6 Most Popular Desserts at Olive Garden

Complete your meal with these tasty Olive Garden desserts!

After having infinite complimentary bread, finger-licking appetizers, and the loaded entrées, making room for some sweet Olive Garden desserts seems like a huge feat.

The exterior of an Olive Garden restaurant,

But you know what they say? There is always room for some dessert, regardless of how much you eat; because a dessert goes to the heart. 

As a child, my parents used to take me to Olive Garden for dinner at least once a month, and those memories are the highlight of my life.

The best part of the dinner was when we would devour desserts at the end of our meal – and then cry and laugh about how we more than overate later on! Eventually, the monthly routine fizzled out, and we moved on to newer places.

Best Olive Garden Desserts

To cherish those memories, I decided to go and have some of the best Olive Garden desserts. It would be a great injustice if I don’t share with the world my favorite desserts.

Whether it was the Black-Tie Mousse Cake or the Pumpkin Cheesecake I just had a few nights ago, get ready to have your mouth drooling.  

Black Tie Mousse Cake

Of all the best Olive Garden desserts on this list, the Black-Tie Mousse Cake has to be my numero uno.

It is a simple mousse cake, but fireworks go off in your head with every bite melting in your mouth. 

The mousse cake has four unique layers, blending together perfectly.

Its base consists of a moist and fluffy chocolate sponge topped with a dark chocolate cheesecake and a smooth and fluffy vanilla mousse.

What binds all of this together is the chocolate ganache on top that is the perfect amount of bitter and sweet. 

I love sharing my food, but this is one dessert that I would have everyone keep their hands off.


The classic ‘Pick Me Up’ dessert at Olive Garden is to die for, entertaining your mouth with the variety of textures it encompasses.

The caffeinated bursts of espresso and cocoa in the Tiramisu made me feel like I’m floating in the air.

Though I will admit that the sugar was a bit too overwhelming in the whipped cream on top, the tang of the mildly sweetened mascarpone and the bitterness from the espresso-soaked ladyfingers balanced it out well.

Very rarely does one come across a good Tiramisu, and this one checks all the right boxes for me.

Olive Garden’s iteration includes egg yolks, rum, mascarpone cheese, and ladyfingers. 

Zeppoli Warm Italian Doughnuts 

For those who don’t know, the Zeppoli is a classic Italian pastry, commonly referred to as a doughnut here in America.

It is a deep-fried dough topped all over with sugar – just like your typical sugar doughnut! The only difference? It’s a square. 

For those who have never tried it, it is similar to a churro in flavor but with a much softer texture. I love to snack on these and fry them every now and then at home myself.

What I loved the most was that Olive Garden served them nice and warm, and with a delicious chocolate dip to enjoy them with.

Olive Garden’s Zeppoli is made of eggs, butter, and flour, so if you’re allergic to these ingredients, you may be better off ordering another dessert. 

Chocolate Brownie Lasagna

I distinctly remember devouring the 910 calorie Chocolate Brownie Lasagna every time I would come to Olive Garden as a kid.

For two years straight, this is the only thing I ordered. After all, what more could a kid want? 

This dessert is well worth the added expense. There are eight delicious layers of fudge brownies and a vanilla-flavored cream cheese frosting.

The chewy texture of the brownies, along with the fluffy frosting, is perfectly complemented with the chocolate shavings on top. 

Sicilian Cheesecake with Strawberry Topping

When opting for a strawberry cheesecake at any restaurant, I am always a little apprehensive.

That is because I do not enjoy the syrup-like, artificial strawberry flavoring chefs incorporate within their cheesecake and on the top.

I was hesitant before I ordered the Sicilian Cheesecake, but I have no regrets here because I have finally found a place that sells the perfect strawberry-flavored cheesecake.

I have had this dessert at a sum of restaurants; besides Olive Garden, every one of them disappointed me. The tang, the sweetness, the fruity flavor of the strawberry toppings – everything was just perfect!

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Every American loves the classic pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. Olive Garden takes it one step further by turning the dessert into a soft, light, and fluffy Pumpkin Cheesecake.

What more could you want in a dessert?! 

The pumpkin and the ginger-spice flavors combined in the cheesecake with the delicious crumbly base made of ginger cookies remind me of Autumn days, even on a warm summer evening.

I feel the warmth of a fireplace with every bite of the cheesecake.

Despite being sugar-intensive, the dessert itself is not heavy at all – though you might want to share this one if you are counting calories.

Best Olive Garden Desserts

  1. Black Tie Mousse Cake
  2. Tiramisu 
  3. Warm Italian Doughnuts 
  4. Chocolate Brownie Lasagna
  5. Sicilian Cheesecake with Strawberry Topping
  6. Pumpkin Cheesecake

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – a thorough detail of the best Olive Garden desserts. Heading over to the restaurant of my childhood after more than a decade was a feeling hard to describe.

Nostalgia flowed in like a tsunami, with memories playing out in my head when I looked on over to the table I often sat on with my parents. It reminded me of why I loved this place so much: It felt like home. 

Of course, the Orlando-based restaurant has much more to offer than what I mentioned for this part of the meal, but my suggestion would be to stick to these options.

They are within an affordable price range. On top of that, they will surely never disappoint – it pays to be smart about what you order. 

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