Where to Get Delicious Burgers in Tampa

In our opinion, it’s hard to find a better combination than a char-broiled cheeseburger or hamburger and some salty, golden-brown french fries.

person eating a burger at a restaurant near tampa

Unless, of course, you throw in a tall milkshake on the side.

In that case, we’re in heaven. 

We wanted to help other burger-lovers like ourselves obtain this trifecta of taste, so we put together the ultimate go-to guide for locals and visitors alike to find the restaurants with the best burgers in Tampa Bay.

No matter what you’re looking for, if it’s burger-related, this list has got you covered.

These places have everything from tender, juicy black Angus beef, all the way to healthy meat-free options for vegans and vegetarians, as well. 

You can build your own masterpiece to your exact specifications, or you can choose from one of the countless unique creations of Tampa Bay’s many burger experts at these amazing restaurants.

You’re almost guaranteed to find something you’ll love when you check out the places on our list below. 

Thee Burger Spot

3917 N Tampa St, Tampa, FL 33603
Phone: 813-993-3926
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Right on the Corner of Tampa Street and West M.L.K Jr. Boulevard, Thee Burger Spot is one of our top favorite places for an amazing burger in Tampa Bay.

They use nothing but high-quality beef here at Thee Burger to craft their spectacular creations like Thee Glazed One: a quarter-pound beef patty on a Krispy Kreme glazed donut bun.

It’s not all beef burgers here at Thee Burger Spot, however, because they have all sorts of chicken sandwiches and even a grouper sandwich if you don’t want a burger.

Butter’s Burgers

777 N Ashley Dr D1, Tampa, FL 33602
Phone: 813-221-2500
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Butter’s Burgers is located downtown in Tampa’s North Franklin Street Historic District on the ground floor of the luxurious Skypoint Condominiums, and they serve some of the best burgers around. 

All of their burgers are half a pound of black angus beef, grilled to perfection on a caramelized butter bun for the most exquisite experience you’ll ever have with a sandwich. 

Butter’s is particularly perfect for when you’re feeling extra-hungry and you need to upgrade to a whopping ten-ounce burger for just a small extra fee, so you’re sure to leave with a full stomach. 

The Boozy Pig

3255 W Cypress St, Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: 813-488-5333
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Just east of the upcoming Midtown Tampa in the West Tampa neighborhood is one of our favorite Tampa burger joints, The Boozy Pig.

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They’re primarily a deli and butcher shop here at The Boozy Pig, but they also serve absolutely incredible food.

Definitely try their Boozy Burger made with two eight-ounce patties of freshly-ground beef with blue cheese, bacon jam, and caramelized onions.

Looking for a breakfast burger?

The Boozy Pig offers a mind-blowing breakfast burger on the weekends with their homemade beef breakfast sausage


4304 S Dale Mabry Hwy Suite 1, Tampa, FL 33611
Phone: 888-737-6325
Visit Website

QD is an extremely diverse restaurant with an eclectic menu that is sure to please almost anyone, but what we love the most are their burgers.

They blend their own beef here at QD to make some of the best burgers in Tampa Bay.

One of our favorites is something they call the Knockout Burger; it consists of two custom-blend beef patties with blackened seasoning with bleu cheese and bacon on top.

Sandwiches are the specialty here at OrderQD, and the burger reigns supreme at all times. 


2616 S MacDill Ave, Tampa, FL 33629
Phone: 813-831-7000
Visit Website

Datz has some of the best atmosphere around for enjoying a delicious Tampa Bay burger.

The inside is all brick with a warm, comforting lighting all throughout the restaurant, but the outdoor patio area is our favorite. 

They have a standard daily menu here at Datz, but on the weekends they also serve an amazing brunch. 

Burgers are all the time, though, here at Datz.

Their most unique burger is called Darth’s Burger, and it comes with their ground brisket and short rib burger with a curried-carrot ketchup and bleu cheese crumbles all on a black charcoal sesame seed bun.

Daily Eats

901 S Howard Ave, Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: 813-868-3335
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Daily Eats is located just south of Courier City in Tampa Bay, and they are serving up some of the top burgers in the city, by far. 

Daily Eats really knows their burgers, and they even offer three different kinds of patties for you to enjoy, including beef, chicken, and even a homemade veggie burger served on a vegan-friendly bun.

They have some of the ultimate comfort foods here at Daily Eats, like our favorite form of potato: the tot.

You can get them either plain or smothered in chili and cheese.  

Bull Market

4807 S Himes Ave, Tampa, FL 33611
Phone: 813-898-2049
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Located right in the heart of the South Tampa Gandy Shopping district, Bull Market is a family-owned and operated market.

They serve all kinds of delicious foods, including some of the tastiest burgers in Tampa.

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It’s build your own burger here at Bull Market.

The thing we love most about this restaurant is that they have some delightfully different burger toppings that you might not find elsewhere, like their amazing miso bacon or brussel sprouts. 

The Fat Rabbit Pub

16029 Tampa Palms Blvd W, Tampa, FL 33647
Phone: 813-252-3004
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The Fat Rabbit Pub is our go-to destination in New Tampa for a great burger in a small, casual neighborhood pub setting. 

While still fairly new, having opened in 2016, Fat Rabbit is a locally-owned getaway with some serious burgers.

We always opt for the New Tampa; it comes with pepper jack cheese, avocado, and a deliciously spicy chipotle mayo.

Of course, The Fat Rabbit is also a pub, so there are plenty of craft cocktails, beers, and wines to wet your whistle while you wait for your juicy burger. 

Burger Culture

6920 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33614
Phone: 813-992-7444
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Burger Culture is one of the most unique food trucks we have ever seen, and they serve one of the best burgers we’ve ever had, right here in Tampa Bay.

You can build your own burger and choose from a single, double, or an enormous triple-patty burger made from either beef, turkey, veggie, black bean, or even bison, or you can try and decide between one of their countless specialty burgers.

They have everything from a breakfast burger to an arepa burger here at Burger Culture, and way too many more to even list, so you’ll have to go check it out for yourself in order to get the ultimate Tampa burger experience. 

3 Dot Dash

6203 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33604
Phone: 813-675-4522
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This next restaurant is for all the vegan burger-lovers out there.

3 Dot Dash serves the best vegan burgers in Tampa Bay, we think, and you probably will too after you try something off of their menu.

3 Dot Dash is health-conscious vegan cuisine that doesn’t sacrifice taste or quality.

They use high-quality vegan-friendly ingredients like Impossible patties and cashew whiz cheese to provide a guilt-free burger experience without any animal products.

We prefer their Fat Mac burger that comes with their signature cashew whiz mac and cheese on top.

Nebraska Mini Mart

4815 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33603
Phone: 813-231-9522
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Nebraska Mini Mart is a hidden gem that’s tucked away in the Southeast Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa Bay, and their burgers are some of the best around. 

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This is more than a burger restaurant, Nebraska Mini Mart has incredible burgers, fries, and chicken sandwiches, but they also have outdoor games like bocce ball, shuffleboard, and ping pong so you can play while you eat and hang out. 

There are plenty of drinks to go with the games here at Nebraska, as well.

They have cocktails, beer, and wine, but our go-to is their dark chocolate milkshake.  

Yeoman’s Cask and Lion

202 N Morgan St, Tampa, FL 33602
Phone: 813-224-9367
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Downtown Tampa has no shortage of amazing bars and restaurants, and Yeoman’s Cask and Lion Pub is one of the best. 

These are the best burgers you’ll ever have at a British-themed restaurant, in our opinion.

Our favorite is one called The Manchester; it comes with a blackened angus beef patty, bleu cheese, bacon, and creole mustard on a warm pretzel bun.

Come grab a pint and take a trip to foggy old London for a burger the next time you’re downtown here at Yeoman’s.

Ella’s Americana Folk Art Cafe

5119 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33603
Phone: 813-234-1000
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Ella’s Americana Folk Art Cafe is located in Tampa’s Southeast Seminole Heights neighborhood, just walking distance from the scenic Giddens Park, and they offer some of the best gourmet burgers in all of Tampa Bay.

The food here at Ella’s is truly like art, and the burgers are no exception whatsoever.

The Wino is our absolute favorite thing to order when we come here.

It’s a burger with bacon apple jam, gorgonzola, arugula, and red onion on top, and it’s simply delicious. 

Goody Goody Burgers

1601 W Swann Ave, Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: 813-308-1925
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Goody Goody Burgers is a class, retro-style diner in Historic Hyde Park North that has quickly become a hotspot for the best Tampa Bay burgers. 

They really specialize in cheeseburgers and hamburgers here at Goody Goody, and their signature sandwich is called The Original Goody Goody Cheeseburger “Pox”.

What makes this sandwich so spectacular is the secret sauce that they cover the burger in.

It will make you want to come back every day.

Trying to keep away from meat? Goody Goody has your back! You can swap out any beef patty for an Impossible plant-based patty instead.

Burger Monger

3838 W Neptune St, Tampa, FL 33629
Phone:  813-254-0290
Visit Website

Burger Monger is an incredible restaurant in the Palma Ceia West neighborhood of Tampa Bay with some of the best burgers we’ve ever had. 

Mondays are never bad here at Burger Monger because every Monday is $5 burger day! That’s a pretty unbelievable deal, if you ask us. 

The beef patties here are second-to-none. Burger Monger offers a special akaushi beef patty made from Texas-bred wagyu, some of the highest quality beef available anywhere in the world. 

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  1. Tampa Bay Brewing company use to have a great burger with onion rings until they changed the onion rings to something you’d buy at Publix.

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