7 Vegan Egg Alternatives To Try in Recipes 

If your recipe calls for eggs, try these vegan substitutes instead.

In vegan cooking, there are a variety of substitutes on the market. But, knowing which vegan egg substitutes for baking and cooking is best for which dish, and having a comprehensive understanding of how to use each one, may feel overwhelming.

Chickpea Aquafaba vegan egg substitute to cook meringue

It can be hard to know what works as an egg substitute and which is best suited for desserts or savory meals. 

No matter your experience level or your knowledge when it comes to vegan products, there is an egg substitute that’s going to work for you.

When I started cooking vegan desserts, I didn’t think I’d ever find a useful, easy-to-use egg substitute for my favorite dishes. 

But, after testing out these options, I’ve come to a good understanding of what can be used where.

Best Vegan Egg Substitutes 

Now, I turn to vegan egg substitutes, like aquafaba, mashed banana, and tofu, when I’m making everything from soup and bread to quiche and brownies. 

Flaxseed Egg

A flaxseed egg is one of the most popular vegan egg substitutes you can use in baking.

It does require a little extra work, though, as compared to other options on this list (like mashed banana). It should only take a few minutes and requires no baking. 

To make a flaxseed egg (which replaces one regular egg), mix 1 tbsp of flaxseed meal with 2.5 tbsp of water. After stirring the two ingredients together, like the mixture, sit and thicken for 5 minutes. 

Flaxseed eggs are a great vegan egg substitute for dessert recipes, like cookies, muffins, and brownies.

Although flaxseed eggs work well, I wouldn’t recommend trying to use one at the last minute. If you’re in a rush, you should turn to whatever items are in your kitchen, like bananas or applesauce. 

The below vegan egg substitutes work just as well but are less costly. Plus, flaxseed can be difficult to find. 

If you’re set on using flaxseed but can’t find it at your local grocery store, you can check Amazon.   


Aquafaba is a complicated word for a simple ingredient. It refers to the liquid left over after you remove chickpeas from a can.

The best way to get to it is to drain the chickpeas, save them for another recipe, and then dump the aquafaba into another bowl. 

Unfortunately, you can’t just use it in its traditional form. You’ll have to whip the liquid by hand or with a stand mixer.

I highly recommend using the latter as it can take up to 6 minutes to get the semi-firm peaks you’re looking for. 

Getting aquafaba to the right consistency can take some practice, so if you’ve never used it before and are looking for a quick vegan egg substitute, I’d recommend going with something like bananas or applesauce. 

You can use aquafaba to make everything from cookies to mayonnaise and waffles. 

Mashed Banana

Mashed banana is one of the most popular vegan egg substitutes.

I think it’s usually the best option, given that most people are likely to have bananas at home rather than a can of chickpeas or flax meal. 

You’ll want to use one ripe banana for every egg you need to replace. It’s easiest to pick the ripest bananas available to mush them up more easily.

You can use mashed bananas in everything from bread to cake. 

Keep in mind, though, that banana will add a sweet taste to what you’re making.

This isn’t a problem when it comes to cakes and other desserts, but if you’re trying to make a vegan breakfast dish, it may be a problem. Make sure you’re choosing the best substitute for the dish you’re making. 

Pumpkin Puree

Pumpkin puree is a less-commonly used egg substitute that’s still quite effective if you happen to have some in the kitchen!

It is low in fat and calories and is sometimes used as a substitute for oil. 

When baking, replace each regular egg with ¼ cup of canned pumpkin. More people agree that because pumpkin is already sweet, it’s best in dessert dishes.

I love to incorporate pumpkin into my vegan brownies!

Pumpkin is also a perfect substitute for eggs when making homemade pasta. It’ll help your pasta form properly and add flavor- and color- to your meal. 

Silken tofu & firm tofu

I usually go with tofu as my egg substitute while cooking if the recipe calls for a lot of eggs.

Think, for example, of a quiche or custard. If I have the choice, I’ll always pick soft tofu over firm tofu for cooking.

For each egg the dish calls for, replace it with ¼ cup of tofu. It helps create an egg-like texture that you’re not going to get from using pumpkin or banana. 

Tofu is perfect for use in savory dishes that you can’t afford to add sweetness to. 


Applesauce is another popular, affordable vegan egg replacement.

It’s also very useful if you want to replace the oil in your recipe. To use applesauce as an egg replacement, use 1⁄4 cup of applesauce for every egg your recipe calls for.

If you want to give it a lighter, fluffier texture, add a teaspoon of baking powder. 

You can also use sweetened applesauce and reduce some added sugar your recipe may call for.

But, I prefer to get the unsweetened variety, so I can use it in recipes that have less sugar in them. 

Chia Egg

You might also want to try using a chia egg as a vegan egg replacement.

To make a chia egg, you will need chia seeds and water. Mix 1 Tbsp of chia seeds with 2.5 Tbsp of water. Together, these two things make a great egg replacer! 

But, as with the flaxseed egg, this option requires you have something on hand that you may not—chia seeds.

It is not the most affordable option on this list, which may make it less appealing. 

Best Vegan Egg Substitutes 

  1. Flaxseed Egg
  2. Aquafaba
  3. Mashed Banana
  4. Pumpkin Puree
  5. Silken tofu & firm tofu
  6. Apple sauce
  7. Chia Egg

Final Thoughts

No matter if you’re vegan or if you’re just interested in testing out some vegan recipes, these egg replacement options make changing any dish vegan a simple matter.

From waffles to mayonnaise, brownies, and cake, egg replacements like apple sauce, tofu, and mashed banana can do it all. 

Although it may seem intimidating at first, using something other than eggs in your dishes is an easy task, especially when there are so many interesting options to choose from.

There is something for everyone, no matter their cooking experience or budget.

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