorie intake? Your vanilla latte makes it easy to switch from whole milk to non-fat milk because the recipe is tailored specifically to non-fat.

Often, non-fat milk can feel empty and nearly hollow. Once steamed, however, it becomes thick and creamy.

Vanilla lattes can be icy refreshments on hot, summer days or served hot with thick foam as a comforting alternative for sweater-weather days.

Burnt Caramel Cold Brew Latte

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Cold Brew Coffee combines a customer favorite, the Bali Blue Moon Coffee, with Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee.

The roots of chicory plants are added for richness and a hint of nutty flavors.

Now imagine all of those subtle flavors combined with the sweetness of caramel. The combination is very tasteful, and the caramel doesn’t drown the more subdued flavors.

Every aspect is proportioned just right, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. 

A cup of cold brew coffee typically has more caffeine than a shot of espresso, so you will be on your feet in no time if you choose the Burnt Caramel Cold Brew Latte.

Mocha Ice Blended

The Mocha Ice Blended began the legacy of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. A lot was riding on this drink, but it was everything customers had hoped for and more.

After sipping this beauty, you’ll be convinced that espresso was made for this combination.

Do you ever crave hot chocolate but know you need caffeine more?

You don’t have to decide with the Mocha Ice Blended. It is made with Special Dutch chocolate powder, which is creamy and cocoa-flavored. 

This drink is served iced with whipped cream on top, bringing the comfort of hot cocoa to summer.

Bali Blue Moon Coffee

Enjoy a cup of Bali Blue Moon Coffee straight from the Kintamani Highlands in North Bali.

The standards for the coffee are very strict, requiring that there is 95% or more red fruit in the coffee cherries. Plus, there are tangerine and orange trees beside the coffee cherries in the grove, which add to the flavor profile. 

Walnuts and semi-sweet chocolate are the major flavors in a cup of Bali Blue Moon Coffee.

However, you will also notice a black cherry taste. To round it all out, there is a pleasant, toffee scent.

By combining your sense of taste and smell, Bali Blue Moon Coffee creates an all-around outstanding experience.

Plus, you will barely even notice the low-to-medium acidity under the diverse, rich flavors. 

Cookies and Cream Ice Blended

This one is for all ice cream lovers. Imagine a trip to your favorite childhood ice cream stand, except you can find it in multiple locations, and it is made with only the best ingredients. 

The espresso roast coffee is accompanied by Special Dutch Chocolate powder, which adds a smooth texture and delectable cocoa flavor.

The dark chocolate syrup and cookie pieces make this drink what it is. 

This brings out my inner child. I love the crunch of the cookies combined with the smooth, creamy powder. 

Classic Flat White

A night of partying and an early morning at the office are no match for the extra espresso in a Flat White.

If you are truly desperate for energy, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has you covered.

Flat White drinks are truly as smooth as it gets, warming and soothing your throat with each sip. They are also quite light due to the aerated milk, so they won’t bog you down all day. 

You have several flavor options – hazelnut, vanilla, mocha, or classic flat white.

Each one includes a signature powder, and the type of powder depends on the flavor of the drink.

I love the Hazelnut Flat White. The nutty flavor blends perfectly with light, aerated milk.

Iced Tea Latte

If espresso and cold brew coffees aren’t your thing, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has you covered.

Iced Tea Lattes have all of the wonders of classic iced lattes, but a concentrated shot of tea substitutes the double-shot of espresso. 

Frothed milk gives the drink its light, fluffy texture. You can choose to order this drink as-is, you can add flavor powders, or you can select a different type or flavor of tea

Those at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf suggest that you choose tea with a bold flavor because the milk can overpower more subtle teas. Chai lattes are some of the most popular.

I, like many of you, know the frustration of buying a coffee that is made wrong. At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, you won’t have to worry about inconsistencies. Every cup is crafted perfectly to brighten your morning. 

With these coffee shops, your only concern will be choosing between so many, amazing drinks. Do you want espresso or cold brew, mocha or vanilla, caramel or hazelnut? There are so many delicious options that you will never become bored. 

As a fellow coffee fanatic, I highly recommend trying out these creative masterpieces.

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