Where to Find Tampa Bay’s Greatest Food Trucks

Delicious food is on the move all around Tampa Bay. The food truck scene here in this gulf coast slice of paradise is as eclectic as it is exquisite, with plenty of different cuisines to choose from. 

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We’ve searched the city up and down on a mission to find out which food trucks in Tampa are serving up the most mouthwatering meals and the tastiest treats because we believe good food doesn’t always require a big fancy restaurant.

You’ll be happy to find all different types of food like barbecue, tacos, breakfast foods, and even delicious halal meals, so there’s bound to be something for everyone. 

Don’t ever be uncertain about a food truck in Tampa again! Check out our handy guide to finding all of Tampa’s best food trucks, no matter what you’re in the mood for. 

Williamsburg Cucina

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Phone: 646-228-1136
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Williamsburg Cucina Caffé e Bottega is an Italian-style food truck with some of the best street food in Tampa Bay. 

Located off of West Swann Avenue, Williamsburg Cucina Caffé e Bottega is nestled right in the heart of Historic Hyde Park North, in the Hyde Park Village shopping mall.

They have ever-changing daily specials here at Williamsburg Cucina, but our favorites are always on the menu, like their charcuterie board and their Italian sausage sandwich. 

Moon Frog Arepas

412 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33602
Phone: 813-778-0202
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Heading to Downtown Tampa for this next one, Moon Frog Arepas is Tampa Bay’s greatest food truck for arepas, hands down. 

They have countless options to choose from, so you can have whatever kind of arepa your heart desires.

We usually go with their beef mechada arepa which has slow-cooked, pulled beef brisket inside.

Xtreme Tacos

6809 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33604

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First on the list is Xtreme Tacos; one of the best food trucks in Tampa Bay if you’re looking for amazing mexican food

Located off of North Nebraska Avenue and East Sligh Avenue, Xtreme Tacos serves incredible tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and more.

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The Xtreme Tacos food truck is perfect for a quick, casual outdoor meal, but Xtreme also has a restaurant location over in Seminole Heights if you want that same great cuisine in a dine-in setting.

Coco’s Food Truck

1507 S 22nd St, Tampa, FL 33605
Phone: 813-943-9663
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This next spot is one of our all-time favorites and one of Tampa Bay’s best food trucks if you’re in the mood for some mind-blowing Latin food, including classics like beef empanadas, ham croquettes, and yuca fries.

You can find Coco’s Food Truck on the corner of South 22nd Street and Ocean View Place in Southeast Tampa, almost directly on the shore of beautiful McKay Bay.

Omi’s Grill

2630 W Waters Ave, Tampa, FL 33614

Phone: 813-758-5807

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Omi’s Grill is another hotspot for delightful Latin American cuisine and one of Tampa’s best food trucks, by far. 

Located off of West Waters Avenue in Lake Egypt-Leto, Omi’s Grill is where you can go to eat unbelievably tasty Latin dishes like our personal favorite, mofongo, with the option to add proteins like steak, chicken, pork, and seafood. 

 Omi’s Grill is, unfortunately, closed on Mondays, but they are open every other day of the week starting at 12:30pm from Tuesday to Saturday and 1:00pm on Sundays. 

Hamada Maqluba

7819 N 56th St, Tampa, FL 33617
Phone: 813-914-0602
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If you’re looking for Halal Mediterranean cuisine from one of the best food trucks in Tampa Bay then look no further because Hamada Maqluba has everything you could ever want. 

Hamada Maqluba is a delightful mix of classic food truck outdoor-dining style with the option to sit indoors as well, but all of the food does come from the truck parked outside. 

You can get BBQ skewers here, kefta, wraps, or even just your choice of meat over rice, but there are really no wrong choices here at Hamada Maqluba because it is all delicious. 

Mr. Munchies Food Truck

4012 Gunn Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618

Phone: 727-237-2041

Mr. Munchies is located off of Gunn Highway in the northern part of Tampa near the Carrollwood area, and if you happen to be driving by, be sure to stop in Carrollwood Crossings business center to find one of Tampa’s best food trucks.

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They have everything here at Mr. Munchies from hot, juicy burgers that you can build yourself, to delicious kebabs and hot dogs. 

You really can’t go wrong with coming here for a quick lunch or just a snack when you’re on the go.

Alfred’s Food Truck

3901 W Broad St, Tampa, FL 33614
Phone: 813-390-6566

Alfred’s Food Trucks is one of the best food trucks in Tampa Bay and it’s located off of North Church Avenue and West Broad Street.

The menu here at Alfred’s is simple, but it has everything you need if you’re looking for something tasty like a pulled pork slider or a gyro.

Our favorite thing to order from Alfred’s is their steak sandwich, some homemade coleslaw, and some of their home brewed sweet tea.

Los Comparres

5305 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33603
Phone: 813-850-1380
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Los Comparres is one of Tampa’s best food trucks if you want a chill, low-key outdoor patio spot with amazing Mexican food

You can find Los Comparres off of North Armenia Avenue, somewhat tucked away, but it’s worth looking for.

The ceviche is our absolute favorite item on their menu here at Los Comparres, but they offer a multitude of other options as well like tostadas, campechana, tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. 

Mr. Pepito

5305 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33603
Phone: 813-850-1380
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This next food truck is called Mr. Pepito and they are located off of North Florida Avenue and East North Bay Street in the Tampa Heights neighborhood. 

This is one of the best food trucks in Tampa because of their incredible pepito sandwiches that they are named after.

There are all sorts of options for your pepito like beef, chicken, bacon, ham, sausage, and more, so you’ll be sure to find something delicious that will satisfy your craving. 

En Mi Viejo San Juan

7657 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33615
Phone: 773-875-0538
Visit Website

Next stop is a Puerto Rican food truck called En Mi Viejo San Juan, and they are Tampa Bay’s best food truck for Puerto Rican cuisine like mofongo, tostones, and chicharrones. 

Our go-to order at En Mi Viejo San Juan is their mind-blowing tripleta sandwich with ham, steak, and pork all in one phenomenal handheld meal.

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En Mi Viejo San Juan is located off of Ambassador Drive, right next to the Town N’ Country Regional Public Library, and just across the street from Skateworld of Tampa.

Sarge’s Smokehouse

1500 W Cass St, Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: 813-285-6097
Visit Website

Sarge’s Smokehouse is located off of West Cass Street and North Oregon Avenue in the North Hyde Park neighborhood where they serve some of Tampa Bay’s best BBQ from a food truck. 

This veteran-owned barbecue food truck makes their own sauces and rubs completely from scratch to make the absolute best pulled pork, brisket, and smoked chicken in the whole city. 

Got a big event coming up? You can even book Sarge’s for your special occasion and they’ll pull up with a truck full of mouth-watering barbecue. 

Leños Food Truck

5226 Gunn Hwy, Tampa, FL 33624
Phone: 813-533-0804

Leños Food Truck can be found off of Gunn Highway and Nixon Road, a good distance out in Northwest Tampa, but it’s absolutely worth stopping for if you find yourself out in that area. 

They have arepas, tostones, bowls, shawarma, pepito sandwiches, and much, much more here at Leños, but you’ll just have to come down and check it out for yourself in order to get the full experience. 

El Sandwichon Tampa

5317 E Sligh Ave, Tampa, FL 33617
Phone: 813-468-9999

Visit Website

El Sandwichon Tampa is one of the best food trucks in Tampa and one of our favorite places to hit when we’re in the mood for an unbelievably delicious sandwich. 

Located off of East Sligh Avenue and North 53rd Street in the Del Rio neighborhood, El Sandwichon Tampa is a great place to find almost any kind of sandwich you can think of and have it made fresh for you.

Their menu is pretty huge for a food truck, so if you’re having trouble deciding, then you can simply order the El Sandwichon Sampler so you get a little bit of everything. 

Tostones Inc.

6822 W Waters Ave, Tampa, FL 33634

Phone:  813-817-8239
Visit Website

In our opinion, Tostones Inc. is the absolute best food truck in Tampa Bay if you are in the mood for tostones.

They are true tostones experts here at this food truck, but they also have other classics like mofongo, empanadas, and nachos.

Our favorite menu item is the tostones sandwich which consists of your choice of meat along with cabbage and cilantro, in between two fried plantains with their signature house sauce. 

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