Top Light Beers with Great Taste

Enjoy these beers light on calories but big on flavor.

When people hear “Light Beer,” they relate it to beer brews with lower calories. But in recent times, that definition is changing rapidly.

Small-scale breweries manufacture most of the light beers produced on our list. And unlike some of the big breweries, they fill these beers with exciting flavors.

These new generation light beers aren’t like the lagers that have long been in this category. For people who scout for low-calorie & ABV beers with exotic tastes, they have hit the jackpot!

When it comes to the best light beers, here are some of the finest around. 

Miller Lite

miller lite

There are times when you have to stay true to a tested and trusted beer. When it comes to Orthodox light beer, Miller Lite is it. 

Despite solid competition in the light beer industry, Miller Lite remains king. It remains one of the finest beers around. 

After its launch in 1975, it has gone on to transform the contemporary brewing sphere. It did this by providing its drinkers with low alcohol and minimal calorie drinks.

This beer is of American pilsner descent. And despite it being a regular beer style, it has more flavor than most brews. 

The blend of malt and hops is equal. It is so equal that the taste of each is well evident. The crisp and smooth finish of the beer is very satisfying.

In calories, it weighs 96 calories and 4.2 percent alcohol level. Meanwhile, its price’s very affordable for most pockets. 

Swipe Light

In the beer industry, high-fermenting ales get perceived as flavorful and potent, but you hardly find this beer style around. 

When you do find it around, it is well-brewed. And the taste is terrific. One such distinct light beer brand is the Swipe Light, made by the Southern Tier Brewing Company. You have to love this. 

The contemporary design of the beer transcends from its content to its container. Even the name sounds trendy. With a serving of barbeque meat, a chilled can would make a great match. 

The Swipe Light’s made with four variants of malt. It’s blended with two kinds of hop and has a bright citrus color.

Also, the bitterness is minimal with 15 IBUs. The calorie level is about 110, while the alcohol level is 4%. 

Slightly Mighty

India’s pale ale’s hoppy character does not fit the type when it comes to the light beer category. But the Dogfish Head Brewing company changed that notion.

They proved that stereotype wrong with the production and promotion of Slightly Mighty. It is surprising how it contains only 95 calories and is at a 4.0% alcohol level. 

The ticking ingredient is the monk fruit. This fruit provides needed sweetness and does not add calories. 

Slightly Mighty is a phenomenal beer with a lustered taste. It does not only have an adequate amount of bitter hoppiness. Its other ingredients are well portioned.

The bitterness is so minimal that sweet tooth drinkers will love it too. It is very much available, but it is pretty expensive. 

Nite Light

The satisfaction in a can of Nite Light is one that you won’t find in any other. The brewing company, Night Shift, dedicated detailed attention to this beer. 

The taste of the light beer is ecstatic. The prime and smooth feel when sipped is unbeatable. Comparison is most times made between this beer and macro brew light lagers.

But it always proves its class with its tastier nature than its peers. The alcohol volume in this beer’s estimated at 4.3%. Moreover, in calories, it weighs 120 per bottle.

Judging from these constituents, this beer is not the lightest of all light beers. But if you need the best beer for revitalization after a stressful day, Nite Light’s got you. 

As regards its container, it is available in small and tall cans. Also, it is pretty cheap, but it is somehow scarce in bars. 

Beck’s Premier Light

Most times, when a beer has a German origin, they’re not so particular about some things. These things include calorie and carbs count. Thus, these German-style beers are most times inhibited. 

But somehow, Beck’s Premier Light considers health conscious drinking Americans. As an American, when you taste it, you can relate to it. This is because it’s made in American fashion.

Have you once tasted Beck’s classic German pilsner? Try to, and you’ll notice the similarity with Beck’s Premier Light. The beer has some taste of fruit. While its crispy and dry signature is unmistakable considering its fermenting source.

When it comes to light beers, this one has to be the lightest of all. It has to be. In calories, it contains only 64. In carbs, it has only 3.9 grams. 

For alcohol volume, it is very minimal, 2.3 percent. You can mix this with some fruit crush and serve it to adults at parties. It is also relatively cheap.

Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale

This beer type has autumn desires in mind. Thus, it is almost impossible to expect it to be low in calories, especially considering it’s brewed with pumpkin. 

The New York’s Brooklyn Brewery drink not only contains a whopping 165 calories. It also has a 5% alcohol volume. Some would even argue that the calorie level is relatively low. This is after considering the pumpkin’s high-calorie level.

Its other ingredients include barley malt and a bit of spice.

It has a deep orange color.

Yuengling Light Lager

This beer was launched in 2001 by America’s oldest brewery. And since then, it has remained a top choice for drinkers when it comes to light beers. It is also relatively low in calories at 99.

The Yuengling Light Lager only contains 3.2% of alcohol volume. 

It’s also a bit denser than the Yuengling’s Flight, an ultra-light beer. So regardless of your drinking capacity, the brewery has you catered for.

As for the taste, it is pretty distinct. You can taste caramel and toasted malt notes in it. Meanwhile, it has an amber color.

These attributes seem peculiar to this category. It appears more like a native lager. 

Finally, despite the beer holding the “craft beer” tag, it’s pegged at a moderate price. So, it is affordable to pedestrian drinkers.

Harpoon Rec League Pale Ale

Despite being an orthodox beer brand, the Harpoon Rec. League’s label breathes contemporary air.

The New England Harpoon Brewery creation is a 120 calorie pale ale. It combines a mix of chia seeds and Mediterranean sea salt.

These variables provide healthy additives such as Vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and electrolytes. The benefits make you feel at ease thinking of gulping down a can. 

This light beer has a golden hue with a bit of haze. As for the flavors inherent in it, there are the mango and grapefruit flavors. 

They’re blended to give a distinct mouthfeel. And have a sharp bitterness that captures your buds. It is not in every bar but is reasonably available. 

Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale

Most beers get brewed from barley. Thus, it is almost impossible to avoid gluten. If, as a drinker, you have an ailment that requires you to abstain from gluten. 

The light beer for you is Omission Brewing Company’s Light Golden Ale. It adheres to the policies of the brewery to exclude gluten from all its products.

It does not promise it’s 100% gluten-free, but it can never get compared to its competition. 

As opposed to regular beer makers, Golden Ale beer used different ingredients. These ingredients include barley, hops, and malts.

Its taste is like regular beer, but it keeps gluten exclusion in mind. Unlike other beers, it does not have any extra or exotic flavors in it.

Its flavors are only citrus hop flavors. The bitterness level is at a mild 10 IBUs, and it also has an almost dry finish. Its calorie level is at 99, carbs are at 2, and its alcohol volume is at 4.2 percent.

To be candid, you will find it hard not to love this light beer—coupled with the fact that it’s not so expensive.

Shiner Light Blonde

One of the towns in Texas that produce some great beer is the Shiner. You can find the famous Spoetzl Brewery there. And one of the fine productions of this brewery is the Shiner Light Blonde. 

Unlike the peculiar craft beer, this light lager is relatively moderate in its price. Despite its considerate pricing, the beer is the definition of the complete package. 

The crisp, smooth and flavored taste of this beer is sensational. It tastes well designed and refined. It has not only been in existence since 2011, but it has also bagged notable awards.

The carbonation of this drink is well done. You can already feel the intentional shade of sweetness and the pleasance of the flavor. It gives you a feeling of utter satisfaction when you drink it. 

For calories, it contains 99, while the alcohol volume is 4.2%. For anyone used to regular American light beers, this is a step up. It is somewhat exclusive because you won’t always find it everywhere.

One Final Note

You should note that light beers do not have a universal definition. But they all share some attributes. One is lower calorie count, and another is lower alcohol volume. There are other fine light beers out there. But these are our top picks. Should you be yet to try any, try to hit one. 

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