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Top 11 Restaurants in Trinity Groves

Enjoy amazing food at our favorite spots around the city.

While some neighborhoods in Dallas are known for art galleries, sports bars, live music, street murals, golfing, fairs, and more, Trinity Groves is best known for its restaurants and retail.

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There are a few entertaining things to do in this West Dallas neighborhood, such as visiting the Artpark or the Tin District artist quarter, but the best thing about Trinity Groves is undoubtedly the food.

That said, I’ll be describing the best restaurants in Trinity Groves, Dallas, that you can visit for various occasions.

Best Restaurants in Trinity Groves

  1. Beto & Son
  2. Saint Rocco’s New York Italian
  3. Kate Weiser Chocolate
  4. Steam Theory Brewing
  5. Babb Brothers BBQ
  6. Cake Bar
  7. Sum Dang Good
  8. The Network Bar
  9. 440 Rattler Bar
  10. Trinity Groves
  11. Milagro Tacos Cantina

Whether it’s date night with your significant other, your best friend’s birthday, happy hour with your coworkers, or just a random evening out, there is undoubtedly a place for you to eat delicious and memorable food in this area. Keep reading for my list of the best restaurants in Trinity Groves, Dallas, below!

Beto & Son

3011 Gulden Ln #108, Dallas, TX 75212
Phone: 469-249-8590
Visit Website

Beto & Son, located on the corner of Gulden Ln and Singleton Blvd, combines traditional and modern Mexican fare and serves dishes that are packed with flavor.

Their menu items are what you might expect from a typical Mexican restaurant at first, but all have a bit of a twist.

You’ll find stacked enchiladas, their most popular item, as well as tenderloin nachos, a carnitas noodle bowl, and tasty bean dip.

It’s not common to find a black bean hummus dip at a Mexican restaurant, but it’s one of my favorite items on the Beto & Son menu.

I also love their drinks, especially their soft and delightful liquid nitrogen pina colada. Make sure to grab a liquid nitro margarita when you’re there as well!

Saint Rocco’s New York Italian

3011 Gulden Ln #100, Dallas, TX 75212
Phone: 469-320-9707
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As an upscale Italian restaurant, Saint Rocco’s serves dishes such as lobster ravioli and seafood linguini in a trendy, modern, and stylish environment.

Although not as “upscale” of a dish, I personally can’t get enough of the sausage flatbread, which has just the right amount of sausage on it without being too overwhelming.

It’s an excellent location to celebrate a special event or an office win, as it can easily hold large groups of 20, 30, and even up to 60 guests.

Plus, there’s a lovely rooftop terrace that’s quite romantic, thus more suitable for a smaller gathering or date. I love the rooftop because it gives you beautiful views of the surrounding Dallas area.

Kate Weiser Chocolate

3011 Gulden Ln #115, Dallas, TX 75212
Phone: 469-619-4929
Visit Website

Although people tend to think about sit-down restaurants when they think of the Trinity Groves area, there are also several nice shops where you can pick up candies and treats.

Kate Weiser Chocolate is a fantastic option, as you can get beautifully designed and themed chocolate that would be the perfect gift for your partner, a family member, a friend, or just yourself!

This shop is excellent at making holiday-themed chocolates that are hard to resist not only due to their flavor but their attractive appearance.

Plus, if you’re not a huge chocolate fan, you can also check out their caramels and other candies.

There are a few Kate Weiser locations in Texas, but the Trinity Groves location is a perfect stop to make after eating at one of the best restaurants nearby.

Steam Theory Brewing Company

340 Singleton Blvd #100, Dallas, TX 75212
Phone: 972-803-4334
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Steam Theory Brewing Company is part sports bar, part game room, and part upscale eatery all combined into one.

This is an excellent place to bring a sizable group of friends and spend hours eating tasty pizza, drinking artisanal beers, playing board games, and watching your favorite team on one of the many TVs throughout the well-designed room.

Wednesday night is Trivia night, where you can win a $20 or $10 gift card for first or second place, respectively. But I simply love hanging out and playing foosball or Connect Four on any random night of the week.

Finally, pizza isn’t the only amazing food they serve here. You can genuinely get an upscale meal, from IPA battered cauliflower to Moroccan spiced duck.

Babb Brothers BBQ

3015 Gulden Ln, Dallas, TX 75212
Phone: 469-405-4028
Visit Website

You can’t visit any neighborhood in Dallas without trying out a new BBQ restaurant, and Babb Brothers BBQ won’t leave you disappointed.

It’s located very close to Trammell Crow Park, so right after walking along the Trinity Skyline Trail, you can head into Babb Brothers and gobble up some hickory-smoked meats while listening to some great music.

Many people opt for the brisket, but it’s honestly far from the best brisket in town. I would choose the ribs instead, as they are juicy and delightful. The jalapeno sausage is delightful and goes super well with their delicious fried okra and green beans.

Perhaps the best aspect of Babb Brothers, however, is the lively atmosphere, especially on Saturday nights when they bring in a live band!

Cake Bar

3011 Gulden Ln #117, Dallas, TX 75212
Phone: 972-684-5801
Visit Website

Like Kate Weiser Chocolate, Cake Bar is another shop you can stop oat for sweets and treats after a day of savory grubbing in Trinity Groves, Dallas.

You’re able to order them online for pickup or shipping, but I love going into the shop and enjoying a slice of cake right then and there.

There are tons of delicious flavors to choose from, including classics like red velvet and carrot and more intriguing ones like pina colada, coconut, Italian cream, and key-lime pie.

The most popular include the German chocolate, strawberry, and hummingbird cakes, but you honestly can’t go wrong.

The founder of the shop, Tracey German, got support to start her own bakery through the Trinity Groves Incubator Program. She makes sure that all of their cakes are made from scratch in a traditional southern manner.

Sum Dang Good Chinese

3011 Gulden Ln, Dallas, TX 75212
Phone: 469-638-8930
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Everyone loves a good Chinese restaurant, and Sum Dang Good Chinese won’t let you down. They serve classic Chinese takeout meals like orange chicken, kung pao shrimp, and fried rice but also have more exciting items like duck buns and soup dumplings.

The atmosphere is lively, and although it can get pretty loud and busy, I found that the service there was pretty spot on.

They are very friendly and attentive, ensuring your water is full and that you have everything you need for a great dining experience.

It’s also a welcoming and accepting environment, which means that you can get away with a wide range of outfits styles, from casual to chic to fancy, for a special occasion.

The Network Bar

331 Singleton Blvd, Dallas, TX 75212
Phone: 214-231-4188
Visit Website

The Network Bar is the best restaurant in Trinity Groves, Dallas, for professionals looking to meet like-minded people and make valuable connections – all while having a tasty meal.

The Network Bar offers what they call a “VIP environment” where you can share stories, generate ideas, and even start new projects with people who like to work hard and play hard just as much as you.

It caters to professionals at least 21 years of age and has more of a young but sophisticated vibe, but you can be any age over 21 to join. And impressively, it’s only been open for three years and already has 1,600 members

In terms of food, there are plenty of upscale options to choose from, including sushi, seafood, salads, and steaks. They also have a reasonable cocktail list and an extensive wine menu.

440 Rattler Bar

440 Singleton Blvd Suite 140, Dallas, TX 75212
Phone: 469-271-3054
Visit Website

Many cocktail bars are quite fancy, and perhaps a little stuffy, but 440 Rattler serves unique cocktails while maintaining an inviting and fun atmosphere.

This bar even has an ax-throwing area, as it is located inside Lone Star Axe Throwing. If you’ve never tried it before, ax throwing is an enjoyable activity and not as scary or dangerous as it may seem (even while a little tipsy). Try out and compete with your friends!

In terms of the drink options, my favorite cocktails include Mike’s Thang if I want a refreshing drink, because of the elderflower and cucumber notes, and Snake’s Bite if I want a drink with punchier flavors, because of the ginger and jalapenos.

Trinity Groves

331 Singleton Blvd Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75212
Phone: 214-744-0100
Visit Website

If you still can’t decide which restaurant you want to eat at, my advice is to simply head to the Trinity Groves area.

Even when you’re not too hungry, it’s fun to walk around and check out all the shops and eateries so you can get a better idea of which one might be your next pick.

Plus, there might be a lively event occurring in one of the event spaces, like Rocco’s Rooftop or the Trinity Room.

Milagro Tacos Cantina

440 Singleton Blvd Ste 100, Dallas, TX 75212
Phone: 469-872-0168

Suppose you need food after drinking specialty cocktails and throwing heavy axes at 440 Rattler Bar, mentioned above.

In that case, you can walk a few seconds to Milagro Tacos Cantina, since it is located in the same building!

They serve scrumptious, colorful tacos. The carne asada and al pastor are my two top picks. Additionally, they offer chips and salsa, which are super fresh and tasty.

However, although I usually prefer chicken tacos at other locations, it’s not as tasty here. Of course, I could have just had one bad experience, so if you love chicken, go ahead and give it a try!

Final Thoughts

Since eclectic eateries are the main highlight of this neighborhood, choosing the best restaurants in Trinity Groves Dallas wasn’t the simplest task.

However, since there are several restaurants to choose from, narrowing it down to just a few may help people – especially first-time visitors – feel less overwhelmed. So I hope you found the perfect first (and second, and third) restaurant to try when you visit the area.

Hungry for some mouth-watering steak? Check out these amazing steakhouses around Dallas that will surely satisfy anyone’s steak cravings.

If you’ve been living in or around Trinity Groves for a while, I hope this list helped you discover something new to try! Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Be sure to leave us a comment, and we’ll check it out!

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