Where to Get Amazing Sushi in Washington DC

There is something about having a platter of sushi in front of you with friends to remind you of the small luxuries of life. Sushi is one cuisine that when the craving hits, you want it to be satisfied right away.

As you navigate through Washington, D.C., make sure you take time to enjoy some of the best sushi the city has to offer! Whether you’re looking for a high-end sushi experience or a local spot for sushi delivery or takeout, we’ve got you covered. These spots will have you trying new, unique rolls, but also have perfected the classics.   

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From Boston Rolls to the Chef’s Specials, here are our top sushi picks in the Washington, D.C. area. Put them all on your list as soon as possible! Check out our list below.

Sushi Taro

1503 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202-462-8999
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Sushi Taro is by far the most exquisite dining experience for sushi you will find in the District. Located in Dupont Circle, you will not be disappointed if you begin your Sushi experience here. 

As an upscale Sushi restaurant, you have the opportunity to enjoy a tasting menu, or order sushi a la carte. While their Omakase chef’s counter experience has currently been put on hold, the famed restaurant now offers an Omakase at home experience. The service is wonderful at Sushi Taro, and when dining, I suggest that you rely on your server to provide you with sushi recommendations. You cannot go wrong with the King Yellowtail Nigiri or the Spicy Tuna Maki roll. 

Throughout the years, Sushi Taro has received a plethora of accolades, and they are all well deserved. In addition to being a Michelin Star restaurant, they have been featured in “best of” restaurant lists on a number of outlets including Forbes and The Washington Post. Reservations are highly recommended. 


2525 M St NW, Washington, DC 20037
Phone: 202-871-6565
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With locations across the globe, Nobu brings their renowned luxury sushi experience to the West End in Washington, D.C. .

Nobu is an upscale sushi restaurant that is perfect for a date night. The Black Cod Lettuce wrap is absolutely a snack not to miss, along with their Shrimp Spicy Garlic, one of my favorite for their hot dishes. The Bluefin Toro Nigiri is my favorite, as well. 

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The best kept secret at Nobu? They had a Happy Hour during the week, beginning at 5pm, in their bar lounge area. While it has been halted due to Covid, this is something to keep your eyes open for.. When the Happy Hour resumes eventually, you have an opportunity to order Sushi a la carte and other delicious items for a fraction of the cost. Reservations are generally recommended.

Yume Sushi

2121 N Westmoreland St A-2, Arlington, VA 22213
Phone: 703-269-5064
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Located in the Falls Church area of Northern Virginia, Yume Sushi is arguably the best sushi restaurant in the Arlington, Virginia, area. 

With a vibe that can only be described as “upscale inviting”, Yume Sushi is absolutely a diner’s dream – in fact, the word Yume means “dream” in Japanese. Their ingredients are some of the freshest you will ever have, and when each plate is presented, the servers provide not only a bit of information behind the inspiration, but discuss the region the ingredients originate from. For instance, the Live Scallops are from Japan, and are often served within hours of arriving at the restaurant. 

When dining at Yume Sushi, I strongly recommend the Omakase experience – this translates to “I shall leave it up to you” – and allow their supremely talented Executive Chef Saran to cultivate the perfect meal for you. This is a dream come true culinary experience. 

Sushi Nakazawa 

1100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004
Phone: 202-289-3515
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Located within a short walk of the Smithsonian Metro station, Sushi Nakazawa is an incredible sushi restaurant within the District. 

As an upscale sushi restaurant, they also have locations in New York and Aspen. A Seven course Omakase experience is also offered by Sushi Nakazawa. Their fish are sourced daily locally and internationally, and it is always fresh. This also means the menu items are subject to change. Consider your life changed if you are lucky enough to receive the Japanese Sea Urchin on the menu. 

Sushi Nakazawa hosts both catering and private events, which is perfect for celebrations of all kinds. Reservations are required, and their website suggests making them several weeks in advance. 


3312 Wisconsin Ave, Washington, DC 20016
Phone: 202-244-7258
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Raku has two locations within the Washington, D.C. area – in Bethesda Row, Maryland, and another one close to Cathedral Heights in D.C. 

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Considered fine Asian dining, Raku is absolutely perfect for a multitude of occasions. Starting with their Seaweed Salad with Miso Soup and then venturing over to their sushi menu is always a great idea. Request the chef’s selection of the Sashimi assortment – I have never been disappointed! 

Raku offers Happy Hour Monday through Friday for dine in only. This is an exceptional opportunity to have a sampling of some of the best sushi in Washington, D.C. 

May Island 

1669 N Quaker Ln, Alexandria, VA 22302
Phone: 703-575-4455
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Located in Alexandria, Virginia, May Island is located in a small strip mall and is an unexpected and delicious surprise. 

The sushi at May Island is large in portion size and mouth watering in flavor. The menu at May Island includes a large variety of dishes, and offers something for everyone. Offering Spring Rolls and Tempura treats in addition to Bento Boxes, their sushi remains the star of the show. In my opinion, their Unagi and Smoked Salmon Sushi are absolutely delicious. 

May Island is a sushi restaurant in the DC area that is absolutely fantastic for dine in or takeout. They also run specials on occasion, so make sure you keep your eye on their website. 


1274 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002
Phone: 202-888-8790
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Located on the East Coast, O-Ku’s Washington, D.C. location is in the heart of Union Market. 

O-Ku is a modern restaurant that places an emphasis on hospitality and a high knowledge and enjoyment of sushi. The Spicy Crunchy Tuna Sushi roll is a tasty choice, as well as their Unagi San roll. Featuring catchy and creative names for their menu items, you might want to give the “Drop It Like It’s Hotate” Nigiri a go if not for the fun name. 

O-Ku has received shout outs from popular media outlets including Martha Stewart magazine and Esquire for their delicious food and drink options, as well as their spacious setting. 


5455 Wisconsin Ave, Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Phone: 301-961-1644
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Sushiko is located in the Chevy Chase, Maryland area of Washington, D.C. 

Serving premium Japanese cuisine, Sushiko prides itself on using innovative ingredients and techniques. Highlighting “precision and simplicity” true to Japanese tradition, Sushiko serves some of the best sushi in the Washington, D.C. area. Their Spicy Salmon Battera Sushi and the Botan Emi are absolutely delicious. 

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Sushiko focuses their efforts not only on delicious dishes, but on giving back as well. They donate a portion of their proceeds to a nonprofit organization assisting children with serious medical conditions. Sushiko is currently only open for contactless carryout and delivery. The restaurant requests orders be placed online through their website. 


310 S Washington St B, Falls Church, VA 22046
Phone: 703-241-1128
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Takumi is a sushi restaurant located in the Falls Church area of Northern Virginia. 

As warm and inviting as it is intimate, Takumi has a menu that is intuitive. If you need assistance choosing some of their delicious sushi options, their staff are all available and knowledgeable. You will not go wrong with choosing any of their rolls with Roe, or their Ika (Squid). 

While they are popular for their sushi, make sure to save some room for their creative dessert options. Noteworthy are the Tempura Fried Ice Cream and the Banana Fritters with Ice Cream. Takumi can get busy, especially on the weekends, so reservations are suggested. 

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