9 Delicious McDonald’s Slushie Flavors

Cool off with some of these McDonald’s slushies.

People love eating at McDonald’s, and it’s one of the largest global fast food chains for various reasons. They have numerous popular menu items, from the Quarter Pounder to the Big Mac, and they’re constantly innovating and adding new items.

McDonald's slushie drink in hand

Their slushies are a popular choice as the weather gets warmer to help people cool down.

The most popular flavors are blue raspberry, wild cherry, and strawberry, but there are several more delicious flavors, depending on your specific location.

McDonald’s Slushie Flavors 

Here’s a comprehensive list of the best McDonald’s Slushie Flavors.

Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry

The Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry slushie is a tart and tangy treat perfect for a hot summer day.

The delicious blue raspberry flavor is refreshing and will leave you wanting more — even if it means getting a blue tongue.

Nothing in nature is a “blue raspberry,” but the taste is similar to a black raspberry flavor but a bit tarter and sweeter.

Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry

Another Fanta-based slushie is the Wild Cherry flavor. 

The flavor is similar to black cherry flavoring, but, like blue raspberry, it is more sweet and tart, making it ideal for a slushie.

I love that this one is also slightly sour, which gives you a delightful puckering moment after every sip.

If you like this slushie, check out popular Fanta soda flavors.

Minute Maid Strawberry Watermelon Slushie

Strawberry and watermelon are one of my favorite flavor combinations because it’s the perfect balance of sweet, tart, slightly bitter, and refreshing.

This Minute Maid Strawberry Watermelon slushie is no exception.

The watermelon flavor is more dominant than you’d expect and sweeter, tasting more like candy than real watermelon.

Minute Maid Pink Lemonade Slushie

Minute Maid offers a pink lemonade slushie at McDonald’s, one of my favorite options to drink alongside a small meal.

The striking sweetness of pairs swimmingly with the fattiness of a burger and the saltiness of a side of fries.

Minute Maid® Blue Raspberry Slushie

Minute Maid’s Blue Raspberry slushie is similar to Fanta’s version but with a more subtle flavor.

This one’s for you if you’re not a fan of overly sweet or tart drinks.

The blue raspberry flavor is light and not as in-your-face as the Fanta version; however, there are 100 more calories than the Fanta version, so it might not be the best option if you’re on a diet.

Minute Maid® Fruit Punch Slushie

I think Minute Maid’s Fruit Punch flavor is one of the best McDonald’s slushie flavors if you just want a drink and no food.

This is because there is already so much flavor that you can taste from this drink alone.

The blend of various fruit profiles is so satisfying, but if you want to add a meal to it, don’t let me stop you!

Frozen Coca-Cola Classic

Whoever thought it’d be a great idea to freeze coca-cola into slushie form was a true genius!

And if you think regular coke with ice is refreshing, just wait until you try the frozen version.

The Frozen Coca-Cola Classic tastes great alongside a McDonald’s burger.

Minute Maid Tropical Mango

The Tropical Mango slushie tastes just as good as it sounds.

There’s something about a frozen mango drink that is so satisfying, and this one hits the spot.

There’s a hint of passionfruit, but this drink’s mango flavor is the most dominant.

Minute Maid Sweet Peach Slushie

Minute Maid’s Sweet Peach slushie is one of the most unique of all the flavors.

It’s not a flavor you would typically associate with a slushie, but it works so well.

The initial taste is of ripe peach, and then the flavor evolves into something more like a candied peach.

It’s sweet, but not too sweet, which is perfect for a meal.

McDonald’s Slushie Flavors 

  1. Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry
  2. Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry
  3. Minute Maid Strawberry Watermelon Slushie
  4. Minute Maid Pink Lemonade Slushie
  5. Minute Maid® Blue Raspberry Slushie
  6. Minute Maid® Fruit Punch Slushie
  7. Frozen Coca-Cola Classic
  8. Minute Maid Tropical Mango 
  9. Minute Maid Sweet Peach Slushie 

Final Thoughts

McDonald’s isn’t known for having the healthiest food around, but sometimes it’s just so good that you want to stop for a quick bite.

If you go in the summertime and want to treat yourself even further, choosing one of the McDonald’s slushie flavors to compliment your meal is an excellent idea.

What’s your favorite flavor? Let us know in the comments below!

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