9 Popular Applebee’s Cocktails to Try

Try these favorite drinks at Applebee’s in addition to your meal, or on their own!

If you’re looking for some tasty appetizers and interesting takes on American classics, then Applebee’s is for you. It’s a great place to chat with friends and family and enjoy a meal together.

Applebee's restaurant at Times Square

And because of their big menu, everyone will walk out full and happy. But, don’t visit solely for the food.

This popular chain restaurant has a long cocktail list that’s worth a try too!

Applebee’s specializes in mixed drinks, such as margaritas, Long Island iced teas, and sangrias among others.

Of course, the restaurant chain has your familiar beers and wines available too, but most people go there for the unique mixed drinks. 

If you’re interested in trying one of Applebee’s mixed cocktails, the drink menu can be a bit overwhelming. Some drinks have strange names, and you might feel unsure about whether you’ll like the drink you picked.

Best Applebee’s Drinks

So, let’s look at some of the best Applebee’s drinks that you’re sure to be happy with.

Perfect Margarita

The Perfect Margarita is a popular favorite among many customers at Applebee’s.

It is on the simple side with just a few types of alcohol, lime juice, and a fruity flavor of your choosing.

It’s a great mixed drink to start with if you aren’t sure what you’ll like. These margaritas are on the sweeter side but have a little citrusy tang from the lime juice.

I like the orange essence it has to it from the Cointreau and Grand Marnier. It is a very refreshing drink to have with salty bar food.

Perfect Margarita ingredients include:

  • 1800 Reposado tequila
  • Cointreau
  • Grand Marnier
  • Lime juice
  • Flavorings of mango, strawberry, or lime

Long Island Iced Tea

If you’re looking for a mild-tasting drink, then a Long Island Iced Tea is perfect.

This drink is chock full of alcohol. However, the addition of a sweet and sour mix and cola cut the alcohol taste out significantly.

This is something to be careful with because they barely taste like alcohol at all, but they are very strong drinks. Smirnoff vodka ranges from 80 to 100 proof.

I’m a person who doesn’t typically like the taste of strong alcohol, so this is one of my favorites. Nothing beats the refreshing taste of a Long Island Iced Tea.

Long Island Iced Tea ingredients include:

  • Smirnoff vodka 
  • Bacardi rum
  • Tanqueray gin
  • Triple Sec
  • Sweet and sour mix
  • Pepsi

Red Sangria

If you love fruity drinks and wine, then the Applebee’s red sangria is a great choice.

This chain restaurant’s red sangria tends to be on the sweeter side because they add pineapple juice and peach schnapps.

There’s a slight tart kick to it because of the cranberry juice but this sangria is predominantly sweet. 

You can taste the alcohol from the wine and peach schnapps slightly, but the fruit takes over the flavor profile.

This is also a good choice if strong alcohol isn’t your thing. I love the fruitiness of this drink.

Red sangria ingredients include:

  • Sutter Home Cabernet (a dry wine with robust fruit flavors)
  • Peach Schnapps
  • Pineapple juice
  • Cranberry juice cocktail
  • Lemon-lime soda

Blue Aloha Mana Margarita

The Blue Aloha Mana Margarita focuses heavily on Hawaiian flavors.

So, if you’re looking for a tropical getaway in a glass, this is it. This drink is sweet when you first taste it, but it has a slightly sour aftertaste because of the blue Curacao they use.

It gives your palate a tinge of bitter orange, making this drink both sweet and sour. It is acidic yet sweet.

I love the tropical taste of this drink, and it has a beautiful blue hue, so it’s cool to look at too.

Blue Aloha Mana Margarita ingredients include:

  • Teremana Blanco Tequila
  • Blue Curacao
  • Pineapple juice
  • Lime

Captain Bahama Mama

The Captain Bahama Mama gives off tropical Caribbean vibes with its strong flavors of coconut and pineapple.

It’s reminiscent of a pina colada, but it’s more liquidy with the addition of multiple juices.

This is another drink that will make you feel like you’re on a tropical getaway while sitting in a restaurant booth. 

It tastes like a tropical juice with a hint of alcohol. I love the addition of the crème de banana. It adds a hint of banana without being too overpowering.

Captain Bahama Mama ingredients include:

  • Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
  • Malibu Coconut
  • Crème de banana
  • Pineapple juice
  • Orange juice
  • Lemon-lime soda

Shark Bowl

The Shark Bowl will take you back to feeling like a kid with its frozen base and gummy shark garnishes.

This bright blue slushy drink is perfect for anyone, as long as they are 21 and older.

The vanilla and cinnamon flavors from the spiced rum mesh deliciously with tropical fruit flavors, and the fact that it’s slushy makes it even better.  

This drink is perfect for a hot summer day, which is when I got to try it. I highly recommend trying this drink.

Shark Bowl ingredients include:

  • Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
  • Tropical fruit flavors
  • Ice
  • Gummy sharks

White Peach Sangria

The white peach sangria is refreshingly sweet and pairs well with light dishes on the Applebee’s menu.

It’ll seem less acidic because Moscato tends to be a sweeter wine with a rather low acidity level.

Unlike the red sangria, there isn’t much of a kick to it. The white peach sangria tends to be more mellow and a little lighter due to the use of white wine.

Because this sangria is on the lighter side, it pairs best with light dishes like the blackened salmon. This is what I had it with, and it was such a great combination.

White peach sangria ingredients include:

Cuervo Mucho Margaritas

The three Cuervo Mucho Margaritas are closer to the typical margarita you’re probably used to.

All three have the same ingredients, but you can choose from three flavors. You can taste the fruity flavor you choose but still taste the alcohol. The aftertaste is where you’ll catch the alcohol. 

Make sure to ask for a salted rim for these margaritas. The salt cuts the sweetness slightly. You can’t have a traditional margarita without the salted rim!

The combination of salt and sweet is one of my favorites.

Cuervo Mucho Margaritas have the following ingredients:

  • Jose Cuervo gold
  • Triple sec
  • Margarita mix
  • Flavorings of mango, strawberry, or lime

Strawberry Coconut Mana Margarita

Nothing screams summer like strawberries and coconut! This margarita only has a few ingredients, so you can taste each one individually.

The 100% Blue Weber agave Teremana tequila used in this margarita is so smooth and has some citrus and vanilla notes to it. And there’s no sugar! This tequila pairs well with the other tropical flavors used.

The Strawberry Coconut Mana Margarita is my favorite margarita at Applebee’s because it tastes like summer in a glass.

Coconut and strawberry mesh very well together, and they don’t overpower the taste of the tequila.

Strawberry Coconut Mana Margarita ingredients include:

  • Teremana Blanco Tequila
  • Malibu Coconut
  • Strawberry
  • Lime

Best Applebee’s Drinks

  1. Perfect Margarita
  2. Long Island Iced Tea
  3. Red Sangria 
  4. Blue Aloha Mana Margarita
  5. Captain Bahama Mama
  6. Shark Bowl
  7. White Peach Sangria
  8. Cuervo Mucho Margaritas
  9. Strawberry Coconut Mana Margarita

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a good mixed drink, you don’t need to go searching for some fancy restaurant or buy ingredients to make them at home. Try Applebee’s next time!

While Applebee’s may be a chain restaurant, they have some tasty mixed drinks that you can enjoy at a low price. Sometimes they run specials on drinks too!

Use this list of the best Applebee’s drinks to decide which flavorful drink you want to try during your next visit. You can happily enjoy your drink with some food or simply sip on it while chatting with friends!

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